Monday, 27 February 2012


Glossy Box time - Trying + succeeding to track down shoes seen in More magazine - Loving Models Own Emerald City nails - Posy posy - Lusting after Mollie Kings barnet - Raspberries + strawberries to fill pancakes - Needing advice on which outfit to wear! - Backward spoons with the pooch - Day at the seaside

I have a really bad habit of posting these Sunday posts a day late, gah hopeless! Overall it's been a strange old week! University is slowly taking over my life again + the weeks are going by way too quickly! Aside from uni work, my week had been consumed with preparing for a night out with my girls Saturday night. Days of tanning, primping + deciding on outfits lead up to a night out in a very busy Cardiff after our rugby win! Woohoo!! Do you ever feel like if you build up a night too much that when you're actually out it doesn't quite live up to expectations? That's kinda what happened but always have a laugh with my girls no matter what! I need to start taking more photo's when out, coming home with one photograph when you spend hours getting dolled up is not cool!

After seeing Mollie King splashed all over the media during LFW I decided that I need to go back to being a blondie! I've come to realise that I'll probably never get super long beachy hair so may as well make the most of what I got! I'll probably stay darker for now but as soon as spring hit the bleach will be out! I've no major plans this week except for a Labrinth concert on Friday! I bought tickets as part of my boyfriends Christmas box, it's crazy how quick it's come around! How this is the last week in February I'll never know, is it me or is this year flying by?


  1. Woohoo to the rugby win!! I think I enjoyed jumping around celebrating the win in the house more than I enjoyed the post match drinks in Cardiff! I'm getting so old.

    I prefer the second outfit x

  2. that models own polish is beautiful!!!! xxx


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