Thursday, 31 March 2011

I'd rather be with your friends mate, cause they are much fitter...

001 - Support act Brigitte Aphrodite . 002 - Kate Nash . 003 - Kate Nash . 004 - My cousin the drummer, me & the guitarist after the gig . 005 - Me & Kate (I wasn't ready for this photo' and my mum held the camera right up in my grill!) . Waiting for the others to upload the photo's to show you some better ones...

My cousin Fern studies music and kicks ass on the drums! She recently got the job as Kate Nash's new drummer on her current tour. We went along to The Globe in Cardiff to support her on her home town gig! It was AMAZING! I'm a major Kate Nash fan and listened to her album 'Made of Bricks' on loop when it was released a few years ago. The support act Brigitte Aphrodite was also really good, she has the same style as Kate where they both tell stories with their songs. I got stupidly excited when she sang 'Birds' and 'Mariella'! I was a total hipster after the gig and bought a vinyl (when I don't even have anything to play it on!). We then chatted with my cousin before she asked "Would you like to meet her?", I was a complete drip when Kate came over! I got completely star struck, even though she was so cool and down to earth, all I could do was giggle and asked her to sign the vinyl, cringe! I look awful in these photo's but I don't even care!ha. My hair was curled but it was sooo hot there that they just disappeared! I got some amazing video's so will edit this post with the youtube link when I get round to getting them up! I'm going to see Katy Perry tomorrow and can't wait! These photo's are in black & white as we were on a balcony and the lights messed with the colour, I am determined to get some colourful beauties tomorrow though!

EDIT: Here is the link to my personal youtube chanel, only one vid' on atm as it took me three hours to upload a five minute clip!?!? More to come though(:

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And all that jazz...

I mentioned on Friday about the Colour and Trend Event I went too. I didn't really give much detail as it was about 1am and I had work the next morning! I was a really good day out and quite interesting as I've never been to anything like it before. There was a few students there, like me, but the majority of people were designers with their own businesses or buyers for brands like Peococks. The seminars were given by the CEO of Trendstop, Jaana. Trendstop is a business that provides companies and individuals with detailed trend reports of what will be the fashion for 12 months up to 10 years time! Jaana shared some of her fashion knowledge with us so I now hold the secret of a few trends and several colours that will be very popular come next summer! Now I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I didn't share my new found knowledge with my beloved followers, would I? The posts won't be coming up right away as I want to get them perfect and as visual as the presentation I was given, but they definitely will be coming up soon! Reading back through my posts I have noticed a few empty promises so I'm going to get myself more organised and into gear so that this blog isn't a random mess of whatever is on my whimsical mind!

I went to see my sister's performing arts show this evening (hence the posy photo'). This may be appealing to some people but the thought of watching a re-inactment of Glee isn't my ideal Tuesday night, but in fact I really enjoyed it! Failed to get a pic' of her in the dress I made but will do a mini shoot soon to show you guys the final piece! I'm off to dream about Chicago, Hairspray, Rocky Horror & Glee now, woo!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Let's go see the Killers and make out in the bleachers...

This is a not so much as a new trend but a recurring one that I can't get enough of! All the tee's shown above are from the web store Truffle Shuffle which has been a celebrity favourite for some time now. These t-shirts prices start at only £20, which for something that can be worn so easily is a smart investment. Some of the tops above are from the mens section but I don't think this matters with this trend, the slouchier the better! I love how easy is it to throw on a logo tee to get that laid back cool look! As the examples show below you can literally wear them with anything...

These two girls specialise in effortless cool styling. They're both shown wearing their rock band tee's in totally different ways. I really do love this look! Got complete wardrobe envy, they show you how the item of clothing can be worn with basically any bottoms, in any colour! Loving the outfit that Morven has put together with the fringed jacket over the tee, fringes are set to be big for summer 2011 so this is the perfect look! Looks like I found my pay day splurge!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bright lights and the big city...

1. The Venue - 2. The pretty star like ceiling - 3. CEO of 'trendstopJaana J├Ątyri - 4. Sitting under a blossom tree for lunch - 5. Stuck in traffic and wanting to get home!

Just a few photographs that I took whilst at the Chapter Arts Centre for the Colour and Trend Event today, more exciting info' about what was discussed, etc to come but now I need to sleep, zzzzz! 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hands up, we could go a little longer...

Tomorrow I'm going to Cardiff's Colour & Trend Event (will fill you in tomorrow with more details!). I have never been to anything like this before and am quite excited! Of course I have no idea what-so-ever of what I'm going to wear, will probably end up pulling apart my wardrobe when I get home from the gym to find something! The stress of being a girl aye! This clothes dilemma is not made easier by the fact that I haven't bought new clothes in about 2/3 weeks, a serious accomplishment for me! I'm dying to go on a major shopping spree but I don't think my bank account would ever forgive me, pay day seems to be taking foreverrrr this month! One thing that can help me make an outfit look good with out costing me any monies is a DIY manicure. I'm loving the whole nail art at the moment and since Wah-Nails posted their leopard print tutorial on tumblr the other day I've been dying to try it out. Now the tutorial just shows how to do the basic outline but I was after the more Lauren Conrad effect. I've shown a few steps of how I got this look...

I find it easier to paint the base whilst the nails are attached to the 'branches' as it keeps my hands free, I can then carry on with whatever and not have to worry about them smudging. I then painted little white spoldges onto the nails; I stuck the left hand nails on but kept the right together so I could use my right hand to paint them. Then I went around the white with a black nail art pen to create the leopard effect. Finally I applied a top coat, which I believe truly finishes off the design! My top coat has actually gone all thick which makes smudging happen quite easily, can anyone recommend a good one to try? Overall I think this is a good outcome for my first attempt! Just the outfit to plan out now!

Come on skinny love just last the year...

Just wanted to share my love for this photograph of Fearne Cotton showcasing her latest Very collection. I have serious hair envy with practically every style she tries! The blonder hair and 50's Mad Men-esque styled mid cut is a summery change! Just love the style and colours of this outfit, simple yet gorgeous!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So boost me up my ladder kid and I'll boost you up yours...

I have been a busy girl the last couple of days, well busy seems it is my week off! My sister is a Performing Arts student and has a show coming up next week. So me being the fashion student have been roped into the role of her personal costume department! The performance is a mish-mash of musicals and I have been making the costume for the Chicago section. She is playing the role of Matron Mama Morton, the corrupt matron in the prison (I do love the film!). I've been making the dress for the song 'When You're Good to Mama' (image from particular song above!) . Now in the film, Queen Latifah wears a quite revealing, busty number, but personally I don't think remaking this dress would be the best decision seems it is a high school play! Instead I've made an evening style dress with a bit more of a conservative split. This is the dress so far...

Not the best photo' but the basic dress silhouette is finished, just a few finishing touches to add now. Maybe a feather boa or a feathered fan? A few sparkly beads, bit of lace and a little bling? I think it looks pretty dapper seems it only took me one day to make! Can't wait until it's finished now (and will share with you guys of course!), got a few more DIY ideas up my sleeve to try out before my week off is over! I've not long got home from the gym and aching already, an early night is defo' on the cards!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

And I don't know why I want to voice this out loud...

As I mentioned the other day, I read in my magazine about the benefits of taking Sea Kelp tablets. The mag' claims that the herbal tablets helps hair (and nails) grow quick and thicker. Now anything that claims this is worth a shot right? So I popped into Holland & Barrett on my way home from uni' on Friday and picked some up. They have an offer on at the moment where you buy one and get one for a penny, so I currently have 500 Sea Kelp tablets to power my way through! Though my magazine said about the hair benefits, the tub only says "Supports weight management" which concerned me a little, but after a swift google search to read some reviews I've decided to go ahead and give them a try! I'm treating this as a little experiment and created my profile as of now and will check again in two months and share the results with you guys! So here's to day one...

The Sea Kelp Experiment

I will be taking 3 tablets (maximum dosage) everyday and documenting my stats every two weeks to note any changes. I will give the tablets two months before sharing my findings, which I think is a fair amount of time to let any affects happen! I have taken before hair photo's and hopefully there will be a noticeable difference to the one's I will be taking in a few months time, fingers crossed!

Sunday 20th March 2011 - My Stats

Height - 5ft 7
Weight - 8st 10 (55.4kg)
BMI - 19.4 (normal)
Hair Health - Thin but healthy
Nail Health - Short & break easily
Overall Mood - Positive, sometimes tired
Overall Health - Occasional head aches otherwise healthy

P.S. I have now added more items to my shop and there's more to come!

Friday, 18 March 2011

It's a hard life to live, so live it well...

Finished work = Happy face. That is all.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

She's a rock 'n' roll survivor with pendulum hips...

Earrings - Primark
Top - Primark 
Vest - Newlook
Jeans - Internationale
Cream Stone Ring - H&M
Owl Ring on sale here

This is what I wore today to run a few errands before my project hand in tomorrow. I spent most of this afternoon driving around in the beautiful weather, sunnies on with my old iPod blasting vintage tunes, bliss! My work is now officially finished and I feel 100% chilled out which feels rather strange! My hair really feels like the bane of my life at the moment, it has been stuck at this awkward length for what feels like forever! I read in a magazine this week that Sea Kelp tablet sold at health stores help promote hair growth and thickness, anyone tried anything like this? On to the outfit; it's kind of safe and comfy but love the contrast between the black and nude! I bought this lilac nail varnish from e.l.f a few weeks ago and only now trying it out! I'm liking the way it looks against my fake baked skin! So summery! I'm also in love with my new ring from H&M, I think it was something like £3.99? Bargain! It also works really well with my owl ring, love! I'm off to take advantage of the last hour of sun and walk my dog around the block, have a nice evening...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You've got more than money and sense, my friend...

If you have a tumblr you're probably sick of the sight of light denim hot pants! They have been spamming my dashboard since us in the UK have had our first bit of sunshine for 2011! However frustrating this may be you cannot help but feel the need to own a pair! I'm particularly liking the frayed Topshop pair and the vintage style Newlook ones. I'm trying not to spend as much money on clothes at the moment but I will own a pair come summer. Some lucky ladies already have theirs and are showing us how to style this trend on lookbook. Here's a few of my favourites;

1, 2, 3

Last summer I had a go at making my own shorts from a pair of old jeans and was surprised at how easy it was! I have the week of university next week, I might have a go again seems I now have serious short envy! The photo sharing site weheartit is making this jealousy worse, it seems like every slim, blonde, tanned, teen owns a pair, bring on summer!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Cause some days stay gold forever...

I'm bit of a sucker for any type of owl jewellery. It's a little random I know but something about them just draws me in! I bought a ring similar to this in the summer but it recently succumb to the inevitable green rust, boo! I've been looking everywhere for a replacement so was quite happy when I found this little beauty! I've decided to open a little blog shop (the entrepreneur that I am!), as after my recent wardrobe blitz I have a few next to new/brand new items of clothing that deserve a second chance before their exiled to eBay! So keep an eye out and you might just yourself find a bargain. I've also been collecting jewellery over the past couple of weeks which will be advertised on my blog shop but sold on my bigcartel store. I've always been business minded, I mean I got my first job at 13 as a paper girl (cringe!)! I'm not setting off to make millions, just to get a little extra cash as I've got a expensive couple of weeks coming up. I think the ever popular 30 day shopping ban might have to come into place if I can't stop controlling my whimful splurges! I think I've procrastinated enough now, back to uni' work):

P.S. The rings are now on sale on my store and images are available to see on the blog shop.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life...

This post is kind of a mini week in photo's as my whole week has consisted of redecorating my bedroom and of course the obligatory university work! I have been trying my best today to bust as much uni' work out as I can but I get distracted by the littlest of things! I have to work twice as hard today as I didn't do my planned work yesterday because of my hangover from my big night out! As I predicted I didn't have time to get a outfit snap in but I'll take one in the week to show you all what I wore. Short and sweet post today as I do really need to get back to my work): Enjoy the sun...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

You shine it when I'm alone...

As promised here is a selection of crop tops that are currently available in Republic. I'm a sucker for a crop as I live in high waisted jeans/trousers/shorts/skirts! I was going to do a lookbook style steal for this trend but there's just too many to look though! Instead here's a link for you to have a browse at your leisure! This may seem lazy but yet again it's approaching project deadline time and as we're currently doing a portfolio project I'm already spending the majority of my day on Photoshop, so putting together the style steal would be torture (drama queen!)! So tomorrow is my long awaited night out! I tried on all the Miss Selfridge dresses I mentioned in my previous post but none of them did anything for me! At lunch today I popped into Newport town and found a funky 80's/aztec skirt in H&M which is really growing on me! I bought it as it was a bargain £9.99 and brought it home to try on with a top and some heels and so glad I picked it up now! I'm normally in a mad rush before I go out but determined to squeeze in some outfit pic's to show you all my find! I'm off to Barbie-fy myself now, lavv ittt!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blame it on my ADD baby...

Scarf - Market stall
Heart crop top - Republic
Black vest - Newlook
Biker Jeans - Internationale

AWOLNATION - Sail, my new favourite song (and band come to think of it!) and the title of this post. Take a listen; it's a unique mix of almost dubstep beats with a rock vocal. I would say a mixture between Pulled Apart By Horses and CocoRosie? Gahh love it! Anyway I think it's a fitting song for my outfit as it has slightly rocky feel? I have a love for crop tops and Republic are great for them, think I will do a post in the week showing my favourites which they have in at the moment, as I bought this just after Christmas. I bought this scarf years ago in a market whist in Tenby. I love it's length and thickness, I think it looks a lot more expensive than £5 (not quite McQueen I know!). The black skinnies have kind of become my wardrobe essential as of late, so easy to wear and not a pastel colour which I'm trying to step away from as it's taking over my wardrobe! My camera seems to prefer these closer shots than the full length ones so think I'll stick to this style until I invest in some new equipment! Back to uni' work now *sob*...

Monday, 7 March 2011

I will get there, just remember I know...

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm going out on the town this Friday! This time last year this wouldn't have been a big deal but I hardly go out anymore, boo! So I've decided to make quite a big deal out of it and get fully glammed up! I've treated myself to some new extensions and invested in the Barry M crack effect nail varnish (post coming soon!). I intended on buying this beauty to complete my look;

When I first saw it there was 20% off for students and of course ASOS do free delivery so would have had this dress for a grand total of £36! But I put off buying it until payday which then the discount went down to ten percent! After spending the following day convincing myself to treat myself anyway, I went to buy it but of course it was out of stock! Argh so frustrating! So now I'm dressless with four days before we go out! I've been scouring the high street shops online as I don't want to chance buying from an online store and entrusting the delivery and it not coming in time! The ASOS dress was exactly what I wanted; girly yet sexy with a bit of colour (I usually tend to stick to black for nights out)! My runner up dresses from the high street are;

All from Miss Selfridge! And all a bit different from each other! I think I'll need to pop into Cardiff to have a look on Wednesday. I like the floral dress as it's girly and pretty but not sure if it's too blah for a night out? The second one is very sexy but I wanted a bit more colour. The third I like very much but is from the petite range so not sure if it'll be too short for me seems as I am 5'7! Why didn't I just order the ASOS dress in the first place!? If you guys like any in particular or know of any others you'd like to suggest, please help me!