Tuesday, 28 February 2012


001. Polka Dot Sleeveless Shirt - River Island £30 - 002. Black Flatforms - River Island £30 - 003. Silver Necklace - River Island £7 - 004. Viva Glam Nicki - MAC (not available on general sale in UK yet) - 005. Peace Bracelet - Topshop £8.50 - 006. Mint Blazer - Newlook £22.99

I've been a naughty spender this month but being pay day Friday my mind is whirring at the thought of what will be my pay day treat! I've been buying a lot of beauty products this past month so now I think it's time to start building my summer wardrobe! I still don't think I'm ready to tuck away my monochrome winter clobber just yet but still loving + want to introduce some mint to my wardrobe! Enter the blazer! The one I've shown above is a bargain from Newlook but I think I'm going to try + get my hands on the mystical, forever out of stock H&M version before caving in + buying this one! I'm also tempted to buy these River Island mint jeans as they're on offer for £20, I think they'll look amazing with a white tee or crochet jumper! 

I've been eyeing up these flatforms for a couple of weeks in work whilst on footwear. I really don't think they've caught on in the ~non blogging world~ just yet but I think they're the perfect shoe for university! These RI ones are only £30 so think I might have to treat myself after my shift Saturday if my work mates don't take the mick out of them too much to put me off wah!ha..

I'm buying a lot of jewellery at the moment after a longgg time when I didn't. The silver necklace would look amazing poking out from underneath a collar + the peace bracelet is the perfect piece to mix together both gold + silver! Lastly everyone is talking about MAC's Viva Glam Nicki lipstick, it looks an amazing shade + I need it in my collection! I'm unsure of the general release date so if anyone knows please fill me in!?

Ooh also when browsing the Look magazine website this morning I noticed that they have some discount codes running at the moment for their 5th birthday + thought I'd share them with you guys just in case you fancied treating yourselves as well! There are more codes available on their website here but these are my picks!

20% off Missguided by using code LOOKMAG20 at checkout
20% off Owntherunway by using code LOOKOTR20 at checkout
20% off Boohoo by using code LOOK5 at checkout
Free top coat when purchasing Models Own Look Set when using LOOK5 at checkout

Monday, 27 February 2012


Glossy Box time - Trying + succeeding to track down shoes seen in More magazine - Loving Models Own Emerald City nails - Posy posy - Lusting after Mollie Kings barnet - Raspberries + strawberries to fill pancakes - Needing advice on which outfit to wear! - Backward spoons with the pooch - Day at the seaside

I have a really bad habit of posting these Sunday posts a day late, gah hopeless! Overall it's been a strange old week! University is slowly taking over my life again + the weeks are going by way too quickly! Aside from uni work, my week had been consumed with preparing for a night out with my girls Saturday night. Days of tanning, primping + deciding on outfits lead up to a night out in a very busy Cardiff after our rugby win! Woohoo!! Do you ever feel like if you build up a night too much that when you're actually out it doesn't quite live up to expectations? That's kinda what happened but always have a laugh with my girls no matter what! I need to start taking more photo's when out, coming home with one photograph when you spend hours getting dolled up is not cool!

After seeing Mollie King splashed all over the media during LFW I decided that I need to go back to being a blondie! I've come to realise that I'll probably never get super long beachy hair so may as well make the most of what I got! I'll probably stay darker for now but as soon as spring hit the bleach will be out! I've no major plans this week except for a Labrinth concert on Friday! I bought tickets as part of my boyfriends Christmas box, it's crazy how quick it's come around! How this is the last week in February I'll never know, is it me or is this year flying by?

Thursday, 23 February 2012


I know it's nearing the end of February + Christmas is but a distant memory but I've only just used the last of my Lush Christmas range stash! You might remember this post from back in December where I gave you all a quick flash of what I bought so I thought I'd write a collective review post on the good, the bad + the amazing! All of these items are unavailable now but I thought I'd post my thoughts as chances are they'll back in near the festive period..

Love, love, love this ballistic! It's scented with peppermint, vanilla + orange, it's perfectly fresh + the mint isn't too overpowering. It turned the water a gorgeous aqua colour + got everything crossed that it comes back out this Christmas time! I love the drama of this ballistic so going to give it 5 stars!

This bubble bar smelt gorgeous, I probably should of broke it in half + got two uses out of it but fancied a treat so used it all! It turned the water a pretty blue colour + made so many bubbles! Totally relaxing + left my skin feeling gorgeous, 5 stars

Really, really disappointed with this little pud! It turned the water a horrible, dirty colour + didn't particularly leave my skin feeling nice either. Great as a novelty stocking filler but as a bath bomb, 1 star

 Quite enjoyed this gingerbread bubble bar! It's quite big so got two baths out of it + it left my skin feeling lovely both times! It's got a spicy, ginger scent + turned the water an orange colour. I do prefer the sickly, sweet Lush smells but still enjoyed this one, 4 stars!

This ballistic turned the bath water the most amazing orange/red + smelt like oranges! I wouldn't say red is particularly the most appealing colour for bath water but left my skin feeling silky soft none the same, 3 stars for this one!
 Definitely one of my favourites! Sucker for a sweet smell so the vanilla + candy floss tick all the boxes! The pink water + piles of fluffy bubbles also add to the appeal! 5 stars

So they're my views on a few of the Lush Christmas editions + the last of my Lush posts for this week! Did you get the chance to try any of these out?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012



Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner £15.50/225g

Out of everything in my mega lush splurge this was probably my most random purchase yet one that I'm totally in love with! Whilst I sampled a few of the fresh face masks on my hands the Lush lady asked what my moisturising routine was for my body. Being totally honest I told her that I'm too impatient to moisturise! After a shower I just want to jump into some clean clothes + hate hanging around all sticky whilst waiting for moisturiser to sink in! Lazy I know + my dry skin certainly showed this! Enter Lush Body Conditioner..

A great concept for the lazy folk like me! You basically smooth this over yourself after showering or bathing, then rinse off + towel dry. Done, how quick + simple is that?! The Rose Jam scent is delicious + the fragrance lingers on your skin all day! My skin has also never been so hydrated and no need to moisturise, bonus! In all honesty I didn't realise the price of this until I had paid, if I knew it was £15 I probably would of put it back but I'm so glad I was clueless!ha.. It's packed full of natural goodness including; Goji Berry Juice, Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, CupuaƧu Butter, Brazil Nut Oil, Almond Oil and fair trade Shea Butter which all work together to nourish, hydrate + even fight signs of ageing! I use it every time I shower + over a fortnight I've used about a quarter of the tub. To make it stretch a little further I might just use it on my legs as they are the driest part of my body after months of tights + winter weather! Now that my skin is more moisturised it looks more healthy + fake tan is staying on longer, double bonus! If you're a lazy sod like me + fancy trying something different I couldn't recommend this enough, love it!

PS I notice that my Lush reviews are over the top positive but that is simply because I love their products! These past posts are not sponsored in anyway, I'm just a total Lush freak!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Lush Ultrabland Cleanser £6.45/45g

When mentioning my combination skin, i.e. dry cheeks + oily T-Zone, the Lush lady went + grabbed this for me to try! It's not the most exciting Lush product but certainly works! After discovering Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish my skin has never felt so clean... until I found this little beauty! Basically this is an Almond Oil + Beeswax based product which you massage onto your face. You then remove with damp cotton pads, simple! The cleanser grips onto the dirt + oils on your skin which then lift off onto the cotton pads! I couldn't believe the dirt on the pads, even after using Liz Earle! It also contains Rose, Honey + Fresh Irises which combine to reduce redness, balance, calm + moisturise the skin, what more could you want?

I bought the smaller pot as I just wanted to try it out but I can see it lasting me a very long time! I've been using it daily before bed as I think it is a little rich to use in the mornings before applying make up. You need just the smallest amount + it works so well! I will definitely keep using this as the results are obvious from the pads alone! Lush say that as this product is so simple it is suited to all skin types so I'd definitely recommend you all to try it out!

Monday, 20 February 2012


So I popped into Lush when shopping with my boyfriend the other week to have a look at some of the skincare products. I think I must of had a moment of madness as I ended up buying a basket load which gave me a mini heart attack when I got to the cashdesk! Although guilt was the main vibe at the time, I am very pleased with my purchases now that I've seen the results! The Lush staff are my favourite people ever + would like to thank the lovely sales assistant for the little demo's + helping me pick out the products! I have a few items to review so going to make this Lush week + get them all posted over the next few days, so without further a due..

Firstly for the record I have pretty much all round awkward skin! It's basically a combination type; dry cheeks, oily T-Zone + odd bad breakouts that refuse to shift! The Lush lady recommended this particular mask for my skin type. She explained that the ground almonds + almond shells give your skin a deep exfoliation when massaged into your skin. She said that this would help even my skin + make it appear brighter by buffing away the dead skin cells. To moisturise the skin, the mask contains seaweed gel, honey + almond oil. Kaolin and fullers earth deep clean are also added to 'absorb grease and debris and tighten the skin'. The mask is scented with lavender oil which is a natural ingredient that reduces redness in the skin.

I've used this mask four or five times so far + still have a fair amount left! I don't think I'm applying it liberally enough but the amount I'm putting on my face feels like enough. It leaves my skin feeling super soft, clean + just amazing! I'm pretty sure my pores are less obvious too, bonus! As this is the first fresh face mask I've used I can't really compare it to any of the others. I'd definitely buy this again but being the curious person that I am, I want to try some of the others before I repurchase! I have no complaints what so ever + urge you to give this mask a try!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Valentine's roses - moonpig card making skills! - Presents from Swarovski - Current Lush favourites! - Outfit post from last week that I didn't end up posting - Strawberry Volvic is the one! - The boyf' getting his sleeve did - Can't beat a Domino's - Fugly peeping!

Wow this week has flown by! This post will probably seem a little mundane compared to all the bloggers that had the opportunity to go to LFW this week. I won't even try to deny it, I'm feeling VERY jealous!ha.. Me + some uni' friends were going to go up to London for Fashion Weekend but our plans didn't really come to anything + we have so much going on in uni' at the moment it's unreal! Hello stress, how I haven't missed you!ha..

It's been a quiet week with the exception of St Valentine's Day. My boyfriend certainly spoilt me! I was pretty smiley with just my bouquet of roses but he also gave me a gorgeous single rose, a super sparkly Swarovski ring AND cooked me a slap up meal that evening! Tha boy is whipped I think!ha.. I bought my Valentine's card from moonpig + will definitely be getting more cards from there in the future! They're reasonably priced + I love being able to add that little personal touch! Soppy!

I've also had a pretty quiet weekend. Last night consisted of a Domino's, Take Me Out, a Blockbuster DVD + a few bottles of bubbly wine! Sometimes you just need some downtime, which is why I've treated myself to my Sunday Lush ritual of a bubble bath + face mask followed by cuddling up in a freshly made bed, ahh perfect! I'm really loving my recent purchases from Lush + am planning on reviewing them this week now that I've had a chance to try them all out. My beauty spending is out of hand this month! No clothes have really caught my eye these past couple of weeks so I've been spending excess money that I don't really have on make up + beauty bits that I don't really need! No self control!ha.. I feel so rambley tonight, I will leave it at that before I talk you all to tears! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

 PS I'm really getting into the whole following side to Instagram so if you use it leave your username bellow + follow me if you like, username molyneuxoxo of course!(;

Friday, 17 February 2012


This is my first purchase from the Topshop Nails collection + I must say I'm pretty pleased with this polish! They retail at £5 which is the same price as Models Own but the bottles are slightly smaller so you get less product for your money. Topshop describe this colour as an 'Iced Lilac' which I would agree with to a certain extent. I was actually expecting it to be more lilac in colour than it actually is; to me it is more of a dusky, pastel pink but I do love the colour all the same! 

I've been wearing this colour with the Technic Carnival polish on top (reviewed yesterday here) + have not taken it off since I bought it! I used two layers of polish in the photo's but can't really comment on how well it lasts as my natural nails don't like nail polish! They chip so easily no matter what base + top coat I use; it's been this way since I was young, anyone else have this problem or am I just a natural phenomenon?!ha.. It hasn't quite replaced Models Own in my heart but I will definitely be checking out the Topshop make up section when looking for a new nail varnish in the future!

Thursday, 16 February 2012


All images via Topshop

Absolutely everyone is talking about Mary Katrantzou after her amazing SS12 show at London Fashion Week. Well tomorrow, February 17th, is the drop of the exclusively designed Topshop capsule collection, I am desperate to get my hands on something! I didn't really jump on the whole Versace for H&M band wagon but some of these prints are just gorgeous! I'm guessing by this time tomorrow it'll all be sold out! Which means I'll either be a very happy or a very disappointed girly! Challenge accepted!ha.. What do you think of the high street/designer collabs'; must-have or over-rated?


Technic Nail Varnish in Carnival - Vibrant Cosmetics

I had been lusting after Rainbow Connection from the OPI Muppets Collection since it was released before Christmas but never got around to buying one! I seen this dupe varnish on a few blogs over the past couple of weeks + I'm so happy that I managed to hunt it down! I've been wearing it for the past couple of days + have had sooo many compliments it's crazy! I own a couple of Technic glitter polishes as they stock them in the 'Bodycare' by my University in Newport. I ordered this one from the online company Vibrant Cosmetics + it cost me £2.69 including P&P which is still pretty much a bargain! I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this polish + would totally recommend if you are still craving the OPI version. What do you think; are you still loving glitter nails or over then already?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Gold Flecked Jumper - H&M
High Waisted Jeans - River Island
Watch + Bracelets - ASOS

Happy Valentine's Day! I know it's a silly, Americanised day to make the lads out there buy over priced cards + flowers but I secretly love it deep down!ha.. I woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of roses + having dinner cooked for me tonight by the beloved, I certainly don't see what the hate campaign on Valentine's day is all about!

Actually in love my jumper from H&M! It's perfectly baggy, comfy yet smart! I've literally lived in these high waisted jeans since I purchased them a few weeks ago, they feel like leggings on + are so flattering! Tempted to buy another pair for when these stretch out, so obsessed! Anyway I'm off to pick up a bottle of bubbly + a blockbuster DVD, the boyf's + I two year anniversary tomorrow, bless us!aha.. Hope you all have lovely evenings!

Sunday, 12 February 2012


A visit to Portobello Road - Treated myself to the Nicki Minaj for OPI mini set - Still using up my Boxing Day sale Lush stash! - Store artwork on Portobello Road - Supporting the Welsh in cupcake form! - Gotta buy a Ben's Cookie when in London, the best! - Glass of wine with lunch - New favourite nails, so sparkly!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind + has certainly taken it out of me! I was in London Tuesday to do a bit of research for uni' which ended up being a 150 mile journey for lunch as the store we needed to visit on Portobello Road was closed! Our planning skills aren't the best it seems!ha.. But the food was delicious + I treated myself to a glass of wine + a Ben's Cookie so that kept me smiling on the train home!

I have been picking up little presents to myself all week + managed to spend a whopping £50 in Lush on skincare and bought my first MAC make up, WAHOO! (More to come on that in the week!) The best thing is that it was the remainder of my Christmas money that was spent so my bank balance is still pretty much in tact, phew! That girls holiday I've been trying to save for is looking pretty good!

I have a severe wine hangover today after watching a local band play a gig last night but managed to make it up my rugby club to watch Wales win yet again, woo! Love the atmosphere of the rugby! Will definitely have to try and get tickets for at least one game this year! Now I'm off to indulge in a Lush bubble bath + face mask before hoping into a clean bed, consuming a whole Toblerone + watching Horrible Bosses, ahh this is what Sundays are about!