Saturday, 19 February 2011

But you work in a shirt with your name tag on it...

Any questions about these books feel free to leave a comment on my formspring, link on the right.

I couldn't face looking at my twitter timeline yesterday as it was filled with tweets from the privileged who attended the opening day of London Fashion Week, how jealous am I? I entered a few competitions to win tickets but I don't think I've ever won anything in my life (depressing!ha)! Oh well there's always next time and of course the amazing posts from the bloggers who were fortunate to go to look forward to. I will hopefully be going to Graduate Fashion Week this June with my University so this is kinda also stops me being a total green eyed monster! 

I'm having such a quiet weekend, and by quiet of course I mean boring! I've had the week off university while they grade our project and literally done nothing, don't know why I thought the weekend would be any different! I haven't done anything all morning but look over my new books which I ordered off Amazon for my new project (my poor attempt at starting my work!). I do love my google but there is something special about researching from a book; especially when they are as visually inspiring as the ones I purchased! Any one know of any other fashion design/fashion advertising/graphic design books that are visually stimulating? No outfit post for today as except for my comfies the only thing I'll be wearing is my works uniform. I don't have my usual Saturday afternoon shift today as we're having a stock take tonight which results in me working 7pm until we're done! I worked this shift when we were setting out the Boxing Day sale and I finished around 2am, so not really looking forward to it! I think I've done enough moaning for the day now, promise I'll be more upbeat tomorrow when the shift from hell is out of the way! Have a nice Saturday guys...

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