Sunday, 25 March 2012


Making cupcakes for Mother's Day - Lush Yuzo + Cocoa Bubbleroon yum! - R&B night rocking Lana Del Rey hair - Maddie loves fetch! - Possible night out dress - Dress toiling in nasty fabrics - Uni' to do list - Puppy dog eyes - Taking my bitchez for walkies - Sunday = breakfast in bed - Waiting for the River Island sale to hit stores to pick up my bargains - Stealing the boyf's clothes to wear to the gym - St Paddy's day celebrations - Yet again sticking the camera in my dogs face!aha

I need to start instagram-ing more so these posts become a little more exciting! At the moment it's majority a dedication to my dog!ha.. So anyway I'm officially on my Easter holidays but not getting too excited as I have a mountain of work to get through, boo): Got a few things going on this week to help me power through though! Hitting Cardiff tomorrow night for a friends birthday + am aiming to take full advantage of the 80p a drink deal that Oceana have on the moment, look out!! Then possibly the highlight of my year DRAKE on Friday!! AHH I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Especially now it's been announced that Labrinth is his support act, love him!! I'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a few blog posts as I know I've been slacking! Still updating my twitter, instagram (username: molyneuxoxo) + tumblr quite regularly if you want to check them out in the mean time(:

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  1. i'm in the process of making some kimonos too... snap!! xx


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