Thursday, 26 April 2012


  spot ankle grazers - £38 TOPSHOP, bobbi brown creamy concealer kit - £21.15 JOHN LEWIS, beige caged wedges - £50 RIVER ISLAND, cutout shoulder blouse - £36 TOPSHOP, messenger bag with edging - £19.99 ZARA.

I've had my student loan for a whole week now + haven't blown any of it yet, WHAT IS GOING ON?! I'm still kinda of in-between styles at the moment so my wants are a little random but loving the more tailored look this week! I really don't know why but I'm in love with these powder blue spotty trousers. I think they'll look amazing with this cutout shoulder top, a metal collar + bit of a tan. The fact that the top is almost as much as the trousers is a little off putting but I'm sure there's duplicates out there! Weirdly love the cream colour of the wedges too; I expect I'd wear them a few times + they'd be ruined but want them so bad! I seen the Zara bag on Lily's ( giveaway + have literally fallen in love with it! Still can't believe it's only £20! Very tempted to place an online order just incase I can't get it instore but the chances of me only having this one bag in my basket come checkout is very slim! Finally the Bobbi Brown concealer kit; I'm quite concious of my dark circles + have been dying to give a high end concealer a try. It's currently on offer for a couple of quid cheaper at John Lewis so I think it's finally time to take the plunge! Any concealer experts out there recommend this product?

Just like to say hiya to my new followers + give a quick apology for my lack of posting this month. I have two weeks left before I finish my second year in university which means two weeks until deadline day DADADUMMM! I have hell of a lot of work to do + absolutely no motivation to do it, so the next couple of weeks are going to be a right laugh!! I am trying to squeeze in time for blogging but as I haven't really been shopping or doing anything of note it's hard to try + keep things fresh on here, boo): I think make over for both myself + my blog is needed once this stressful time has passed but until then please bare with me, diolch yn fawr pawb!


  1. I am in love with those wedges! They look perfect for summer! :) xxx

  2. i had those wedges on my wish list too! they are gorgeous.

  3. I didn't like the Zara bag at first but the price is so appealing! Plus I'm in dire need of a new bag so I may make the investment :)

  4. Love the cut out top and the shoes, so pretty for summer ! xx

  5. Love the cut out top, very cute outfit :)


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