Monday, 28 March 2011

Let's go see the Killers and make out in the bleachers...

This is a not so much as a new trend but a recurring one that I can't get enough of! All the tee's shown above are from the web store Truffle Shuffle which has been a celebrity favourite for some time now. These t-shirts prices start at only £20, which for something that can be worn so easily is a smart investment. Some of the tops above are from the mens section but I don't think this matters with this trend, the slouchier the better! I love how easy is it to throw on a logo tee to get that laid back cool look! As the examples show below you can literally wear them with anything...

These two girls specialise in effortless cool styling. They're both shown wearing their rock band tee's in totally different ways. I really do love this look! Got complete wardrobe envy, they show you how the item of clothing can be worn with basically any bottoms, in any colour! Loving the outfit that Morven has put together with the fringed jacket over the tee, fringes are set to be big for summer 2011 so this is the perfect look! Looks like I found my pay day splurge!

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