Wednesday, 14 March 2012


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It kind of pains me to say this but 'MILEY CYRUS GIMME YOUR BARNET!!!'. Whenever I hear the name 'Miley Cyrus' I still think back to the days of Hannah Montana + my sister making me watch it every day after school but now there's no denying that the Disney star knows how to rock a red carpet + definitely works the shorter ombre hair! 

My hair is basically an all over light brown at the moment + I am desperate to go back to being a blondie but the thought of ever showing roots + constant touch ups are swaying me away! This is the perfect solution! I know ombre hair has been tried by near enough everyone (+ their mums!) now but I'm still kinda in love with it! Now to find a hair dresser that can help me get this look with out a halo a la Rihanna thang going on! What do you guys think about ombre hair: over done or not?


  1. I ombre'd my hair last year and loved it! I know its everywhere but where I live not a lot of people had it so it was a bit different! And like you said, so easy not having to re-do roots! Haha xx

  2. Its so nice on her isn't it. I really do want to go for the Ombre hair but don't want to look like I've gone and copied everyone else, but it is just so nice!

  3. Miley's do looks lovely! I fancy doing mine ombre, but like you said lots of people have it nowadays! x

  4. I absolutely love this hair cut and colour!! It really suits her - Ive never considered it before but I definitely am now! xx

  5. everyone on the planet will have ombré hair soon enough thanks to how well she wears it(; ahah xo


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