Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Keep forgetting to post about these Glossyboxes! I didn't really jump on the whole beauty box band-wagon when it first came around earlier last year. Kinda kicked myself when subscribers received gems like the HD Brow Palette + the full sized Nars products but being a money tight student I can't really justify spending £13 a month on miniature products that I might not like. After an accidental two month subscription to Glossybox I must admit that my opinion hasn't changed! I think it's a great idea for those who are tired of using the same old high end products + want to try something new, but for me being a Nars, Bobbi Brown + Benefit virgin it seems a little silly wasting my money on products that I mostly wouldn't be able to afford to repurchase anyway, instead of buying tried + tested products that I actually need/want. I signed up to Glossybox in February when the promo code was circling so had a box at a discounted price + decided to cancel my subscription after but it was too late as the March box had already been charged to my account, boo! It was a kind of bitter sweet mistake as I was curious about the Harrods collab' + excited to see what would be inside my box.

Glossybox - £12.95 (including P&P)

Seeing as you fill out a questionnaire about yourself when you subscribe to Glossybox, I don't think my box was that well tailored for myself. Being 20 years old I don't treat anti-aging cream as a necessity quite yet + seeing as I received two types (and a body butter) I just think a little more thought could have gone into putting the boxes together. Although I'm sure the products themselves are amazing I don't think I'd benefit from using them seeing as I still have combination, break-out-prone teenager skin! Bit of a waste really, will probably give them to my mum! The lipgloss isn't something I'd usually buy either, it tastes really strong of toffee + is quite sticky, not for me! Lastly the perfume smells like all other perfume vials you get as testers, quite floral + more mature than something I'd wear. Overall none of the products overly excite me + I have now cancelled my subscription. I'm not dedicating this post to slating beauty boxes, I just don't think they're really for me. Like I mentioned before it's a great idea, I just think I've had a bit of bad luck with my boxes + that it's a little poorly executed. What do you make of beauty boxes?

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