Thursday, 23 February 2012


I know it's nearing the end of February + Christmas is but a distant memory but I've only just used the last of my Lush Christmas range stash! You might remember this post from back in December where I gave you all a quick flash of what I bought so I thought I'd write a collective review post on the good, the bad + the amazing! All of these items are unavailable now but I thought I'd post my thoughts as chances are they'll back in near the festive period..

Love, love, love this ballistic! It's scented with peppermint, vanilla + orange, it's perfectly fresh + the mint isn't too overpowering. It turned the water a gorgeous aqua colour + got everything crossed that it comes back out this Christmas time! I love the drama of this ballistic so going to give it 5 stars!

This bubble bar smelt gorgeous, I probably should of broke it in half + got two uses out of it but fancied a treat so used it all! It turned the water a pretty blue colour + made so many bubbles! Totally relaxing + left my skin feeling gorgeous, 5 stars

Really, really disappointed with this little pud! It turned the water a horrible, dirty colour + didn't particularly leave my skin feeling nice either. Great as a novelty stocking filler but as a bath bomb, 1 star

 Quite enjoyed this gingerbread bubble bar! It's quite big so got two baths out of it + it left my skin feeling lovely both times! It's got a spicy, ginger scent + turned the water an orange colour. I do prefer the sickly, sweet Lush smells but still enjoyed this one, 4 stars!

This ballistic turned the bath water the most amazing orange/red + smelt like oranges! I wouldn't say red is particularly the most appealing colour for bath water but left my skin feeling silky soft none the same, 3 stars for this one!
 Definitely one of my favourites! Sucker for a sweet smell so the vanilla + candy floss tick all the boxes! The pink water + piles of fluffy bubbles also add to the appeal! 5 stars

So they're my views on a few of the Lush Christmas editions + the last of my Lush posts for this week! Did you get the chance to try any of these out?

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