Thursday, 9 December 2010

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love...

Sorry about not posting my Christmas wish-list last night; I was like a complete zombie after work! I still haven't finished it now but will post it sometime before next week! I also didn't get my grades today! I have to wait until next Tuesday; that's such a long time to wait when you really want to know! Especially seems my tutor mentioned that a few people will have to resit in the summer, NERVOUS!

I have also officially finished uni' for Christmas, woo! We said good-bye to our current campus with bucks-fizz, mince pies and Christmas songs! The festive season has well and truly taken hold! I've decided to use my first day off tomorrow to try and get my Christmas shopping done. The fact that Cardiff will be super busy is forcing me to get up and out early to try and beat the crowds. I know what I need to get present-wise but I also need to look for an outfit for next Thursday and Boxing day. I don't really like trying on clothes at the best of times (I'm one of those people who buy, try on at home then return; so much better!) let alone when it's busy, I have a load of shopping and little patience! I need help, anyone seen any nice party clothes?

To get a bit of rhythm into my blog, I've decided to dedicate Thursdays as my day to share with you the music that I'm listening to so here's this weeks;

I first heard this song in work a few weeks ago; If you listen to it once you'll want to hear it again! This Essex boy got turned away from X Factor but has now signed to label 'Rough Trade', expect big things!

BBC Radio 1 have been playing this song so much this week; but the reason this song is stuck in my head is the sheer beauty of it! It's a new weird mixture of soul and dubstep, LOVE!

You gotta love Duffy's voice! I might be a bit bias being a fellow welshy but this song is just as good and relevant and when she released 'Mercy' back in 2008. 

This is another discovery aided by RI! Sunday Girl has two songs on the playlist at work and both are awesome! Her music is a cool mix of synth-pop, check her out!

Okay so I know this song isn't new but it came on my iPod while I was I was in the gym this afternoon and my love for it has been re-newed! I just love the mixture of Ellie Goulding's voice and Passion Pits style!

Again not a new song but deserves some recognition. I love this song so much! Definitely one of my all time favourites!



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