Monday, 14 March 2011

Cause some days stay gold forever...

I'm bit of a sucker for any type of owl jewellery. It's a little random I know but something about them just draws me in! I bought a ring similar to this in the summer but it recently succumb to the inevitable green rust, boo! I've been looking everywhere for a replacement so was quite happy when I found this little beauty! I've decided to open a little blog shop (the entrepreneur that I am!), as after my recent wardrobe blitz I have a few next to new/brand new items of clothing that deserve a second chance before their exiled to eBay! So keep an eye out and you might just yourself find a bargain. I've also been collecting jewellery over the past couple of weeks which will be advertised on my blog shop but sold on my bigcartel store. I've always been business minded, I mean I got my first job at 13 as a paper girl (cringe!)! I'm not setting off to make millions, just to get a little extra cash as I've got a expensive couple of weeks coming up. I think the ever popular 30 day shopping ban might have to come into place if I can't stop controlling my whimful splurges! I think I've procrastinated enough now, back to uni' work):

P.S. The rings are now on sale on my store and images are available to see on the blog shop.

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