Monday, 13 December 2010

Love can mend your life but love can break your heart...

As I mentioned on Friday, I found some gems whilst shopping in Primark! Now this is quite unusual for me as I belong to the group of people that hardly ever find bargains in the high street store. I think my search was aided by the fact that I was shopping on my own; it was quite lonely but I was able to go on a serious mission in almost every store in Cardiff to find some bargains! My main finds were this play-suit and belt...
Play-suit - Primark £13
Belt - Primark £4
Knee high socks - Primark £1.50

This is my first ever play-suit purchase! I've tried them on in the past and not liked how they've fitted. This one however I think is perfect for my body shape; it's fitted on the waist and loose on the bottom and top. I picked up the belt before the play-suit (I have a thing for feathered accessories!) and didn't really think about putting them together until I got home and tried it on properly. My initial idea for the play-suit was to wear it casually with thick tights and my chunky aran knit cardigan but now I'm maybe thinking of wearing it to the Christmas party I have on Thursday? I'm a bit sceptical of wearing it because I'm used to wearing black out and have never worn brown in the night time before! I think it will look okay with a spray tan, brown smokey eyes, false lashes, big hair and nude heels, what do you guys think? Also I need some accessory help; I was thinking just a cocktail ring? Let me know what you think, would mean alot!



  1. I love this playsuit! Very nice!

  2. The playsuit looks great on you and I love your hair!!! Very pretty :)


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