Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Those Christmas lights, light up your street...

Me and my sister Christmas day (I've been playing with my new Photoshop today, like my Christmasy lights effect?)

I've finally got round to doing my Christmas present post that has been promised since Christmas Sunday! Well it's half of a Christmas post, I intended on doing it all but it started to look too long so saving the second installment for tomorrow! I'm treating today as my Boxing day as I can actually relax and pig out on my Christmas choccies (white chocolate only!), well until I have to go to work at 5:30pm, boo! Today I'm going to focus on the gifts I bought for everyone so let's get started. I'm not sure whether I was more excited about opening my presents or giving the presents to my family that I have slowly been collecting over the past month. I like to think that I'm quite thoughtful when it comes to choosing presents and I get to put my shopping skills to use! Here's what I got everyone;

The boyfriend; David was most probably the hardest to buy for, he doesn't play on the xbox or ps3 so the obvious games or whatev' couldn't apply! I picked up on him mentioning about Matt Cardle's guitars whilst watching the X-Factor so decided to go for it! It's a Hudson bowl back, electro-acoustic guitar so can be plugged into an amp. It came with a starter kit of a gig bag, beginners DVD, tuning pipes, plectrum and strap. I also bought him personalised picks with his name on it (which I gave him before the guitar), a stand, a capo and an electric tuner, so he's got everything he needs to learn to play! The 'Where's Wally' book is a joke as he's always playing it on his iPhone. I also bought him a smelly set, by the week before Christmas I found myself picking up little bits so that's how he ended up with the Buble CD (he loves a bit of Michael!) and the Inbetweeners DVD! Job well done I think!

The sister; Alice was much easier to buy for. She's the not so typical, tumblr loving 16 year old who's hair colour changes with the weeks! I tried to buy her quirky things so did sleuth her tumblr for ideas! I ended up buying her a paramore CD, Katy Perry tickets for April (I'm going too and can't wait, EEK!), a moustache necklace and a scrabble 'A' ring. She's doing a textile project in school on childhood teddies so bought this book from work which teachers you to knit creatures! Sorted!

The father; I can't clip the images to Polyvore from the Burton site so I'll have to link this one. I wanted to Gok my dads wardrobe so bought him some new threads! I bought him this v-neck knitted jumper in navy and purple, I thought they'd be easy for him to wear smart or casual; I must admit I'm not the best at men's clothing! I also bought him this hooded checked shirt (whilst looking for the link found out it's on sale now, grr!) the hood unbuttons so can be worn many ways as a shirt, a jacket, buttoned up or unbuttoned with a jumper underneath. I also bought him the Temper Trap CD as he's been going on about it since it was released!

The mother; My mum was also tricky to buy for! She likes it when I buy her clothes as I pick up things that she wouldn't normally try but they look good on her! I ended up buying her a silky shirt from RI, it's gone into the sale now and isn't online so can't show you! I bought her that black cocktail ring and the Buble CD too as she's also a lover of him! I also picked her up a little purse to use on nights out and a cwtchy pair of socks. She also recieved an IOU for a new handbag as I wanted to get her one but couldn't find one that was her so we're planning on going shopping soon so I can pick one up for her!

So that's all my Christmas presents that have sent my debit card into turmoil, roll on January installment of the student loan I say! I'm off to make myself some dinner before work, see you tomorrow for the second Christmas installment. 


PS. I know I haven't linked all that I've bought so if you'd like to know more about any of the items feel free to contact me by leaving a message. I will set up a formspring and a new e-mail address for my blog this week to make contact more personal!

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