Friday, 31 December 2010

But you can't hold onto water, it fills you up but never stays...

So I know that New Years resolutions are a bit taboo as the majority of them do only make it as far as the new year, I know mine have done in the past! I think the secret to making a resolution successful is making it achievable. There's no point in saying, "I will not eat junk food 2011!", everyone has the odd day where they need a chocolate bar or to grab fast food when out with friends. You're only make yourself feel worse when you set the bar too high. You need to have a bit of what us welshies say "chwarae teg" which basically translates as fair play! Start off slow and you will soon enough see what you can achieve. Now the foundations for my resolutions are;

(image source weheartit)
1. Take more photographs...
I must admit even starting this blog has influenced me to start taking more photographs. I'm not the most sentimental person but photo's are one of things that ring true for me. I like being able to look but at the times I've had, how I've changed and hopefully starting more so in the new year; what I've been wearing. I have got a camera that is suitable for the skill levels that I have so I'd just like to invest in a tripod which will hopefully help speed things along when it comes to OOTD posts. Big promises here already! (although I doubt it counts as I've been saying this for the past few months!)

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2. Get back into the gym...
I joined the gym at the start of November and after a few visits I got really into it. I'd hate to throw this away out of laziness, as sad as its sounds I do actually enjoy going! I like the feeling you get on the way home that you've actually done something and the ache that you get when you wake up the next morning. (Wow even I noticed that time how lame I sound! Oh well come summer my efforts might start to show!)

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3. Keep up the effort with my uni' work...
I'm far from lazy when it come to my university work for the basic fact that I love what I'm learning! And truth be told there isn't much room for laziness in the fashion industry is there! My resolution for uni' is just to keep the momentum up! I'm far from perfect and like everyone I do procrastinate as much as I can but I do pull out the stops to make sure I'm trying my hardest! I have two deadlines coming up at the end of January/start of February so now that the Christmas holiday period is over I think it's time to buckle back down into double time uni' mode to make up for the two week holiday that I gave myself (hope it wasn't too much of a mistake!)

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4. Go to more gigs...
I love live music so I'm trying to make a promise to myself to take every opportunity to see an artist play live. It would make my life if I could get tickets for a summer festival! I'm well on my way to completing this goal with tickets for Katy Perry and Take That though!

(image source weheartit)

5. Go abroad...
Whether it be with my boyfriend, friends or family, I will go abroad this year! Somewhere hot and exotic that will get me a nice tan! (now that is wishful thinking!)

I'm struggling to think of anymore now to be honest, I think my main resolution is just to live life! There's no need for regrets if you're doing what you think is right, right? I'm going to find something to wear for the festivities tonight now so when I next speak to you guys it will 2011, have an awesome night!


You move so fast, make me feel lazy...

Finally, here it is my Christmas 'haul'. I don't like saying 'haul' about my presents as it sounds quite crude but there really isn't another word to replace it, is there? Anyways I'm rambling a bit! It was nice to actually look back through my presents as the last few days have been such a whirlwind that I haven't had time to take it all in! I was meant to write this yesterday but I got a migraine for the first time ever and it totally wiped me out. I had a bit of a feel sorry for myself day so I tried to keep myself occupied by throwing away old things that are cluttering my room to make room for my new gifts. I ended up throwing out next to nothing so now my wardrobes and cupboards are bulging! Time to eBay the old wardrobe me thinks!

This is how ouChristmas works; I wake up first and pounce on my sister (who is three years younger than me) to tell her that "He's been!", childish I know! Then we go into my parents room and open our stocking together on their bed. I'm 19 years old and this tradition is still going strong! Once the stockings have been opened we have a cup of tea in bed before we're allowed to go downstairs to open our main presents (our parents like to 'stretch out the presents' so that hours of wrapping are not put to waste in a matter of minutes!). The photo' above shows how our presents are laid out; when we were younger they were sorted into piles but now they're all jumbled to slow us down! I'm not gonna to show you guys everything because that would be boring, so I'll just show you a few of my favourites! I had the usual make up, nail polish and clothes but I'm going to keep them for a separate post; I will do a OOTD sometime soon!ha. So here's what I got for Christmas 2010;

I'm such a girl! Since my parents mentioned that I can have my bedroom redecorated after Christmas, it has become my life's goal to collect as many different candles as possible! I had these few as gifts and you can see from these the colours that my new room will be! Ah can't wait to get the paint out!

Ah my little sewing accessories! You can tell you're getting older by the fact that your presents become more practical! I'm not moaning by saying this as these items were top of my list! I love my new, cupcake pincushion! Way more personal than the little plastic box I had! I'm all kitted out ready for uni' again I just need a sewing box (quite important I know!). John Lewis stock these two amazing Cath Kidston sewing baskets but I think they'll be a bit impractical to take to uni' and back everyday. Love to have one in my own little sewing space one day though! Anyone know of any practical sized sewing boxes around?

Everyone has DVD's for Christmas! The only one I asked for was Gossip Girl as I didn't watch it when it was on TV like everyone else did. I ended up finding out how completely addicted I would become to it 3 years late?! Bad times! I'm already two discs into this box-set, I need to find out what happens next! The other films weren't on my list that's why they're a bit random! I will end up watching them though, like cwtching up to a good film!

My main presents from my parents! I really didn't know what to expect as I had a car a few months ago so just thought I would get little bits, was quite chuffed when I unwrapped this baby! Up until now I have been using an old boxy, portable TV combi, not cool! Moving up in the world now! Plays my new Gossip Girl like a dream!ha. Also my second surprise was Take That tickets! I went last year and completely loved it even though I'm not a hardcore TT fan, shameful! Sooo looking forward to going now; Katy Perry and Take That, 2011 will be the year for live music for me! Rihanna's tour looks amazing this year too so would love to make that the third!

And last but not least, this is what the boyfriend got me! He did good, I've taught him to shop well! Got my style well fair play! But my main present from him was...

A MACBOOK! I love my MacBook and I love my boyfriend!ha. I thought it would take me longer to be converted from PC but I've had no problems as of yet! He even put Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on it for me for university (you can see from the images that I have been having a go!) It's so much faster than my old netbook, I don't think I've put it down yet? Most probably where the migraine come from!

Ah I feel kind of relieved to get this post done! Just maybe a post of New Years Resolutions tomorrow before I take a vow to make my blog more fashiony as that is where I want to be going in life. Wow deep, I know! Anyways I hope everyone had what they wanted for Christmas, I know I did (I was spoilt rotten this year!) I can't believe tomorrow today is the last day of 2010! Got me some deep thinking of what my resolutions can be so...


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Those Christmas lights, light up your street...

Me and my sister Christmas day (I've been playing with my new Photoshop today, like my Christmasy lights effect?)

I've finally got round to doing my Christmas present post that has been promised since Christmas Sunday! Well it's half of a Christmas post, I intended on doing it all but it started to look too long so saving the second installment for tomorrow! I'm treating today as my Boxing day as I can actually relax and pig out on my Christmas choccies (white chocolate only!), well until I have to go to work at 5:30pm, boo! Today I'm going to focus on the gifts I bought for everyone so let's get started. I'm not sure whether I was more excited about opening my presents or giving the presents to my family that I have slowly been collecting over the past month. I like to think that I'm quite thoughtful when it comes to choosing presents and I get to put my shopping skills to use! Here's what I got everyone;

The boyfriend; David was most probably the hardest to buy for, he doesn't play on the xbox or ps3 so the obvious games or whatev' couldn't apply! I picked up on him mentioning about Matt Cardle's guitars whilst watching the X-Factor so decided to go for it! It's a Hudson bowl back, electro-acoustic guitar so can be plugged into an amp. It came with a starter kit of a gig bag, beginners DVD, tuning pipes, plectrum and strap. I also bought him personalised picks with his name on it (which I gave him before the guitar), a stand, a capo and an electric tuner, so he's got everything he needs to learn to play! The 'Where's Wally' book is a joke as he's always playing it on his iPhone. I also bought him a smelly set, by the week before Christmas I found myself picking up little bits so that's how he ended up with the Buble CD (he loves a bit of Michael!) and the Inbetweeners DVD! Job well done I think!

The sister; Alice was much easier to buy for. She's the not so typical, tumblr loving 16 year old who's hair colour changes with the weeks! I tried to buy her quirky things so did sleuth her tumblr for ideas! I ended up buying her a paramore CD, Katy Perry tickets for April (I'm going too and can't wait, EEK!), a moustache necklace and a scrabble 'A' ring. She's doing a textile project in school on childhood teddies so bought this book from work which teachers you to knit creatures! Sorted!

The father; I can't clip the images to Polyvore from the Burton site so I'll have to link this one. I wanted to Gok my dads wardrobe so bought him some new threads! I bought him this v-neck knitted jumper in navy and purple, I thought they'd be easy for him to wear smart or casual; I must admit I'm not the best at men's clothing! I also bought him this hooded checked shirt (whilst looking for the link found out it's on sale now, grr!) the hood unbuttons so can be worn many ways as a shirt, a jacket, buttoned up or unbuttoned with a jumper underneath. I also bought him the Temper Trap CD as he's been going on about it since it was released!

The mother; My mum was also tricky to buy for! She likes it when I buy her clothes as I pick up things that she wouldn't normally try but they look good on her! I ended up buying her a silky shirt from RI, it's gone into the sale now and isn't online so can't show you! I bought her that black cocktail ring and the Buble CD too as she's also a lover of him! I also picked her up a little purse to use on nights out and a cwtchy pair of socks. She also recieved an IOU for a new handbag as I wanted to get her one but couldn't find one that was her so we're planning on going shopping soon so I can pick one up for her!

So that's all my Christmas presents that have sent my debit card into turmoil, roll on January installment of the student loan I say! I'm off to make myself some dinner before work, see you tomorrow for the second Christmas installment. 


PS. I know I haven't linked all that I've bought so if you'd like to know more about any of the items feel free to contact me by leaving a message. I will set up a formspring and a new e-mail address for my blog this week to make contact more personal!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sunrise, sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes...

This is the view that I woke up to on this freezing Boxing Day morning! This photograph is unedited and as I saw it at 7am, yes 7am on the day after Christmas! I don't think I've ever seen that time of that day before! I don't think I've seen the sky so many colours at once before either! I've had around 4 hours sleep, but that's what working in retail does to your Christmas; silly Boxing day sales! 

This post is going to be short and sweet as I don't have enough time to do a present post like I hoped as I'm going to a Winter Ball this evening and I still haven't got a clue what to wear! In all honesty I would rather have a quiet night in cwtched up watching my new Gossip Girl Season 3 boxset but I know I'd regret staying in if I don't make the effort to go out! I might be more enthusiastic about going out if it wasn't freezinggg out and I wasn't so exhausted, sacrifices have to be made aye!

So this post is a first for me, it's the first post written on my new Apple MacBook that my boyfriend got me for Christmas! I feel like such a brat saying that but I honestly had no clue that he was going to buy one for me! Was a nice surprise though! I was spoilt overall yesterday by both the boyfriend and family, and the amount of cash I've been spending lately on gifts payed off! It was a lovely day to be fair, I love Christmas so much! Tomorrow I will take some photo's and do a proper Christmas post but right now I have to go pull apart my wardrobe looking for that perfect outfit, so until then...


Friday, 24 December 2010

Oh you better watch out, you better not cry...

Happy Christmas Eve bloggers! My gosh this week has gone quick! This might be because I haven't stopped between working and helping my mum out with the last minute shopping. The extra snow we had this week didn't help speed things along either to be honest. I think everyone will think twice about wishing for a white Christmas next year. Things are slowly returning to normal though as we in the Welsh valleys actually got post today (which included an ordered Christmas present, only waiting on 4 more now Royal Mail!) Anyways no point in complaining now; it's done and it's Christmas tomorrow, woo! 

I'm loving that the online festive sales have started early this year, not really found anything wow as of yet though! Any of you found any hidden treasures in the sales this season? On the topic of sales; early online sales I approve of, staying in work until 1:40am to set out the River Island sale for today I'm not too keen on! I woke up seriously exhausted today and then had to work a longgg shift which consisted of picking garments off the floor and trying to tidy the madness, huge fail! At least I got tomorrow to relax and enjoy myself before having to do it all again on Sunday. Really rethinking my chosen career in retail after my first experience of the Christmas period!

I just finished off wrapping my last present before writing this and feeling super excited for tomorrow now! Do you think that my compulsive wrapping disorder is relatively normal or am I just trying to make myself feel better?ha. I showered after work this evening and came back into my room to find that Santa had brought me an early present of new bedding and pj's! EEK excited for tomorrow, I'm such a child! I'm off to snuggle up and try to sleep now so I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and will see you on Sunday where I will try my best to fit in a present post to fill you in on what was exchanged! Christmas wishes!


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Baby, can't you see? You're the only one for me...

I've had quite the Christmasy day! I started this afternoon with wrapping some presents (well the presents that aren't lost in the post somewhere). I must admit I have a thing when it comes to wrapping presents; they all have to match and be in the same colours, sad I know but the result is quite pretty! Then this evening I have been to Winter Wonderland in Cardiff with the boyfriend. Ah I loved it! A cup of tea and a shared blueberry muffin before strapping on the skates ready to hit the ice! I'm not the worlds best skater but I did manage to stay on my feet for the whole hour; result! After we returned our skates we hopped on the big wheel; it's amazing how you take for granted your local surroundings, the museum looked gorgeous from up high!

1. On the rink, excuse the poor quality and the cheesy grins! - 2. Fairy lights and the big wheel - 3. Cardiff museum from up high

Today I did intend on doing an outfit post but I woke up full up with a cold so didn't really feel like posing for some photographs! Like every morning I checked my mail and found out that the River Island sale starts online today! I was pleased to see that the things that I wanted to purchase were in stock but it took me about three hours to checkout! And by this time a few of the things I wanted had sold out! The things we do for a bargain aye! The sale starts instore on Friday so going to have a scout before I have to start work for the pieces that I didn't have chance to buy. Will try to do a fashiony post tomorrow, until then...


Sunday, 19 December 2010

We met in the winter and we fell in love...

As this day has been passing by I have been feeling more and more Christmasy! I really cannot wait for the weekend now! The only thing putting a downer on my very positive mood is the thought of working. This week I am working Wednesday to Friday, yes Friday being Christmas Eve, I'm also working Boxing Day due to the sale and New Years day as it's my contracted shift. FML seriously like! Ah just gotta keep thinking about my January payslip I suppose!

Today being Sunday, the new UK number one single was announced. But today being the weekend before Christmas the single announced is Christmas number one! Well done to X-Factor winner Matt Cardle! Personally I prefer that original Biffy Clyro version but that only made it to number 8, boo! I'm just happy that Cage Against The Machine only made it to number 21! Number 3 is 'Surfin' Bird' by the Trashmen, I love 'Family Guy' so would have personally loved it if it was number one!

The photograph in this post was taken on Friday afternoon when I tenderly ventured to the supermarket with my boyfriend to stock up on hangover munchies. This is the pretty side to the snow I must admit! Otherwise I'm a complete snow-phobe! We're forecast another 5-10 cm's tomorrow so looks like we're in for a white Christmas whether I like it or not!

I need to try and make my way into town tomorrow to buy wrapping paper and one more present but the buses in my town cannot even get out of the depot so I'm in for a four mile stroll to the train station! Thank goodness for wellies is all I can say! I also need to exchange my boyfriends main present as it's scratched! (I can't reveal what it is in case a surprise is ruined!) It's such a big, awkward shape that there is no chance I could carry it! I hope I'm able to drive into Cardiff before it's too late! Has the snow effected any of your Christmas plans?


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Someday soon this will all be someone else's dream...

As promised here is the image of my party nails from my night out on Thursday! All I can say is a night of wine, sambucca and double vodka's, is not the answer! I forgot my camera but waiting for the others to post up some pictures on Facebook so I can nab them and post them up on here! I came home to my boyfriends house after the night out (as we live 11 miles apart and his house was closer) and I think he see's me in a different light now, sooo embarrasing! What a state to get into to aye! I woke up yesterday morning totally confused and with no idea that a serious amount of snow was settling outside! So feeling sorry for myself, I spent yesterday cwtched up in bed in my boyfriends hoody being totally spoilt and looked after as I was feeling the effects of the amount of alcohol that was consumed! All in all it was a good night though!aha.

I have only now managed to get home after my two night stay at Hotel Games! How bad is this snow? A lot worse than last time! I'm so glad I've basically finished Christmas shopping; I'm still waiting for a few parcels to arrive, fingers crossed they'll come before Christmas! Only one week to go, EEK! Well I'm going to try and find something to do tonight as cabin fever is setting in...


Thursday, 16 December 2010

People you've kissed, people you lust and the one's that you might not...

Afternoon lovelies! This morning I was up at five thirty, that's right 5:30am! I was working delivery and had to be in work at 7am. I haven't seen that time of the morning for a long while! Driving in the dark on the way to work sadly made me think of getting up at stupid o'clock when you're going on holidays; I miss summer! The only thing I like about winter is the festive season and with only 9 sleeps to go I'm in full Christmas mode! I have just one more present to buy and then I think I'll be seriously excited! I picked up a few little bits after work today and I think I should stick to internet shopping as I ended up buying myself this Topshop peter pan dress and my very first 'Models Own' nail polish!

When I first saw the dress on-line I really wanted this bottle green colour. However when I saw it in store I just had to have the wine coloured one! The bell sleeves, darted bust detail and slightly flared skirt is such a flattering fit! I don't really go for dresses but I fell in love with this one! I was debating on wearing it tonight to my first of many Christmas parties but I think I'm going to save it for Boxing Day and stick to my plan of wearing my play-suit tonight!

As I'm going to be wearing the play-suit (I think) this with the feathered belt; I want to keep my jewellery simple but find another way to glam up the outfit a bit. Then I saw this pink glitter 'Models Own' nail varnish in River Island! There's serious buzz about this nail varnish brand and I've been dying to try it out! I bought natural toned false nails off eBay a while ago and will paint onto these, everyone feels more glamorous with longer nails! Mine are stumps!ha. I painted the nails with two coats of nude nail varnish and one coat of the glitter. I LOVE THEM! I don't know whether it's just the nail polish or it mixing with the nude base but the glitter transforms on the nail! It goes on clear with pieces of glitter and when it dries it has a complete metallic effect! Definitely worth £4.99, which I must admit I was a bit sceptical about paying! Wanted to post a picture of them but I got to go get my Take That on now, will post it tomorrow! Have a nice nighttt...


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Like punching in a dream breathing life into a nightmare...

Today I got the grades for my first University project. I made a dress inspired by glass architecture that I saw whilst in London in October. We had to use poly-cotton in either red, yellow, blue or green and a variety of interfacing's in different weight to produce an innovative design. These images are where I gained most of my inspiration from...
I took these photo's using my iPhone, not bad considering! I like the arches and curves in the buildings. I also love the reflections in the glass, really inspiring!

And this is my final outcome! I looked at designers Gareth Pugh, Paco Rabanne and Christopher Kane to gain some inspiration. I also looked at fabric manipulation techniques, particularly pleating to complete the garment. You can see where I took inspiration from the curves in the glass buildings to create the shoulders. Also the lines in the panes of glass are represented by the diagonal lines on the bodice. The hexagons on the back are to cover the waist band and are symbolising the glass buildings of the Eden Project! I'm proud of my first ever garment!

My university, Newport, use a grading system where you are given a letter (A,B,C,D,F) and a number ranging from zero to sixteen. I got 12's for all; research, development, outcome and analysis which gave me a B12 average. This basically means I got a middle B; I'm sooo happy with this grade! In our feed-forward session, which we had last Thursday, my tutor explained that if you had an A at A-Level it would translate as a D at degree level so I'm above average for my year! It was such relief to see I've passed as I was dreading the thought of resitting in the summer! Guess I underestimate myself a bit! This has given me a bit of a kick up the bum to get my next project properly started; this module is called 'Cream and Chrome' and is opening the summer fashion show, excited! 

Now I've got to go get my hair fixed as I've had it dyed and it gone too dark, almost black!D: Have a nice evening bloggers!


Monday, 13 December 2010

Love can mend your life but love can break your heart...

As I mentioned on Friday, I found some gems whilst shopping in Primark! Now this is quite unusual for me as I belong to the group of people that hardly ever find bargains in the high street store. I think my search was aided by the fact that I was shopping on my own; it was quite lonely but I was able to go on a serious mission in almost every store in Cardiff to find some bargains! My main finds were this play-suit and belt...
Play-suit - Primark £13
Belt - Primark £4
Knee high socks - Primark £1.50

This is my first ever play-suit purchase! I've tried them on in the past and not liked how they've fitted. This one however I think is perfect for my body shape; it's fitted on the waist and loose on the bottom and top. I picked up the belt before the play-suit (I have a thing for feathered accessories!) and didn't really think about putting them together until I got home and tried it on properly. My initial idea for the play-suit was to wear it casually with thick tights and my chunky aran knit cardigan but now I'm maybe thinking of wearing it to the Christmas party I have on Thursday? I'm a bit sceptical of wearing it because I'm used to wearing black out and have never worn brown in the night time before! I think it will look okay with a spray tan, brown smokey eyes, false lashes, big hair and nude heels, what do you guys think? Also I need some accessory help; I was thinking just a cocktail ring? Let me know what you think, would mean alot!


He's more than a man, and this is more than love...

So hands up if you watched the X Factor final tonight? I wasn't really routing for anyone to win, but fair play to Matt Cardle! What I want to talk about is my new girl crush that I developed on Rihanna last night! All I can say is WOW! However, if you google last nights performance the majority of results will be like the Daily Mail which inform that some people believe that the performances by both Rihanna and Christina Aguilera were too provocative for before 9pm viewing! I mean come on! Haven't people got better things to do with their time than complain about what an artist is wearing to perform their music? I emphasise perform as that's what it is, a costume for a performance! Being a teenager I understand that I'd have a different opinion to some with a child for example but they wear the same things in their music video's which is apparently fine? Also I'm sure Wagner's dancers were raunchier than the performances last night! 

Anyways, moving away from the controversy and onto the important thing; Rihanna's outfits! I was watching it with my boyfriend and as soon as Rihanna appeared on stage in that black dress with that enormous length of leg on show, I'd lost his attention completely! I don't know of any person who can pull off a velvet dress and a perm like Rihanna can! I was hoping to get some good images of the duet but my laptop is running at a snails pace tonight and I just haven't got the patience!ha, so here's the video from Saturday night's duet...

Rihanna's performance for 'What's My Name' was amazing! I have serious figure envy after watching it! Again can't find any good enough images so will leave it at that until I do, night bloggers!


Sunday, 12 December 2010

This Christmas will be, a very special Christmas for me...

So as promised, here is my Christmas wish-list! This list was hard for me to put together as a few weeks ago when people asked "What do you want for Christmas?" my genuine answer was nothing! I have had a job since I was 13 and haven't been out of work since! I started off as a paper girl (daily paper girl may I add), then got a job at my local rugby club behind the bar at the age of 16, then worked in a country pub from 17 as a waitress and barmaid and I started in River Island a few months ago! Being use to earning my own money I can treat myself throughout the year instead of waiting for Christmas like I did when I was younger. So after a long hard think and a serious on-line search I came up with a few things that would make me smile if received on Christmas day! I'm no way expecting them all but that's why the grandparents give you cash right?ha.
perfume wishlist
Perfume (L-R)
Calvin Klein - Euphoria
Paco Rabanne - Lady Million
Emporio Armani - Diamonds

I want all of these perfumes! I've liked 'Euphoria' for a while but always seem go for something different when it comes down to it. Would like to actually go for it this year though. I'm no perfume expert but apparently it has a floral scent with notes of black orchid, pomegranate and creamy accord which gives a sexy feel, liking it! 'Lady Million' was one of my presents for my birthday; I liked it in store and now love it! I wear it everyday and now my bottle is empty just in time for Christmas! This fragrance is also a floral scent with notes of orange, jasmine, raspberry and honey which gives a glamorous feel! I like wearing this perfume as I've had a few people come up to me and say "Mm, you're wearing Lady Million", a weird compliment but whatev's! Finally 'Diamonds' is my latest find, it's not a new fragrance but new to me! It's another floral scent (I think I must have a perfume type!) with notes of rose, lily of the valley, freesia, raspberry, vanilla and amber giving a elegant feel. I'd be happy with any of these perfumes!
christmas wishlist
Clothing (L-R)
Khaki Swing Coat - River Island £79.99
Denim A-Line Skirt - Topshop £34.99
Peter Pan Blouse - Newlook £19.99
Pink Cardigan - River Island £39.99
Worker Boots - River Island £64.99
Cream Snood - Dorothy Perkins £14.00

So these are the few pieces that I would like. I'm liking the layering look at the moment so these garments will fit nicely into my wardrobe! I love the colour and the fit of the swing coat and desperately need a nice warm winter coat! The a-line skirt has been on my wishlist for a while but I never see it in my local Topshop! I like the versitility of the peter pan blouse, it's easily dressed up and down which will come in handy over Christmas. I like the way that Lily, from LLYMLRS, styled the blouse in her recent outfit post! I tried on the cardigan the other day in work and I need it in my wardrobe! It's slouchy and cwtchy, basically perfect for winter! I liked worker boots since they came into shops at the start of the season but went for the heeled version instead; with the amount of ice we've been having lately I think it's wise to invest in a flat pair! The sandy colour of these boots will also match the majority of my clothes. I don't mind whether I have this particular snood or not but I want a neutral coloured one that will keep me nice and cosy!
Etc (L-R)
Gossip Girl Series Three
Cupcake Pin Pot - Ebay
Sex and the City 2

I struggled to think of presents that weren't items of clothing and at the present time, this is all I could think of! Gossip Girl season three to keep up with my addiction, a pin pot pincushion for my work and finally, a must, Sex and the City 2! Anyone else think of anything that I could of forgotten?


Friday, 10 December 2010

A moment, a love, a dream aloud...

Today my blog is one month old! I'm so fady I thought I would post a few times and then get bored of it, but I'm slightly addicted to it! Just a quick thanks to; the people following my blog, the people who have left comments and Alex for adding me to her Friday Follows! I'm not fickle and know it's not about how many hits or followers you have; I'm just appreciating the people who have taken the time to read my blog and respond to what I post about! It makes writing on here more enjoyable when you can interact with people. 

I spent the majority of the day standing in queues and dodging buggies in Cardiff. I tried on at least twenty dresses and still didn't come home with anything to wear next Thursday! Starting to get annoyed with the lack of variety of party dresses this season! I did however manage to go some present shopping done & only have one more thing to buy my boyfriend before I'm finished, YAY! I also got myself some bargains and will do an outfit post on Monday to share it with you guys!

It's only a quick post tonight as I'm supposed to be getting ready to go over my boyfriends house but there are a few songs I thought I'd share with you. This year has been great for dub-step and what a way to celebrate Christmas than with a bit of drum and bass. Radio 1 played an awesome remix today (I can't find a link for it):). And can't forget the Argos advert as well, I love it!ha. Sorry it's a bit short and sweet!


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love...

Sorry about not posting my Christmas wish-list last night; I was like a complete zombie after work! I still haven't finished it now but will post it sometime before next week! I also didn't get my grades today! I have to wait until next Tuesday; that's such a long time to wait when you really want to know! Especially seems my tutor mentioned that a few people will have to resit in the summer, NERVOUS!

I have also officially finished uni' for Christmas, woo! We said good-bye to our current campus with bucks-fizz, mince pies and Christmas songs! The festive season has well and truly taken hold! I've decided to use my first day off tomorrow to try and get my Christmas shopping done. The fact that Cardiff will be super busy is forcing me to get up and out early to try and beat the crowds. I know what I need to get present-wise but I also need to look for an outfit for next Thursday and Boxing day. I don't really like trying on clothes at the best of times (I'm one of those people who buy, try on at home then return; so much better!) let alone when it's busy, I have a load of shopping and little patience! I need help, anyone seen any nice party clothes?

To get a bit of rhythm into my blog, I've decided to dedicate Thursdays as my day to share with you the music that I'm listening to so here's this weeks;

I first heard this song in work a few weeks ago; If you listen to it once you'll want to hear it again! This Essex boy got turned away from X Factor but has now signed to label 'Rough Trade', expect big things!

BBC Radio 1 have been playing this song so much this week; but the reason this song is stuck in my head is the sheer beauty of it! It's a new weird mixture of soul and dubstep, LOVE!

You gotta love Duffy's voice! I might be a bit bias being a fellow welshy but this song is just as good and relevant and when she released 'Mercy' back in 2008. 

This is another discovery aided by RI! Sunday Girl has two songs on the playlist at work and both are awesome! Her music is a cool mix of synth-pop, check her out!

Okay so I know this song isn't new but it came on my iPod while I was I was in the gym this afternoon and my love for it has been re-newed! I just love the mixture of Ellie Goulding's voice and Passion Pits style!

Again not a new song but deserves some recognition. I love this song so much! Definitely one of my all time favourites!