Thursday, 3 March 2011

Can we all slow down and enjoy right now...

So I'm back from my blogging break which just kind of happened? I felt my blog was getting a little flat and lacking something. Not wanting to post things that I wasn't 110% about I had a few days off. Of course I could easily blame this on university, work, home life, blahblahblah and I think maybe it's a little mixture of all of the above. I'm stuck in a mini rut and needed a little time to work out how to get myself back on track. So to kickstart I rejoined the gym, I've been twice this week now and feeling a bit better for it. I've also had my hair done and applied a little tan so looking a little better too! I also started a major sort out of my wardrobe as I think that repeatedly wearing the same few outfits even though I have loads of clothes was adding to my slump! I haven't been inspired to photograph my outfits which I think my blog is missing. So as a result of my attack on my wardrobe; some clothes are waiting to go on eBay, others are back folded away and a lucky few are awaiting their second life via a bit of DIY. Here's a sneak peak of a few garments which I have found so far (most of them with the labels still attached, so annoying!) which I intend on adding a little 2011 to...

Khaki shift dress, Cropped graphite trousers, Paint splash jumpsuit, Lace dress

As you can see all of the above still have their labels! I'm a terrible impulse buyer and convince myself to keep my purchases as "I'll wear it soon"! If I decide to take something back it's always after the 21 days so get credit notes instead of my money back, no wonder I'm always moaning about having no cash! As well as finding clothes which I can alter; I also found clothes which had slunk to the back of the wardrobe and I had forgotten about, resulting in me being excited about my clothes again, yay! So over the weekend I intend on pulling my scissors out on the above garments to transform them into something I might actually wear! Apologise for the 'me,me,me' post but I can assure you my blog will benefit from my mid-term crisis! I have decided that from now I have to post at least one ootd a week and only one (maybe two!) photoshop based posts a week; this leaves me with a few days which I have to apply my creativity to, which hopefully will result in an exciting spin on my blog! Well fingers crossed aye!

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