Monday, 12 March 2012


Lush Phoenix Rising Ballistic - £3.15

"All the myth and magic of a phoenix, pressed into one bathtime experience, which lets you arise at the end feeling refreshed and ready for the next 500 years."
I had been lusting after this little beauty since I saw it reviewed on a few of the blogs I follow. It just looks so luxurious; a large vibrant purple coloured bomb infused with gold glitter + a cinnamon stick to top it off, gorgeous! It isn't the most dramatic of the Lush ballistics, once it's in the water it just bobs along fizzing + filling the water with oils + butter which leave you skin feeling amazing! Although it doesn't put on the best of shows, it turns the water a lovely pink/purple colour which is flecked with glitter, definitely ticks all my boxes! I usually go for the more sickly sweet smelling products so the spiciness of this bomb was a lovely, welcome change.

"Exotic essential oils of fruit and spices take your mind on a flight of fancy to distant shores where you are lying on a beach drinking spiced rum."

Surely that sounds inviting to everyone?!aha.. I love the whole 'phoenix' idea behind this product; such a sucker for a cute idea, I think adds to the mystical feel to the bath. (I'm a saddo I know!) Overall I love this product! Definitely one of my favourites, have you tried it out yet?


  1. mmm this looks good. I'm a sickly sweet girl too... Love lush! lovely blog ox

    1. It's nice to try something different for a change(: Me too, slightly obsessed!aha, thank you(: xo


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