Friday, 31 December 2010

But you can't hold onto water, it fills you up but never stays...

So I know that New Years resolutions are a bit taboo as the majority of them do only make it as far as the new year, I know mine have done in the past! I think the secret to making a resolution successful is making it achievable. There's no point in saying, "I will not eat junk food 2011!", everyone has the odd day where they need a chocolate bar or to grab fast food when out with friends. You're only make yourself feel worse when you set the bar too high. You need to have a bit of what us welshies say "chwarae teg" which basically translates as fair play! Start off slow and you will soon enough see what you can achieve. Now the foundations for my resolutions are;

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1. Take more photographs...
I must admit even starting this blog has influenced me to start taking more photographs. I'm not the most sentimental person but photo's are one of things that ring true for me. I like being able to look but at the times I've had, how I've changed and hopefully starting more so in the new year; what I've been wearing. I have got a camera that is suitable for the skill levels that I have so I'd just like to invest in a tripod which will hopefully help speed things along when it comes to OOTD posts. Big promises here already! (although I doubt it counts as I've been saying this for the past few months!)

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2. Get back into the gym...
I joined the gym at the start of November and after a few visits I got really into it. I'd hate to throw this away out of laziness, as sad as its sounds I do actually enjoy going! I like the feeling you get on the way home that you've actually done something and the ache that you get when you wake up the next morning. (Wow even I noticed that time how lame I sound! Oh well come summer my efforts might start to show!)

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3. Keep up the effort with my uni' work...
I'm far from lazy when it come to my university work for the basic fact that I love what I'm learning! And truth be told there isn't much room for laziness in the fashion industry is there! My resolution for uni' is just to keep the momentum up! I'm far from perfect and like everyone I do procrastinate as much as I can but I do pull out the stops to make sure I'm trying my hardest! I have two deadlines coming up at the end of January/start of February so now that the Christmas holiday period is over I think it's time to buckle back down into double time uni' mode to make up for the two week holiday that I gave myself (hope it wasn't too much of a mistake!)

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4. Go to more gigs...
I love live music so I'm trying to make a promise to myself to take every opportunity to see an artist play live. It would make my life if I could get tickets for a summer festival! I'm well on my way to completing this goal with tickets for Katy Perry and Take That though!

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5. Go abroad...
Whether it be with my boyfriend, friends or family, I will go abroad this year! Somewhere hot and exotic that will get me a nice tan! (now that is wishful thinking!)

I'm struggling to think of anymore now to be honest, I think my main resolution is just to live life! There's no need for regrets if you're doing what you think is right, right? I'm going to find something to wear for the festivities tonight now so when I next speak to you guys it will 2011, have an awesome night!



  1. I totally agree about resolutions needng to be achievable. One of mine is to eat healthier but I know mcdonalds will still play a (small) role in my diet now and again! Good luck with them all and happy new year :) x

  2. Aw everyone has the odd Maccy D's!:D Thanks, good luck with yours too!(: Happy New Year♥


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