Thursday, 24 February 2011

But to live doesn't mean you're alive...

I had a pretty solid plan for today; get up nice and early, finalise notes for presentation, snap some outfit post pictures before heading into uni' to present my PechaKucha on inspirational brands and detailing. The day in fact went like this; wake up with a splitting headache, dizzily walk to bathroom, look in mirror and see a puffy face and two swollen red eyes looking back, resulting in a day in bed with lots of Piriton and ice cubes to reduce swelling! I'm not 100% sure what has happened to my face but the only thing I can put it down to is having a bad reaction to a new Body Shop face wash! Safe to say I've spent the day feeling sorry for myself, especially as I did spend a fair bit of time on this presentation and was looking forward to sharing a new look with you guys! There's always tomorrow aye! Well after my appointment with the tattooist tomorrow at 10am, EEK excited! So to make myself feel like less of a minger I gave myself a little pedicure & manicure ready to get my tootsies out for Mr Ink in the morning, this was the result of my boredom...

This is my first attempt at an aztec nail! I'm actually quite pleased with the results, even though my hands look even more orange due to the flash! I used a Jessica nail polish for the pink (which I love!) and the minty colour is from Internationale! I really like how these two colours work together. I used nail art pens which are years old for the black and white, surprised they still work actually! It did take a little time and patience but I think the outcome is fab', especially for a night out! I can't wait to try out some more styles!


  1. Darling i'm sorry to hear you woke up unwell this morning, but my oh my, what a fabulous manicure ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. Thank you, surprisingly easy too!(:xx


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