Sunday, 5 December 2010

She grew up in a nice neighbourhood, but it didn't do her no good...

As promised (if not a few days late) here is a post about what I was delivered this week. The first parcel to arrive was from Newlook; I mentioned last week about ordering a little bag from the sale, my intention was to post a photograph of the bag but my mother has hidden it away for Christmas! I just wasn't quick enough!

The second knock the door was for the delivery of my Amber Jewellery order. Now not many of you might be aware of this wholesale jewellery company, I wasn't until not too long ago, but it's definitely worth a look. Being a wholesale company minimum orders are £50 and you get free delivery with orders over £100. When you sign up you are sent a catalogue rammed with gorgeous and unbelievably cheap jewellery! I send my order off around 4 times a year, when the new seasonal catalogues come out, but there isn't a limit! I hand the book out to my family and friends and £100 is easily reached! The only downside is having to enter in allll the orders on-line and having to sort the items out when they arrive (which is normally 2-4 days after the order has been placed) but that is not such a big deal when you're getting a bargain with the jewellery. This time I bought;

Purple Heart Ring - £1
Hematite Crystal Ball Ring - £1.95
Blue/Gold Stone Ring - £1.50

Sorry about the poor images, I had really bad fake tan hands; so bad the terribly edited photograph's were better! My love for big rings came out again and I treated myself to a few statement pieces for the party season coming up. I love the colour of the purple heart ring; it isn't too purple which I think makes it look more expensive than £1! I absolutely LOVE the ball ring! I will definitely be getting some wear out of it in the next few weeks! I didn't expect the blue ring to be that big, but the detailing of the gold flakes is just what I wanted! Just need to find the party dresses to accessories them with now! Anyone else find a hidden gem of a website?



  1. These rings are beautiful!!! Also, what inspiring photography and editing!.

  2. those rings are nice!! and who care about your fake tan hands. the photo editing is good!! =)

  3. Thanks all for your comments! Aw the fake tan hands were pretty bad!aha♥


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