Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I love reading these monthly favourite posts so thought I'd give it a go for myself! I've been a good saver this month + not really splashed out on anything new and exciting, so the beauty items are ones that I'll always go back to instead of recent finds.

Tangle Teezer Brush
Some people may think that the Tangle Teezer is overexposed or over rated but after buying one this summer I don't think I could manage with out it! My hair gets super tangled with all the hair spray and back combing of everyday girl life + this wonderful little tool brushes out all the knots with minimum damage, perfect! Everyone laughs when they see it (my Tangle Teezer usually gets referred to as a dog brush by the family!) but that doesn't even matter as my hair is in wonderful condition + knot free, yay! 

Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
My skin is so random it's really quite annoying! Some days it's dry, others it's oily, some days it's near perfectly clear, others I break out. Suppose that's the joys of having a combination skin type! I do try different facial moisturisers but always seem to go back to this one. It basically does what it says on the box; it's kind to my sometimes sensitive skin and keeps my skin feeling replenished all day long! I tend to use this mostly in the mornings before applying my make-up as it absorbs super quick! In summary it's an inexpensive, light moisturiser that has become one of my essentials!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black
Love, love, love this mascara! I've been buying it for a countless number of years now and don't think I'd bother trying anything else! It gives you longer, thicker lashes with ease. I have long-ish lashes so usually only need one coat of this and it is enough. Can not praise this product enough!

MeMeMe Blush Me! Box in Coral
I picked this up in the summer and since then has become my favourite blusher of all time! I would go as far as saying it's the best drug store blusher out there at the moment! I've been using this daily for around five months + there is still so much left, it still looks like new! I use my Models Own Angled Blush Brush to apply as I'm not a fan of the little brushes that blushers seem to come with, each to their own though. It's really pigmented + lasts all day, which means you can leave the bulky box at home and not have to worry about reapplication!

Cinnamon Candles
I'm a total girl + unashamedly love candles! I love the smell, the romantic flickering flame, especially now winter is upon us. These are just cheap and cheerful cinnamon candles which I bought on my last trip to Ikea, the smell just gets my in the mood for Christmas! I'm hoping to invest in my first Yankee Candle on my next shopping trip to Cardiff, any recommendations?

Luella's Guide To English Style
So I'm not even English, I'm a Welshie but I decided earlier this month to try + read more books (and watch less trashy TV) to up my book smart level! On paper I come across quite an intelligent person but in actually fact I'm rather dippy + my common sense is seriously lacking! I'm the type of person who reads books by the pool on holidays but when at home would rather read a glossy magazine or two, but not any more! I own the typical teenage girl catalogue of books; Cecelia Ahern, bit of Katie Price, The Twilight Saga and of course the book of the summer One Day by David Nicholls. But for the new intellectual me I thought I opt for something a little different + ended up purchasing this from Amazon a few weeks ago. I'm only on the second chapter but this truly is a good read if you're interested in British style. As all 'self-help-style-books' it doesn't tell you exactly what to wear but explains English style in a witty way that you can relate to. Love it!

Monday, 28 November 2011


Dress - Topshop Sale 
Rings - H&M and Topshop
Tights - Primark
Leather Jacket - River Island (last year)
Boots - River Island
Lipstick - Loud Lips Baby Doll

I'm cheating a little as this is what I wore to university Friday (I haven't changed out of my pj's today, slob!). It was a lovely sunny morning so I couldn't resist taking a couple of outfit pictures! I picked up this dress in Newport's Topshop Clearance Outlet (brilliant for picking up the odd bargain!) for a cheap + cheerful £18! I don't think I own anything quite this pink! I bought it for my works night out but had outfits like this in mind when purchasing it. Going to have to invest in some more 'skater' dresses I think! I feel like I'm settling into my style a little more lately, love love love winter fashion; especially my Chelsea boots!

I'm kind of addicted to Drake's new album, in particular the song quoted in the title Take Care. It samples Jamie XX's remix of Gil Scott-Heron track I'll Take Care of You which is what makes me love this song so much! I can't stop singing it! Hopefully going out with my girls this weekend + really can't wait to have a drunken dance to this song! 

Got a busy fortnight coming up; mostly filled with university work (lots of deadlines looming) but also have a lot of fun things to do from Christmas parties, Topshop Christmas shopping night, Clothes Show Live, an Ann Summers party, photo shoot for my current project and I've probably forgotten other events! Gotta love having things to look forward to(:

Friday, 25 November 2011

look beauty loud lips; baby doll

Look Beauty Loud Lips in Baby Doll

Whilst shopping in Cardiff the other weekend I had a little make up splurge in Superdrug + this Look Beauty lipstick was one of the things I picked up. I know there's a lot of Look Beauty reviews going around after the event but this was bought out of my own pennies(: I was looking for a pink to wear out with the girls that night + picked up this shade. The Ashley Isham print packaging caught my eye which I thought was very ~pretty~! I didn't like the lipstick packaging itself at first, I thought it was too chunky + cumbersome but I it is growing on me. I do like the magnetic closure but am slightly afraid that it will detach + I'll have a handbag covered in baby pink sludge (no accidents as of yet, touch wood!)!

The lipstick itself, I have no complaints; it's moisturising, easily buildable + the perfect baby pink! My new favourite lipstick that I've worn nearly every day + which you can kind of see in this post and probably many more to come! Would definitely recommend + think it's worth the £7 price tag! Gonna try to get my hands on another shade the next time I go to Cardiff shopping! Which is your favourite colour from the collection?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Shirt - Republic, Lipstick - Look Beauty Baby Doll, Eyelashes - eBay

I won't pretend that I'm a true die hard Twilight fan; I didn't queue up to watch the film at midnight, I haven't actually read all the books and I've always thought of myself more as team Potter than Edward or Jacob! However something has come over me after watching all three films back to back over the weekend. It might be something to do with the amount of vino that was consumed whilst watching the films (just like to point out at this point that I wasn't alone, I forced my boyfriend to watch them with me! University is stressing me at the moment but I haven't resorted to staying in alone on a Saturday night in a dark room, watching romantic supernatural films with bottles of wine just yet!!) but I was totally absorbed! It was like I finally got what the big deal was, hurrah! My boyfriend even enjoyed it, although it killed him to admit it! 

Tonight my boyfriend and I went to watch the fourth instalment of the saga + I honestly felt like one of those squealing 14 year old girls! I won't give anything away just in case any of you are waiting to see it but it was AWESOME!! I literally can't wait a whole year for the final film): Tempted to read the books over Christmas but then I don't want to spoil my film experience as I have come about this the wrong away around!

Anyway, just a little picture of what I wore tonight. Not that you could tell if you saw me, I was layered under a scarf + a leather jacket (is it just me or are cinemas always freezing cold?!?)! Loving my new polka dot sleeveless shirt! Just going to give it a quick mention tonight as I'm hoping to feature it in an outfit post soon; was in a rush earlier as per usual so couldn't take any decent pictures! Also a quick mention to my fabulous eyelashes which worked out 10p a pair(!!!!) and my new favourite lipstick from Look Beauty, will post reviews for both of these later in the week! Wow I've rambled on tonight, will leave it at that before I bore you all to tears!

Sunday, 20 November 2011


 Images via Google

I have a major girl crush on Fearne Cotton! I love her style + constantly envious of her hair; whether it be long and dip dyed or as it is now short and blonde. Her current style makes me want to give my hair the chop every time I see it, not good seeing as I've been trying to grow out a bob for over a year now. Also very jealous of the perfect blonde colouring, how I want to go back to being a true blondie! The thought of dark, depressing roots after only a fortnight is stopping me booking an appointment with the hairdressers, I'm currently feeling too lazy for the upkeep! There isn't much stopping me from cutting a few inches off my barnet though, hmm..

I'm so busy with university at the moment that I may be a little slack on the blogging front. Trying to keep on top of things but you know how it gets, everything catches up with you eventually! Roll on Christmas break!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


It's been a long old day but really wanted to blog so threw together this cream + gold wishlist. I know I work for River Island so may be a little bias but I think they have some great items in at the moment! The coat is so gorgeous + looks so cuddly! A nice new coat is top of my Christmas list; the only downside to this beauty is that it's wool + which means it's not waterproof which isn't the best in our Welsh weather! Minor detail which can be over looked as it's so prettyyy.

The Models Own trio is great value for money, will be buying this for a Christmas pressie if not for myself! The faux fur trimmed cardigan looks amazing on, just as lovely in grey too, want! The earrings are a little OTT for me but so epic I just had to share. I've been eyeing up the purse for a long time; perfect petite size + gorgeous gold embossing. Wow flew through them!ha..

As I mentioned before it's been a long day; I had a little moment earlier this week which made me want give myself a kick up the bum + in so many words, sort myself out! Since Monday I've nearly caught up with all my Uni' work, cleaned both my car + room, re-joined the gym and signed up for more hours at work! Although doing all that in the matter of three days sounds a little nightmare ish I feel, finally, like I'm getting back on top of things. Onward + upward now I say(:

Monday, 14 November 2011


I picked up this lipstick when I popped into Boots the other weekend, I was looking for a pink/peach shade that I could wear everyday. Beehive is definitely that! It's a creamy, glossy, sheer balm like lipstick which is moisturising + perfect for everyday wear. It doesn't really last that long before you have to reapply, no more than a couple of hours but as it feels quite moisturising so I don't really mind! 

Not too keen on the packaging in all fairness. The blue, mirrored tubes are a little tacky in my opinion, although it does make it easier to find when searching in your handbag/make up bag which I normally am! If you're looking for a opaque lipstick this probably isn't for you but at the small price of £4.59 I think I'll probably re-buy as it's natural looking + easy to wear. These lipsticks are on 3 for 2 offer in Boots at the moment, which gives you a perfect opportunity to give them a go or maybe try a new shade! I'm tempted to try Belle + Nudist Peach. Becoming a little addicted to lipsticks, not good on the bank balance, oops! Have you guys tried any other lipsticks from this collection?
NB - It's super hard to take a decent picture of lipstick! Don't know how these beauty bloggers do it!ha.

Friday, 11 November 2011


My blog is one today! This year has just gone too quick! Would just like to say a quick thank you to my followers + those who read my blog (didn't actually think anyone would!), your comments + opinions really make writing on here fun! I don't think I've been that consistent at blogging over this past year but hoping to improve over the next. If you'd like to see more of a certain type of post just leave a comment below; been posting a little bit of everything recently + not quite sure if it's working? Also hoping to get more involved in the *blogging community* too so link me your blogs if you like(:

This week has been stressful to say the least; my uni' work is piling up + I've been feeling a little down in the dumps. I'm hoping a weekend off work + a night out with my friends tomorrow will help me shake (or dance) away these blues! Night in tonight though; slap up meal, few cherry brandies (my favourite drink ever, need to try if you haven't already!), Idiot Abroad + maybe a Just Dance Wii battle. Just what I need! Hope you all have a lovely weekend(:

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Totally in love with the dalmatian print trend; animal print + monochrome, what more could you want! My wardrobe is in desperate need of some dalmatian spots! How amazing is that shopper + how soft does the jumper look. The majority of these items are slightly out of my price range with Christmas coming up so may have to jump on the bandwagon a few months late + try out the dalmatian nail art, unless anyone would like to kindly donate to the molyneuxoxo fund?! No? Worth a try aye!ha..

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Yesterday my boyfriend & I went to London for the day. The main reason for the visit was so that I could buy some fabrics for my current project in uni' but as it was Davids first trip to London we did some very tourist activities as well! We traveled by the cheap + cheerful, Megabus, well more cheap than cheerful as we had to be up by 4am to catch our six o'clock bus from Cardiff, bit of a nightmare!

I'm a little bit obsessed with London; even though a day trip is unbelievably tiring & hard work, I love it! We did everything in one day from sight seeing the landmarks, shopping on Oxford Street (bought myself a onesie, yayer!), wandered around Harrods, visited my favourite the V&A + managed to squeeze in a trip to the Sea Life London Aquarium which was amazing!

Dying to go back again real soon! Will probably save for a hotel + go for the weekend or something instead of just the day. Need to get into gear now though, going to Glam tonight for the official Tinie Tempah after party and currently have nothing to wear + have zero tan on! Off to raid my wardrobe + slap on the tan, excited!

Friday, 4 November 2011


Top - Topshop via eBay, Jeans - River Island, Rings - Topshop + H&M

I was feeling a little *blurgh* last night after a full day of uni' then an evening of work so topped up my tan + gave myself another galaxy mani' to cheer myself up. Used lilac + purple colours this time for a change & love, love, love the girly alternative! Outfit is a simple one that I wore to uni', staple jeans & tee combo! Decided that I need to wear jeans less & dresses more, time to go tight shopping!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The leather biker is the ultimate winter jacket in my books. Last year I invested in a staple aviator jacket from River Island (which is back in again in brown this year) that I still wear nearly everyday! The detachable fur collar on both my current jacket & this Topshop one make them totally versatile! The fur trend is huge this year & lots of bloggers seem to have already jumped on the fur stole band wagon! You will both be mine next shopping trip..