Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Baby, can't you see? You're the only one for me...

I've had quite the Christmasy day! I started this afternoon with wrapping some presents (well the presents that aren't lost in the post somewhere). I must admit I have a thing when it comes to wrapping presents; they all have to match and be in the same colours, sad I know but the result is quite pretty! Then this evening I have been to Winter Wonderland in Cardiff with the boyfriend. Ah I loved it! A cup of tea and a shared blueberry muffin before strapping on the skates ready to hit the ice! I'm not the worlds best skater but I did manage to stay on my feet for the whole hour; result! After we returned our skates we hopped on the big wheel; it's amazing how you take for granted your local surroundings, the museum looked gorgeous from up high!

1. On the rink, excuse the poor quality and the cheesy grins! - 2. Fairy lights and the big wheel - 3. Cardiff museum from up high

Today I did intend on doing an outfit post but I woke up full up with a cold so didn't really feel like posing for some photographs! Like every morning I checked my mail and found out that the River Island sale starts online today! I was pleased to see that the things that I wanted to purchase were in stock but it took me about three hours to checkout! And by this time a few of the things I wanted had sold out! The things we do for a bargain aye! The sale starts instore on Friday so going to have a scout before I have to start work for the pieces that I didn't have chance to buy. Will try to do a fashiony post tomorrow, until then...



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