Tuesday, 7 December 2010

They say oh, she's changed...

It's Tuesday already, since when did time start flying by so quickly! This year has flown by, but so much has changed for me in this fast paced year. I mean, this was me this time last year;

Before a black and white party last December
L-R - Christina, Carrie, Me, Sarah

Since then I have; been several shades of blonde, got myself my first boyfriend, finished high school, been on my first holiday without the parents, passed my A-Levels (A*A*AA, BEWSH!), upgraded my job title from barmaid/waitress to RI sales assistant, got into my chosen university, got my first car, took part in my first serious fashion show, created a pattern for and created my own garment and maybe more I can't think of?ha. (There has been low point's too, I'm far from perfect, just rather forgive and forget than get into all the drama!) I want to do a photo diary of my year but think I'll leave it a few weeks when we're a bit closer to 2011, exciting stuff!

I'm proud of my achievements because I worked blooming hard to get where I am now and still got a longgg way to go to get to where I want to be. Some people might be fortunate enough to get what they want handed to them on a plate, fair play to them, I'm not one of those people but happy to work myself as hard as I can to get them! Determination baby! I hope it doesn't seem like I'm blowing my own trumpet btw, I'm not really like that honest, just thinking back and liking the fact that I'm happy about the last 12 months, makes a nice change! Just hope I can keep up the momentum next year! How's everyone else's year been; full of big changes, good or bad?



  1. you girls look lovely.xx


  2. Thank you, not used to all these compliments!♥


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