Sunday, 27 February 2011

Even on a cloudy day...

I'm writing this post as the boys of the house watch the rugby. There's no hope of much conversation when the boys in red are on the screen so thought I'd put my spare time to use. In work today, even though the sale hunters were out in force, it was hard not to notice the new S/S lines that are trickling on to the sales floor. Here are my ideas for the new styles...

There was a lot of floral prints dotted around the store. I think this is an easy trend to carry out no matter what style you have, so I thought I'd share with you the three that came to mind;

ONE - This is a very easy to wear crop tied t and a floral skirt. Yes I know it looks like shorts but it is in fact an a-line skirt! I think the skirt quite Stella McCartney? Anyway I've made it look more casual with thick socks which I would personally wear pushed down near the new style worker boots. I think the bag also adds a casual charm and would be big enough to put all my uni' stuff in. I would wear it with a chunky knit cardigan or maybe a light denim jacket as it gets a bit more summery. I'd also layer on the jewellery; maybe gold and a splash of turquoise?
TWO - This is an easy smart outfit that would be perfect for a meal or maybe date? I think the collar detail adds a quirky, smart something to the top. By teaming it with a light wash jean keeps it casual while the wedge bootie gives it a bit of glam'! I would maybe wear it with stacked bangles and a cute clutch?
THREE - I saw this dress and I immediately thought "I HAVE TO HAVE IT!". I don't know what it is that draws me in; maybe the chic vintage feel it has? I've kept the vintage feel by adding a mock snakeskin bag and a pair of bow heels. You could probably make it more 2011 by adding bright pink heels and a few statement rings?

All of these garments are from River Island (I didn't link them all cos I'm lazy!ha). I could easily spend all day making up outfits like this but it just makes me want to spend more money on clothes than I actually have! So I left it at three but could have easily done more! If you like my take on the styles feel free to leave a question and I'll happily give you my opinion on how I'd wear it. If your sat there thinking "ew r u srs?" just humour me as I enjoy doing things like this!

P.S. This was supposed to post yesterday, hence the rugby jibba jabba, but it didn't!):

Friday, 25 February 2011

Insane in da membrane...

(Not the best photo but you don't really realise how hard it is to take a photo' of the side of your own foot until you try!)

This morning I had my second tattoo. It's very true what they say about tattooing being addictive! I'm so pleased with it and got the urge to have it extended already; maybe another rose or a swirly line? I did buy numbing cream but it didn't kick in until it was done and dusted; it's weird but it was kinda nice feeling the tattoo gun, just me?ha. It's still a little sore and red in this picture but totally worth it in my eyes. The song from which the title of this post is taken (Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brainwill probably remind me of my tattoo forever as it was blasting through the studio as it was being done! Had quite a funny morning filled with old hip hop and tattoo magazines! What do you guys think of my new 'ink'?

P.S. My face has returned to normal after a day of allergy medicine, E45 and no make-up; the convicted face scrub has gone into the bin! Looking forward to sharing an outfit post with you guys in the week!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

But to live doesn't mean you're alive...

I had a pretty solid plan for today; get up nice and early, finalise notes for presentation, snap some outfit post pictures before heading into uni' to present my PechaKucha on inspirational brands and detailing. The day in fact went like this; wake up with a splitting headache, dizzily walk to bathroom, look in mirror and see a puffy face and two swollen red eyes looking back, resulting in a day in bed with lots of Piriton and ice cubes to reduce swelling! I'm not 100% sure what has happened to my face but the only thing I can put it down to is having a bad reaction to a new Body Shop face wash! Safe to say I've spent the day feeling sorry for myself, especially as I did spend a fair bit of time on this presentation and was looking forward to sharing a new look with you guys! There's always tomorrow aye! Well after my appointment with the tattooist tomorrow at 10am, EEK excited! So to make myself feel like less of a minger I gave myself a little pedicure & manicure ready to get my tootsies out for Mr Ink in the morning, this was the result of my boredom...

This is my first attempt at an aztec nail! I'm actually quite pleased with the results, even though my hands look even more orange due to the flash! I used a Jessica nail polish for the pink (which I love!) and the minty colour is from Internationale! I really like how these two colours work together. I used nail art pens which are years old for the black and white, surprised they still work actually! It did take a little time and patience but I think the outcome is fab', especially for a night out! I can't wait to try out some more styles!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

You were born and raised in a summer haze...

Boaler, boater, trilby, fedora, cloche, floppy; hats are coming in every shape and style this season! In all honesty I'm not really a hat person as I don't think they suit my head, but I'd happily buy any of these hats to give this trend a go! I think I'm going to treat myself to the navy River Island hat before work tomorrow. I like how they can add an extra attitude to outfits, all depending on the style. I have an idea in mind of how I'd like to wear the hat but these lookbook beauties show us how it's done...

Mayo W - This pretty little lady is no stranger to the hat trend! Worn with knee high socks, floaty skirts and peter pan collars gives the outfit a complete feminine and fun feel! I like the blocking of colours, a true S/S look!

Ebba Z - This is then the edgier way to wear the trend. By teaming the hat with grungy garments such as leather shorts give's it a totally different feel, more mysterious and cool. Leather is also a big trend for this season but keep an eye out for pastel colour leather which has the 2011 twist!

How do you guys wear this trend? Have you found any other high street hats of note lately?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements...

This evening I have been to give blood, so proud of my arm bandage! I very, very nearly backed out this afternoon as I have a fear of needles but I pulled myself together as it's soooo worth it. I created the image above to provide you guys with some information about the British Blood Service. This isn't a post to force this information down your throat but to simply raise awareness, especially seems as I've had a random high amount of pageviews today! My arm's a little achey but I feel totally fine otherwise! As it was my first time I don't know what blood group I am yet but this web-page shows the levels of blood available all patients in Wales. The low levels of some of the blood groups is quite frightening! So guys, if giving is in your blood, please donate!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

But when you look at them and see that they're beautiful, that's how I feel about you...

Today I dragged my boyfriend to Roath Park in Cardiff to feed the swans. I really love this place! It was a little cold (even though I did attempt to wrap up warm for a change!) but I think a little fresh air to blow the cobwebs was needed. The only fresh air I've been getting lately is when I'm shopping or walking to my car! So bad! It was lovely to have a little stroll around the lake and feeding the ducks a discounted loaf from Asda's! It's even better here in the summer when the row boat are on the water and the rose gardens are in full bloom. Aw hurry up summer!

I'm back to university tomorrow after a brief week off. I'm looking forward to starting the new project properly but the thought of an early mornings and commuting back and forth is making me feel a little grumpy. Need to get back into the swing of things fast! And on that note I think I'll start as I mean to go on and grab an early night(:...

Saturday, 19 February 2011

But you work in a shirt with your name tag on it...

Any questions about these books feel free to leave a comment on my formspring, link on the right.

I couldn't face looking at my twitter timeline yesterday as it was filled with tweets from the privileged who attended the opening day of London Fashion Week, how jealous am I? I entered a few competitions to win tickets but I don't think I've ever won anything in my life (depressing!ha)! Oh well there's always next time and of course the amazing posts from the bloggers who were fortunate to go to look forward to. I will hopefully be going to Graduate Fashion Week this June with my University so this is kinda also stops me being a total green eyed monster! 

I'm having such a quiet weekend, and by quiet of course I mean boring! I've had the week off university while they grade our project and literally done nothing, don't know why I thought the weekend would be any different! I haven't done anything all morning but look over my new books which I ordered off Amazon for my new project (my poor attempt at starting my work!). I do love my google but there is something special about researching from a book; especially when they are as visually inspiring as the ones I purchased! Any one know of any other fashion design/fashion advertising/graphic design books that are visually stimulating? No outfit post for today as except for my comfies the only thing I'll be wearing is my works uniform. I don't have my usual Saturday afternoon shift today as we're having a stock take tonight which results in me working 7pm until we're done! I worked this shift when we were setting out the Boxing Day sale and I finished around 2am, so not really looking forward to it! I think I've done enough moaning for the day now, promise I'll be more upbeat tomorrow when the shift from hell is out of the way! Have a nice Saturday guys...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

You're looking for the golden lie...

Hairband - H&M
Blouse - Topshop
Waistcoat - Newlook
Necklace - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Primark
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

This is what I wore to Cardiff this morning, it's similar to what I wore the other day but think the skirt and hair make a huge difference! I went to see a 'Genius' at the Apple store. My lock button on my iPhone 4 had jammed (first problem with the amazing phone though!), they replaced my broken phone with a brand spanking new one within 10 minutes so all is well now! While in Cardiff I thought it would have been rude not to have a little look around the shops! A little look quickly turned into a manic spending spree resulting in quite a few new clothes and quite the dent in my account balance (details to come)! I don't think I'm quite finished yet though as Brand Alley has a sale on Converse trainers which I'm thinking in investing in! Decisions decisions! I tried on a few pairs in town and think I'm going to get either white or navy low tops. They're totally not something I'd usually buy but I really want a pair! Any of you guys have converse? How do you wear them? 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

See the bright lights shine in your face...

There's nothing better than a new pair of heels. Well except for a new pair of heels at a fraction of the price! I got these from the Topshop sale shop in Newport, I thought I'd treat myself after handing in my project on Friday. The original price is £85, personally I'd feel too guilty spending that much money on a pair of heels as realistically I am a student on minimum wage! I in fact paid £15 for these beauties! I also used a gift card that I had for Christmas so double bargain! They might be peep toe boots but I think the colour and suedette material will carry these winter shoes effortlessly into this season! 

P.S. Finally got around to doing the artwork for the sign off, hope you like it!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shake me down...

Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Ring - Topshop
Tights - Primark

From looking these outfit photo's I have decided that I need to treat myself to a new camera! At the moment I'm using a Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd, well it's not just me using it but everyone in my family! When I go to use it either the battery is low, the memory card is full or the lens is full of finger prints; quite annoying! Anyone use a SLR camera that they would recommend?

Anyway moving on to the outfit! I bought this dress ages ago and only recently getting around to wearing it! I'm more of a trouser girl and stick to my skinny jeans, tapered trousers and shorts. I don't know why but I feel a little awkward in dresses unless I'm wearing sky scraper heels and on a night out! These tights helped me transition though, a Primark bargain! I also find myself shopping more in Topshop and River Island lately compared to a few months ago when nearly every item in my wardrobe was from Newlook! Talking about wardrobes I'm half way through sorting mine out as my bedroom is finally being decorated next week! I have a few dresses which have been worn once and most probably won't be worn again so thinking of maybe having a big eBay sale! I don't really want to part with them but my wardrobe doors barely close anymore! Best get back to business...


Monday, 14 February 2011

Because me love is guaranteed...

This weekend has been my favourite of 2011 so far! My boyfriend surprised with a night away, which is exactly what I/we needed! He didn't tell me where we were going until we were actually there (shows how good my directional skills are)! We ended up in the Malmaison in Birmingham, not for any particular reason but well worth the two hour drive! Firstly we paid the Bull Ring shopping a visit and did a bit of shopping before checking in the hotel. He had been saying to me all week that it was nothing special and blah blah blah but we checked into a suite and was greeted by champagne and strawberries so that was the second surprise! We then spent the evening drinking champagne and eating beautiful food! Then this morning we had our continental breakfast before heading to the spa (third surprise!) for a massage, facial and manicure! It was nice to just sit in the Jacuzzi and drink a little more champagne; perfection! It all feels a little surreal now as I'm home in my comfies watching Corrie! Went way too quick! Ah well back to reality aye, no more robes and fluffy slippers!


Friday, 11 February 2011

Just stop for a minute and smile...

A mood board of the project I handed in today

Sorry about the lack of posting recently, my university deadline just crept up on me resulting a fortnight of 10am-7pm sessions in the studio. I'm disappointed with my blogging efforts as I seem to have gained a few new followers as of last week, so hi and thanks for the follow! Truth is the blog had to take a back seat to get the work done, this took a lot of will power as I'm slightly addicted to the blogging world! I handed in my work at 12pm and instantly felt a wave of relief. I always say I won't leave it until last minute again and always do, there's no point denying my laziness! The good news is we have a week break in uni' while our work is marked. My initial intention was to have a week of lie ins, shopping and blogging but we had our next project brief this afternoon and I'm actually excited to start working on it! I will make time to blog though as I have slightly missed sharing my ramblings with you! I'm truthfully in serious need of some down time and an appointment with a masseuse/chiropractor after a week hunched over the sewing machine and mac! One can wish aye! So now you've heard my repetitive excuse for lack of blogging, I promise to be on top form with some new and exciting stuff for you guys in the week to come! So until then...


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Boys will be boys...

The masculine trend has been a big one for the past couple of seasons and I'm really loving the different ways you can inject this feel into your own personal style. From coats to shirts to shoes; anything can have the borrowed from the boys look! Structured, clean cuts can add a masculine look with ease. This post I am going to focus on a certain item which seems to be a favourite, especially in the blogging community, the bow tie!

These girls pull off the masculine look with a sexy vibe. This is the way I'd like to try it as I don't think I have the look to pull off the quirky style that some people can. Street style isn't the only place I've taken inspiration from, celebrities also have their turn...

Rihanna was maybe the first celeb' that I've seen to work this look, and judging by the hair style it was maybe a year or two ago? The way that Fearne Cotton wears this trend may be my favourite; it just oozes cool and I like the way she uses jewellery to add a casual, indie element. I definitely will be trying out this trend sometime this week, so keep an eye out for an ootd!


Friday, 4 February 2011

Stop hey! Don't walk away...

Blouse - Topshop via eBay
Trousers - River Island
Ring - Topshop
Hype on lookbook here!

I do apologise for the gap between outfit posts recently, I'm currently taking them in my living room with my camera balanced on the settee! It will be a lot easier when I have my bedroom redecorated (which hopefully will be soon!) which will make taking these photographs quicker and less awkward. So moving onto the outfit; this crochet tasseled waistcoat is my chosen transition garment for this season! It helps give this blouses, which I bought around September time on eBay, a 70's vibe which I mentioned about in the previous post. I love the trousers which I have paired with them; I would literally wear them all the time if I could! This outfit basically sums up my colour palette at the moment! I'm loving the nude, pastelly colours as I think they suit me. I then like giving the colours a bit of a kick by wearing a contrasting nail varnish or in this case the turquoise ring! 

I went to Cardiff last night on a night out (hence why I'm trying to disguise my hungover head in these photo's!). It was nice to have a laugh with the guys seems I'm getting stressed with my uni' deadline coming up and everything else that's going on! I also did something today which helped take my mind off things which was booking my next tattoo for the end of this month, scaaarily soon! I'm going now to dig out my welsh top for the rugby tonight; curry and men running around in shorts, why not!