Friday, 11 February 2011

Just stop for a minute and smile...

A mood board of the project I handed in today

Sorry about the lack of posting recently, my university deadline just crept up on me resulting a fortnight of 10am-7pm sessions in the studio. I'm disappointed with my blogging efforts as I seem to have gained a few new followers as of last week, so hi and thanks for the follow! Truth is the blog had to take a back seat to get the work done, this took a lot of will power as I'm slightly addicted to the blogging world! I handed in my work at 12pm and instantly felt a wave of relief. I always say I won't leave it until last minute again and always do, there's no point denying my laziness! The good news is we have a week break in uni' while our work is marked. My initial intention was to have a week of lie ins, shopping and blogging but we had our next project brief this afternoon and I'm actually excited to start working on it! I will make time to blog though as I have slightly missed sharing my ramblings with you! I'm truthfully in serious need of some down time and an appointment with a masseuse/chiropractor after a week hunched over the sewing machine and mac! One can wish aye! So now you've heard my repetitive excuse for lack of blogging, I promise to be on top form with some new and exciting stuff for you guys in the week to come! So until then...


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