Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blame it on my ADD baby...

Scarf - Market stall
Heart crop top - Republic
Black vest - Newlook
Biker Jeans - Internationale

AWOLNATION - Sail, my new favourite song (and band come to think of it!) and the title of this post. Take a listen; it's a unique mix of almost dubstep beats with a rock vocal. I would say a mixture between Pulled Apart By Horses and CocoRosie? Gahh love it! Anyway I think it's a fitting song for my outfit as it has slightly rocky feel? I have a love for crop tops and Republic are great for them, think I will do a post in the week showing my favourites which they have in at the moment, as I bought this just after Christmas. I bought this scarf years ago in a market whist in Tenby. I love it's length and thickness, I think it looks a lot more expensive than £5 (not quite McQueen I know!). The black skinnies have kind of become my wardrobe essential as of late, so easy to wear and not a pastel colour which I'm trying to step away from as it's taking over my wardrobe! My camera seems to prefer these closer shots than the full length ones so think I'll stick to this style until I invest in some new equipment! Back to uni' work now *sob*...


  1. Yes, this look deffo is a rock chick kinda look. Love the crop top! And the scarf, very Mr McQueen-esque. xox

  2. Defo' my favourite scarf, want a white one now!:Dxx


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