Sunday, 4 March 2012


Welsh cakes for St Davids Day - Puppy dog eyes off the pooch - Empty Lush pots - Practising illustrations for university - Labrinth gig - Lab' doing his thang - Pamper time! - New favourite bath bomb!

It's been a strange week! My moods are so up + down at the moment; my week started off on a total downer + now I couldn't be happier! Can not cope with these major mood swings!ha.. I think university may be the cause of my bipolar feelings, I need to decided what I want to do + where I want to go in my life. Sounds so serious but I'm just so fed up of my part time wage + the prospect of spending £20,000 on a degree that still doesn't promise a decent job at the end of it! Nothings ever simple. I'm looking forward to growing up + providing for myself, I just need some molah coming in!ha.. Money worries are the worst!

On the flip side this weekend has been a real good 'un! The boyfriend + I went to see Labrinth on Friday + had such an awesome evening!! I bought tickets for David as part of his Christmas box + didn't really know what to expect as I wouldn't of really listed Labrinth as one of my favourite artists, but wow has my opinion changed! He mixed up old school with dubstep with pop + acoustic + it was basically an amazing gig! There are some videos on my personal youtube channel + a wicked video on my friends blog Cardiff Style, check them out if you like a bit of Lab'(; 

I've just treated myself to a serious pamper evening; using the last of my Love Lettuce face mask, discovering a new favourite bath bomb (review to come) + an Aussie hair mask to add some shine to my locks! Fair to say that I'm feeling totally chilled + pretty content right now! Got no exciting plans this week but a hectic one in university, boo! Will hopefully get to see the new film Project X + would love to make my way into Cardiff to pick up some more Liz Earle, Lush + MAC goodies but I am trying to stop my crazy spending so I may try to resist the urge to splurge! A freshly made bed, white chocolate buttons + a chick flick is calling my name now, hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


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