Sunday, 8 April 2012


Can't beat a Nando's; Urban Outfitters treats; Sale buys from UO; Drake tickets; Ma main man Drizzy rocking Cardiff; TGI cocktails; Cheeky online purchases; Chopstix lunch box; Felt a little brave; Rose Jam Bubbleroon; Finally repurchased Cleanse & Polish; Ombred my hair; .. and my extensions; New 'do!

Been a little slack on the blogging front over the past couple of weeks. With the end of my second year in uni' looming, work load tripling + bank balance dwindling, it's safe to say I haven't been feeling very chipper lately! I put myself on a bit of a spending ban this past month which had left me feeling totally ~unfashionable~, kinda out of the loop + a little drab in whatever I wore. I felt a little like I lost my own sense of style + was hating on every single item of clothing that I owned. All in all I felt like I needed a make over. So I bit the bullet, reached for the bleach + finally got the balls to ombre my hair! I'm still getting used to seeing the blonde ends when I look in the mirror but I am pleased with it + it has given me that little bit of confidence that I'm not a walking fashion disaster! I don't want to be feeling that rubbish anytime soon so vowing to keep my eye on the ball from now on!

Apart from my mid-season breakdown I've had quite an enjoyable couple of weeks. I saw Drake in concert last Friday which was completely insane!! The atmosphere was crazy + he just completely smashed it! The boyfriend + I went and had some food and cocktails beforehand which I think I was in desperate need of + enjoyed way more than I thought (no offence Dave!). I'm kind of tiring from the same old thing that seems to happen on a night out; I still enjoy myself but think I need a bit of a break + try something different, cocktails down the Bay sounds way more appealing than messy, drama filled night out right now! Man I sound old!!

This Tuesday was also my boyfriends 21st birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!! I kinda cheated + scheduled this post as right now I'm in a caravan in Weston probably wrapped up in 2176193 jumpers + having an adventure filled Easter Sunday of mini golf + Zorbing (lord help!!)! Anyway this post is already too long so I shall wrap it up! I feel like I'm slowly rediscovering my mojo so posting should hopefully resume as normal! Hope you all are having a lovely Easter!!


  1. Love the tees at the top! Your hair looks gorgeous too, just ombred mine, going through a ginge phase though, I must do my extensions aswel, completely forgot about them!

    joanne from

    1. oh thank you! I just did a post on ombré hair maybe some of the products I used can help you get rid of the ginge?(:ha xo

  2. i love your bloggg sweetie:)

    Have a lil peek at mine if you want -

    xx x x x


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