Sunday, 27 February 2011

Even on a cloudy day...

I'm writing this post as the boys of the house watch the rugby. There's no hope of much conversation when the boys in red are on the screen so thought I'd put my spare time to use. In work today, even though the sale hunters were out in force, it was hard not to notice the new S/S lines that are trickling on to the sales floor. Here are my ideas for the new styles...

There was a lot of floral prints dotted around the store. I think this is an easy trend to carry out no matter what style you have, so I thought I'd share with you the three that came to mind;

ONE - This is a very easy to wear crop tied t and a floral skirt. Yes I know it looks like shorts but it is in fact an a-line skirt! I think the skirt quite Stella McCartney? Anyway I've made it look more casual with thick socks which I would personally wear pushed down near the new style worker boots. I think the bag also adds a casual charm and would be big enough to put all my uni' stuff in. I would wear it with a chunky knit cardigan or maybe a light denim jacket as it gets a bit more summery. I'd also layer on the jewellery; maybe gold and a splash of turquoise?
TWO - This is an easy smart outfit that would be perfect for a meal or maybe date? I think the collar detail adds a quirky, smart something to the top. By teaming it with a light wash jean keeps it casual while the wedge bootie gives it a bit of glam'! I would maybe wear it with stacked bangles and a cute clutch?
THREE - I saw this dress and I immediately thought "I HAVE TO HAVE IT!". I don't know what it is that draws me in; maybe the chic vintage feel it has? I've kept the vintage feel by adding a mock snakeskin bag and a pair of bow heels. You could probably make it more 2011 by adding bright pink heels and a few statement rings?

All of these garments are from River Island (I didn't link them all cos I'm lazy!ha). I could easily spend all day making up outfits like this but it just makes me want to spend more money on clothes than I actually have! So I left it at three but could have easily done more! If you like my take on the styles feel free to leave a question and I'll happily give you my opinion on how I'd wear it. If your sat there thinking "ew r u srs?" just humour me as I enjoy doing things like this!

P.S. This was supposed to post yesterday, hence the rugby jibba jabba, but it didn't!):

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