Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Like punching in a dream breathing life into a nightmare...

Today I got the grades for my first University project. I made a dress inspired by glass architecture that I saw whilst in London in October. We had to use poly-cotton in either red, yellow, blue or green and a variety of interfacing's in different weight to produce an innovative design. These images are where I gained most of my inspiration from...
I took these photo's using my iPhone, not bad considering! I like the arches and curves in the buildings. I also love the reflections in the glass, really inspiring!

And this is my final outcome! I looked at designers Gareth Pugh, Paco Rabanne and Christopher Kane to gain some inspiration. I also looked at fabric manipulation techniques, particularly pleating to complete the garment. You can see where I took inspiration from the curves in the glass buildings to create the shoulders. Also the lines in the panes of glass are represented by the diagonal lines on the bodice. The hexagons on the back are to cover the waist band and are symbolising the glass buildings of the Eden Project! I'm proud of my first ever garment!

My university, Newport, use a grading system where you are given a letter (A,B,C,D,F) and a number ranging from zero to sixteen. I got 12's for all; research, development, outcome and analysis which gave me a B12 average. This basically means I got a middle B; I'm sooo happy with this grade! In our feed-forward session, which we had last Thursday, my tutor explained that if you had an A at A-Level it would translate as a D at degree level so I'm above average for my year! It was such relief to see I've passed as I was dreading the thought of resitting in the summer! Guess I underestimate myself a bit! This has given me a bit of a kick up the bum to get my next project properly started; this module is called 'Cream and Chrome' and is opening the summer fashion show, excited! 

Now I've got to go get my hair fixed as I've had it dyed and it gone too dark, almost black!D: Have a nice evening bloggers!


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