Friday, 23 September 2011


This is my first ever beauty box and at this moment I'm not quite sure why I haven't subscribed to one sooner! I was persuaded to jump on the bandwagon by the deal that Boudoir Prive have, which is your 1st beauty box half price. £5 for all those little products, definitely worth a try! (The code is 1BOX12 if anyone is yet to subscribe!) When the postman knocked my door this morning I was hoping it was my RI delivery (ordered a pair of trousers a tad late that need to be on the plane with me tomorrow oops) but was consoled by this little beauty. First of all I love the packaging, I know it's been said but forgive me, I'm new to this! The products aren't half bad either..

Les Indispensables - n. Fr - Things that are absolutely necessary, essential.

I love how the box has a little story but I'm sure I wouldn't class these products as essential. They are luxury items none the less. I haven't had chance to sample the items yet as such but will share with you my first impressions..

001. Tropic Skincare, Body Smooth - RRP £19.95 (200ml) - A tiny tub was provided for a body scrub but I know they are supposed to be samples. It smells gorgeous & contains Sea Minerals, Jojoba and Macadamia Oil. It claims to smooth & hydrate skin, my hands are always dry & neglected so will be trying this out asap!

002. Agent Provocateur, L'Agent - RRP £70.00 (100ml) - A very rich, floral perfume which isn't really to my taste. I like more light, sweet scents but would be perfect for someone who prefers a heavier fragrance.

003. Macadamia, Hair Repair - RRP £29.95 (125ml) - Love my hair care products so this little sample will definitely get tested! It promises to make hair visibly smooth, frizz free, shiny & to repair. I have thin, light hair so an oil will probably make my hair a greasy mess but interested to see the results.

004. Colbert MD, Nourish: Eye Cream - RRP £90.00 (15ml) - Anything that promises to reduce puffiness & dark circles will most certainly get a chance! I'm quite conscious of my dark circles so would be nice to know that there are products out there that can help. Although at £90 for a little tub, I doubt I'd re-buy!

005. Zoya, Nail Polish - RRP £9.98 - I received the Marina sample, a dark grey with a silver shimmer. I'm still wearing my summer nail colours at the moment & not really a slate grey girl but sure I'll give this a go at some point!

006. Cargo Cosmetics, Boogie Nights Eye Pencil - RRP £13 (set of 5) - This will probably be a gift to my mum as I received the blue & have brown eyes. I'm quite traditional when it comes to eye make-up but would love to see it on.

All in all this sample box was a nice surprise on a Friday morning! More than worth the £5 I payed, though I can see it being a bit of a waste at £10 a month if you're not happy with everything. Luck of the draw I suppose! Not sure if I'm going to keep up my membership or give GLOSSYBOX a go first, which do you guys prefer?...

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Leopard print, navajo, crosses; these sweatshirts from Missguided couldn't be more *hipster* or desirable. Perfect to throw on with some skinny jeans or leather leggings for lazy days at university. Now to make the tough decision of which/how many to buy...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It's safe to say that I was truly spoilt this year (as always!) so kinda excited to share my new goodies with you...

Fujifilm Finepix Z900EXR - From The Boyfriend
(The photo's I took of the camera didn't do it any justice so pinched one off the website instead!)

I guess that if you moan all the time about wanting something people do actually listen! I've been trying to buy a Finepix second hand on eBay for a while now so that it came in time for my holiday (three days!!). I was really not expecting a camera at all let alone the latest model! I've ordered a nice big memory card from Amazon so that I can take lots of cool pictures with the new settings, EEE! I am struggling to find a camera case that isn't an ugly monstrosity though! The best I've found so far are these two by Acme Made, any of you know of any other cool camera case brands?

Diesel Loverdose Perfume - From The Parents

Gorgeous night time perfume in an amaze bottle! Love the smell of this!

Owl Necklace & Key Ring 

 Gossip Girl Season 4 & Velcro Rollers

A bit of girly glam!

Box of Sweets - From The Sister

This was a surprise present & totally up my street! I have a major sweet tooth so have been tucking into this box at night whilst watching my Gossip Girl Boxset! Love the vintage-esque box it came in too. Will definitely find a way to recycle this once all the sweeties have been eaten! 

Also I had some alcohol (Raspberry Sours, NOM!), a cream wire pot for my make-up brushes, bits for my birthday night out (eyelashes & glue, earrings, hair glitter, etc.), Just Dance 2 & will be picking up a full length mirror for my bedroom. I also had money & gift vouchers from my family which will of course be spent wisely(; I feel utterly spoilt! Time to get back to sorting out the iPod, one of many things to do in prep' for Saturday eeee...

Monday, 19 September 2011


001. Me & my sister all eightied up - 002. My friends & I on the way into town - 003. My DIY shoesies! - 004. The girlies with our mic's (excuse the weird face!) - 005. Me & the lads

It's crazy that my birthday has been & gone after I was planning & looking forward to it for over a month! The preparation certainly paid off as it was an amazing night! Of course there was a few hiccups including me losing/having my purse stolen, NIGHTMARE! Luckily there was only money in there & no cards, but I never lose money so was kinda frustrated that I lost over £30! That still didn't manage to ruin my night though. If you're going out for a birthday & fancy something different, go to Reflex! I pre-booked a birthday package online (absolutely free to do!) which meant we had queue jump, free entry, 3 complimentary bottles of pink bubbly & goody bags with fancy dress items. Totally worth it, singing the Grease Mega Mix into inflatable microphone will never get old! After we polished off our free drinks we moved onto Oceana & spent the rest of the night in the karaoke & disco room. One of my best birthdays to date & I must say we looked pretty swag in our 80's costumes!

I'm kinda gutted I didn't get a full length photo' of me in my 80's gear but as it was my actual birthday day I didn't stop preparing for the night & it was basically one mad rush to make sure everything was sorted for when the bus came! I'm really please with how my outfit turned out though, especially my shoes! They were originally a deep purple colour & after around 6 layers of glitter glue turned out super sparkly! Might even dedicate another post to them. I had the earrings & lashes (you can't really see but they had silver polka dots & multi-coloured sparkly bits on them) as part of my birthday box from my family, will share my other presents with you tomorrow! The rest of my outfit is basically all from eBay, self confessed eBay addict here! All in all I've had an amazing couple of days & now it's back to reality as I start back to university tomorrow, bring on year two...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

GO, GO...

I apologise for my inconsistent blogging this week & I suppose for the next week or two to come! I've had nothing to do all summer & now it's all go, go, go! Do you find that things always seem to happen this way; all or nothing?! Kinda gutted as I think I've recently I think I was getting into a pretty good blogging routine, oh well that's life I suppose! My excuse this week is that it's my mums birthday Tuesday & mine Saturday, which equals double birthday celebrations! We literally have 4 days of partying planned; we're going for a meal tonight, an open mic' night Friday, my Birthday night out Saturday (WOOP!) & determined to go bowling Sunday (random I know!). This week is being spent getting everything ready for Saturday; music, outfit, decorations & most importantly drinking games! I have a box of tricks in my room & the image above is a few of the items from it, very neon! I am super excited like you wouldn't believe, just hope everything goes to plan now!

Along with sorting out my birthday I'm also going on holidays a week Saturday so need to sort out a million things for this too! I'm kinda stressed as I'm a major faffer & will not be able to rest unless I've made hundreds of lists which kind of calms me down! I also enrol back to uni' next week which will add another lump to my already full plate! Just need to keep thinking it'll all be worth it when I'm chilling next to the pool with an alcoholic beverage & a good book mmmm...

Friday, 9 September 2011


Not your usual Primark Haul post! As I've mentioned it's my birthday next weekend & I decided to have an 80's themed night out! I wanted to make the costumes a little more personalised than the ones you buy in fancy dress stores so decided to get some tops printed! Being true to my bargain hunter self I bought the plain white tops from Primark for £2.50 so that the tops cost only £5 in total with printing! It's safe to say I felt (& probably looked) a little weird going to the cash desk with 12 mens tops but it's all in the name of a bargain! I decided to get mens tops as they'll be perfectly baggy to cut into crop tops. I've spent this morning Photoshopping everyones logo's ready to take to the printers later..

It's safe to say I am stupidly excited! I've ordered other little bits for my costume from eBay but I'll save them for another post! I'm kinda glad birthdays are only once a year as sorting all this out has been rather stressful; my organised, control freak side has really come in handy over the past couple of weeks...

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Avon Classic Fit & Sunbeam, Models Own Fuzzy Peach & Juicy Jewels, Beauty UK Jade, ELF Pearl & white nail art pen

Last night was supposed to be a girly, family night out in Cardiff at an Adele concert but as I was getting ready to head into town for pre drinks & a meal I noticed friends on Facebook saying that the concert had been cancelled. After ringing up the box office the worst had been confirmed. Devastated to say the least! We was all geared up for a night out by then so went to a local pub for curry club & a couple of bottles of wine instead. Not quite an Adele concert but was still a pretty fun night! At least the concert is being rescheduled & I hope she feels better soon!(:

Now on to the nails! As I mentioned I was half ready by the time the cancellation was announced which included my new spacey nails! I tried them out as an experiment & didn't expect to like them (I've said in the past in a pastel girl!) but they're definitely my favourite nail art attempt as of yet! I've had so many compliments about them; even the girl who served me in H&M this morning squeezed in a 'I love your nails btw' as I was paying, result! Will definitely be rocking this look more often...

Monday, 5 September 2011


So it's my birthday on September 17th & my family and friends keep telling me that I'm hard to buy for! Now I know I do countless wish-lists on here but when it comes to birthdays I never ask for anything. I much prefer the family side to birthdays; I'd choose a nice meal with the family and a night out with friends over the whole materialistic side any day. But with them moaning at me I had a little think & there's a few little gifts that I'd be more than happy to recieve...

MAC Turquatic 50ml £36 & Paco Rabanne Lady Million 50ml £46

I'm desperate for new perfume & Lady Million is maybe my favourite fragrance ever! I've been dying to try MAC Turquatic for a while & was really disappointed when I checked the website the other week & it said discontinued. But now it's back with a new look & a bigger bottle just in time for my birthday, fate!

Nothing like some Lush goodies! Would be lovely to treat my face to TLC with the handmade cleanser & face mask, they look gorgeous! But of course you can never go wrong with a good old gift set(;
Just Dance Wii £12.91
Beyonce 4 £7.49

If you haven't played 'Just Dance' before you're missing out big time! We decided as a family to treat ourselves to a wii & I'm picking it up later, excited! It came with Zumba & Mario Karts so Just Dance is needed to get the party started! There's no need to explain my want for '4', B is amazinggg! I'm Gossip Girl mad so need season 4 to keep my collection up to date!

I personally love the Disney Couture collections! The 'Disney' label might make it seem a little childish/tacky but the few that I've chosen would just look like usual jewellery to a passer-by! I like the fact that they secretly link in with your childhood. I'd definitely wear the watch necklace & skull ring, gorgeous! I had to show the bottle necklace as it's just amazing, but may be a little tricky to wear depending on the size.

Marc Jacobs Warp Ikat iPhone 4 Case £24.33
Studded Peep Toes £65
Mulberry Bayswater $1,050
A First Class Around the World Ticket 

So I kind of got a little carried away with the final special gifts part! This is the 'ultimate' birthday wish-list so had to go to town a little!(; Lately I've really been fancying the whole idea of traveling & seeing the world, obviously I had to go all out with the first class ticket!ha. The Bayswater is purely there for a LOL, it is my goal in life to own a Mulberry bag, keep dreaming kid!ha. Back to reality & into my price range, the Marc Jacobs phone case. Designer label at a high street price, what's not to love? The phone case is gorgeous & totally my style, surely my iPhone deserves a sweet case like this! Now the River Island shoes; I don't think I can quite express my love for these enough, I try them on every time I go into work, I need them in my life!

I kind of went to town on this wish list didn't I?! Some are there purely for lust purposes & others are a little more practical! All in all I think my goal has been completed & I surely have given my folks some food for thought(;...

Sunday, 4 September 2011


A snippet of my fake tan collection

I started using fake tan when I was around 16 & think I've been addicted since! I love the way a healthy glow can make you feel. I don't go overboard & (hope) I look tanned not 'tangoed' but I'm rarely seen without it & probably wouldn't go on a night out if I wasn't tanned! This may sound a little ridiculous/sad to those who aren't converted to the ways of fake tan but I just feel a million times better when I'm wearing it! I have a natural olive skin tone (as well as naturally dark hair & eyes) so I tan easily & I think having a bit a colour suits me well. Unfortunately, as everyone who lives here knows, the British climate doesn't exactly provide the tools to gain a natural tan which means I am deathly white underneath my fake tan! But fortunately for me Greece is home to beautiful weather so when I jet off on holidays in three weeks time it'll be time to get my tan onnn! 

After realising how bad my tanning habit had gotten I decided to see if I could go a week or so without it. I'm on day 6 of being tan-less & I suppose I am slowly getting used to seeing my pale face in the mirror. Tan hides a multitude of sins so now my dark circles, spots & blemishes are even more visible for the world to see. Even my roots seem darker against my pale complexion! All in all I feel like a total mess! This little tan detox may be worth putting up with until I go on holidays so that my skin is nice & fresh ready for the sun, but I don't think I'll be making a habit of this no tan malarky! All I've done is work this week so feeling washed out hasn't affected me but I'm going to see Adele Wednesday (EEK EXCITED!) so will be busting out my tanning mitt in time for the concert! So is it just me or are there fellow tan addicts out there that can't go with out?...

PS I'm proud of how sensible you bloggers are that are helping me out with deciding how to spend my £50! Looks like I'll be investing in a new winter coat(: thanks for your help! 

Friday, 2 September 2011


Everybody knows that the best possible thing to find whilst having a sort is a bit of cash so imagine the smile on my face when I found this crisp £50 note! It was an 18th birthday present from a family friend & I can't believe I forgot about! It's my 20th birthday in two weeks time so that would make it two years that it has been collecting dust, crazy! If I was sensible I would tuck it away in the bank for emergencies or buy something practical like new car mats but who am I kidding! So after having a little think I need a little help deciding what I should spend it on, a little birthday present from me to me..
I currently share a Fujifilm Z30 with my family & it the perfect camera for nights out. It's compact, takes great pictures & the lens doesn't go in 'n' out which makes it harder to break when dropped (which it definitely a plus for me after a few cocktails!). You can get a perfect condition second hand Z20 on eBay for less than £50!

Total: £52.50

This is probably the most appealing option, I've gone completely make-up mad lately! I especially love the cosmetic bag, might have to treat myself to this whether I go for this option or not! The Topshop blush is such a gorgeous colour & heard nothing but good things about the gel liner. I'm still lusting after a MAC lipstick & this just seems like the perfect colour. My eyelash curlers have also had their day so this new MAC pair would top my make-up bag perfectly!

I managed to negotiate the freezing temperatures of last Christmas by wearing old coats & cardigans but this year I think it's time to invest in a gorgeous winter coat! This would probably be the most sensible thing to purchase & they just look so warm & cwtchy! 

There's probably another million & one combinations of what I could buy but these seem to be the ones that I keep going back to. So I'm putting it to you guys, what would you buy if you had £50 to burn?...