Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Keep forgetting to post about these Glossyboxes! I didn't really jump on the whole beauty box band-wagon when it first came around earlier last year. Kinda kicked myself when subscribers received gems like the HD Brow Palette + the full sized Nars products but being a money tight student I can't really justify spending £13 a month on miniature products that I might not like. After an accidental two month subscription to Glossybox I must admit that my opinion hasn't changed! I think it's a great idea for those who are tired of using the same old high end products + want to try something new, but for me being a Nars, Bobbi Brown + Benefit virgin it seems a little silly wasting my money on products that I mostly wouldn't be able to afford to repurchase anyway, instead of buying tried + tested products that I actually need/want. I signed up to Glossybox in February when the promo code was circling so had a box at a discounted price + decided to cancel my subscription after but it was too late as the March box had already been charged to my account, boo! It was a kind of bitter sweet mistake as I was curious about the Harrods collab' + excited to see what would be inside my box.

Glossybox - £12.95 (including P&P)

Seeing as you fill out a questionnaire about yourself when you subscribe to Glossybox, I don't think my box was that well tailored for myself. Being 20 years old I don't treat anti-aging cream as a necessity quite yet + seeing as I received two types (and a body butter) I just think a little more thought could have gone into putting the boxes together. Although I'm sure the products themselves are amazing I don't think I'd benefit from using them seeing as I still have combination, break-out-prone teenager skin! Bit of a waste really, will probably give them to my mum! The lipgloss isn't something I'd usually buy either, it tastes really strong of toffee + is quite sticky, not for me! Lastly the perfume smells like all other perfume vials you get as testers, quite floral + more mature than something I'd wear. Overall none of the products overly excite me + I have now cancelled my subscription. I'm not dedicating this post to slating beauty boxes, I just don't think they're really for me. Like I mentioned before it's a great idea, I just think I've had a bit of bad luck with my boxes + that it's a little poorly executed. What do you make of beauty boxes?

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Making cupcakes for Mother's Day - Lush Yuzo + Cocoa Bubbleroon yum! - R&B night rocking Lana Del Rey hair - Maddie loves fetch! - Possible night out dress - Dress toiling in nasty fabrics - Uni' to do list - Puppy dog eyes - Taking my bitchez for walkies - Sunday = breakfast in bed - Waiting for the River Island sale to hit stores to pick up my bargains - Stealing the boyf's clothes to wear to the gym - St Paddy's day celebrations - Yet again sticking the camera in my dogs face!aha

I need to start instagram-ing more so these posts become a little more exciting! At the moment it's majority a dedication to my dog!ha.. So anyway I'm officially on my Easter holidays but not getting too excited as I have a mountain of work to get through, boo): Got a few things going on this week to help me power through though! Hitting Cardiff tomorrow night for a friends birthday + am aiming to take full advantage of the 80p a drink deal that Oceana have on the moment, look out!! Then possibly the highlight of my year DRAKE on Friday!! AHH I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Especially now it's been announced that Labrinth is his support act, love him!! I'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a few blog posts as I know I've been slacking! Still updating my twitter, instagram (username: molyneuxoxo) + tumblr quite regularly if you want to check them out in the mean time(:

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Firstly I'd just like to explain my serious lack of posting over the past couple of weeks; university work is taking over my lifeee!! It's that time again where several deadlines creep up at once + I'm utterly swamped in both practical + theory work, boo! It's so frustrating as I have so much to share with you guys but no time to post. Good news is that I break for Easter tomorrow which should free up a little time meaning that blogging should hopefully resume to normal. Ooh + a quick note to say I reached 200 GFC followers today! I know it's not about numbers but YAYYYY!! 

Anyways, it's my boyfriends 21st in around two weeks time + we're off to Swansea for a wild night out meaning I need a new outfit! As well as being deadline time it's also that awkward time where my student loan is running out + pay day is forever away wah! This means that I can't really justify spending a fortune on an outfit (even though I'm really, really tempted to!) + I need to draw upon bargain hunting skills to find a cheap + cheerful yet super stylish (urgh hate that word!) outfit..


Mint Green Lace Bodycon Dress River Island £32,  Chiffon Side Split Midi Dress Miss Selfridge £35, Nude Studded Shoes River Island (Old Stock), Neon Envelope Bag Newlook £15.99

I'm still totally obsessed by this mint colour + love how feminine this look is! I've been eyeing up this lace dress in work + I'm kinda in love as I don't really own anything like it. I love the look of the Miss Selfridge option too but think it's one that you need to try on before buying as I'm a little unsure of how the chiffon layer would look on. Nevertheless, I think both will look amazing with a deep tan, nude accessories, an up-do + contrasting nails, maybe coral? I already own the studded heels + a similar bag so would only need to purchase the dress to make this look happen, very tempting!


 Cami Skater Dress Miss Selfridge £22, Criss Cross Back Dress Newlook £19.99, Floral Print Peep Toe Newlook £27.99, Saint Germain Lipstick MAC £13.50 

I bought these amazing heels on a whim a few weeks back + am yet to wear them! I think that all they need is a simple, sexy black dress + some eye-catching pink lippy paired with them to make an understated glam' look! Both dresses are so cheap (plus I already own both shoes + lipstick) which again makes this option an obtainable, tempting one!


Zig Zag Print Shorts River Island £25, Scarf Print Shift Dress Newlook £24.99, Suede Peep Toe Heels Missguided £34.99, Coral Agate Ring Newlook £3.99, Feather Collar Necklace Newlook £7.99

I don't really own that many prints but had to buy these shorts when in work last weekend! They were the only pair in a size 8 left + couldn't bare to let them slip away! For the record they look a lot better in real life + I thought they'd look amazing on holidays, to justify buying them!ha.. Although both prints are quite busy I think they'd look good with statement jewellery + a pair of killer black heels! This is very different to what I'd normally wear so the thought of trying something new is yet again very appealing, plus I'd only need to buy the statement jewellery, bonus!

HELP ME OUT LADIES! As you can see I've scoured the high street for several possible options, all all are very tempting; I have no idea which to go for!! Think I'm most torn between the River Island lacey number + the Miss Selfridge mesh panel one, but what do you think? Do you have anything else in mind? Help a sister outtt!(;

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


All images via Google

It kind of pains me to say this but 'MILEY CYRUS GIMME YOUR BARNET!!!'. Whenever I hear the name 'Miley Cyrus' I still think back to the days of Hannah Montana + my sister making me watch it every day after school but now there's no denying that the Disney star knows how to rock a red carpet + definitely works the shorter ombre hair! 

My hair is basically an all over light brown at the moment + I am desperate to go back to being a blondie but the thought of ever showing roots + constant touch ups are swaying me away! This is the perfect solution! I know ombre hair has been tried by near enough everyone (+ their mums!) now but I'm still kinda in love with it! Now to find a hair dresser that can help me get this look with out a halo a la Rihanna thang going on! What do you guys think about ombre hair: over done or not?

Monday, 12 March 2012


Lush Phoenix Rising Ballistic - £3.15

"All the myth and magic of a phoenix, pressed into one bathtime experience, which lets you arise at the end feeling refreshed and ready for the next 500 years."
I had been lusting after this little beauty since I saw it reviewed on a few of the blogs I follow. It just looks so luxurious; a large vibrant purple coloured bomb infused with gold glitter + a cinnamon stick to top it off, gorgeous! It isn't the most dramatic of the Lush ballistics, once it's in the water it just bobs along fizzing + filling the water with oils + butter which leave you skin feeling amazing! Although it doesn't put on the best of shows, it turns the water a lovely pink/purple colour which is flecked with glitter, definitely ticks all my boxes! I usually go for the more sickly sweet smelling products so the spiciness of this bomb was a lovely, welcome change.

"Exotic essential oils of fruit and spices take your mind on a flight of fancy to distant shores where you are lying on a beach drinking spiced rum."

Surely that sounds inviting to everyone?!aha.. I love the whole 'phoenix' idea behind this product; such a sucker for a cute idea, I think adds to the mystical feel to the bath. (I'm a saddo I know!) Overall I love this product! Definitely one of my favourites, have you tried it out yet?

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Welsh cakes for St Davids Day - Puppy dog eyes off the pooch - Empty Lush pots - Practising illustrations for university - Labrinth gig - Lab' doing his thang - Pamper time! - New favourite bath bomb!

It's been a strange week! My moods are so up + down at the moment; my week started off on a total downer + now I couldn't be happier! Can not cope with these major mood swings!ha.. I think university may be the cause of my bipolar feelings, I need to decided what I want to do + where I want to go in my life. Sounds so serious but I'm just so fed up of my part time wage + the prospect of spending £20,000 on a degree that still doesn't promise a decent job at the end of it! Nothings ever simple. I'm looking forward to growing up + providing for myself, I just need some molah coming in!ha.. Money worries are the worst!

On the flip side this weekend has been a real good 'un! The boyfriend + I went to see Labrinth on Friday + had such an awesome evening!! I bought tickets for David as part of his Christmas box + didn't really know what to expect as I wouldn't of really listed Labrinth as one of my favourite artists, but wow has my opinion changed! He mixed up old school with dubstep with pop + acoustic + it was basically an amazing gig! There are some videos on my personal youtube channel + a wicked video on my friends blog Cardiff Style, check them out if you like a bit of Lab'(; 

I've just treated myself to a serious pamper evening; using the last of my Love Lettuce face mask, discovering a new favourite bath bomb (review to come) + an Aussie hair mask to add some shine to my locks! Fair to say that I'm feeling totally chilled + pretty content right now! Got no exciting plans this week but a hectic one in university, boo! Will hopefully get to see the new film Project X + would love to make my way into Cardiff to pick up some more Liz Earle, Lush + MAC goodies but I am trying to stop my crazy spending so I may try to resist the urge to splurge! A freshly made bed, white chocolate buttons + a chick flick is calling my name now, hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


 Image - Google (obviously ahaha)

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! AKA Happy St. David's Day y'all! Proud to be representing the Welshies in the blogger-sphere today, woo! I am quite proud Welsh lady, I mean come on we have a dragon on our flag! That's surely cool right?!aha.. St. David's Day was a lot more fun back in the days when I was little + had to wear tradition Welsh dress to school (bonnet, shawl, pinny, daffodil!) but as I'm getting older the 1st of March also means something different, the start of Spring, FINALLY!! I have only 12 weeks left of my second year in uni' which is rather frightening + exciting at the same time, bring on the sunshine + fun times!