Tuesday, 3 September 2013

this summer i have been...

ONE; welcoming millie to the family

 TWO; looking at things from a different perspective

THREE; celebrating

FOUR; looking for the perfect graduation dress (only three days to go eep!)

FIVE;  obsessing over strawberry daiquiri's, anything coconut & robin thicke

SIX; doing more things that make me happy

SEVEN; getting toned & healthy (... and now back to being not so healthy!) 

EIGHT; trying to be more spontaneous

NINE; working on something exciting

TEN; re-vamping last summers wardrobe

ELEVEN; enjoying the beautiful weather

TWELVE; slightly addicted to expanding my shoe collection

THIRTEEN; loving my girls (... & of course the famalam)

FOURTEEN; loving cami tops & jewelled necklaces

 FIFTEEN; my beautician sister's number one customer

 SIXTEEN; addicted to made in chelsea
SEVENTEEN; to the wedding of the year

EIGHTEEN; lusting after an exotic holiday

 NINETEEN; enjoying the simple things

TWENTY; happy!