Friday, 13 April 2012


As I mentioned briefly in my Sunday Post, I've finally Ombréd my hair! It's only taken me, what? Two years?!ha.. I watched a ton of Youtube tutorials before hand but honestly it's so simple I don't know why I was so scared! I'm pretty pleased with the outcome especially seeing as my hair isn't dry or dead or snapping from the bleach like I thought it would be, woo! I know this is a popular post so not to disappoint I thought I'd talk through how I went about colouring my hair + what I used to do it. Also this style isn't just for people with waist long hair so don't be afraid if you have shorter/medium style like me!


A bit of background on my hair before I start; I've had blonde highlights done by a hairdresser for years but around September last year I started to box dye my hair myself to tone down the blonde + give my hair chance to grow. I naturally have very dark hair so the upkeep of highlights was seriously damaging my locks! I've been using the Nice N Easy Permanent Colour Blend Foam in number 7 Dark Blonde to colour my hair so the upper/darker half of my would be this colour. Would totally recommend anyone to the foam dyes as it's so easy to apply yourself.

Everything in this list isn't essential but it's what I've used so didn't want to leave anything out! As you can see I took full advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer so now is the perfect time to take the plunge!

Jerome Russell B Blonde Hair Lightener Kit; £5.61 Boots - This little kit is perfect for Ombré-ing! It's essentially a bleaching kit so I'd be a bit weary if your hair is already dry/damaged but it didn't damage my hair one bit! I basically used the same technique as everyone else; I separated my hair in half, one over each shoulder + start applying the bleach to the ends of my hair, leaving for a little bit then adding a bit more further up until I was happy with the length of the Ombré. I didn't want the straight-line-look so used the little applicator brush to sort of messily streak it up my hair. I had my sister check over my hair before I finished + found that the back was a bit lower so she evened it out, always good to have a second pair of eyes! In total I had the bleach on my hair for around a hour before I washed it off. I always shampoo twice + condition once after dying to make sure all the chemicals are washed out properly.

Sun-In Spray in Lightener; £5.77 Boots - I've only used this twice since dying my hair but it's a great product to lighten your hair further without using another colour. This also contains peroxide so again be careful not to overuse! You simply spray the product onto clean, wet hair, blow-dry then wash out! Easy peasy! It reacts to the heat when blow drying so you have got to be careful where you apply it to. I think I have this product to thank for the natural blend of my Ombré, think I'm going to do a separate post for this little gem as I think it's pretty unknown!

Pro:Voke Silver Shampoo; £2.29 Lloyds Pharmacy - Silver shampoo, another great product to help get your Ombré that little more blonde! You can find this in most local chemists + it's super cheap! I felt quite uneasy massaging this bright purple liquid into my freshly dyed hair but it's brilliant! It removes rusty, yellow tones + helps you get that platinum blonde whilst improving the condition of your hair, what more could you ask for?!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner - £4.99 + Aussie Heat Protection + Leave In Spray; £3.99 both Superdrug - I am such an Aussie fan + swear that these products have helped keep my hair in good condition. Love, love, love the 3 minute conditioners + use them most days. The Reconstructor one is by far my favourite + has helped keep my hair silky smooth! The leave in spray is again another one I can't live without, I squirt this into my hair after washing which helps my brush glide through it with minimum damage!

Tangle Teaser; £10.99 Boots - If you don't own one of these by now, GO BUY ONE! I swear by this brush + sure it's the reason why my hair is in half decent condition! I bought one as a Christmas present for my sister + she admitted it to helping her hair grow too, so much love for Tangle Teaser!!

Wow this post has turned out pretty long! At least I don't think I've missed anything out!ha.. I know I'm late on the band wagon but hope this helps you out if you have decided to go Ombré!


  1. I ombre'd my hair last year and was surprised by how easy it was too! It looks lovely on you! :) xx

    1. thank you!(: it is super easy! I don't know how long i'll keep it like this but always nice to have a bit of a change!xo

  2. It looks lovely! I really want to go a darker blonde so I can do this too! So nice to see all the products you used!x

    1. thank you! ah glad they helped!(: going darker is so tricky to get right as i find they normally go darker than it's meant to but that nice 'n' easy one i mentioned didn't turn out too bad for me(: xo

  3. It looks amazing on you ! You make me want shorter hair ! xx

  4. It looks lovely, its great that people with shorter hair can see how good it looks! I did mine recently but going through a ginge phase due to the red tones I had in my hair. Its different so I'll keep it for a little while before making it blonder!

    joanne from

  5. Looks great! Really suits you :) I'm half thinking of ombre-ing my hair but I think I love my blonde hair too much :)


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