Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Yesterday my boyfriend & I went to London for the day. The main reason for the visit was so that I could buy some fabrics for my current project in uni' but as it was Davids first trip to London we did some very tourist activities as well! We traveled by the cheap + cheerful, Megabus, well more cheap than cheerful as we had to be up by 4am to catch our six o'clock bus from Cardiff, bit of a nightmare!

I'm a little bit obsessed with London; even though a day trip is unbelievably tiring & hard work, I love it! We did everything in one day from sight seeing the landmarks, shopping on Oxford Street (bought myself a onesie, yayer!), wandered around Harrods, visited my favourite the V&A + managed to squeeze in a trip to the Sea Life London Aquarium which was amazing!

Dying to go back again real soon! Will probably save for a hotel + go for the weekend or something instead of just the day. Need to get into gear now though, going to Glam tonight for the official Tinie Tempah after party and currently have nothing to wear + have zero tan on! Off to raid my wardrobe + slap on the tan, excited!


  1. Lovely pictures, Charlotte! Never done London in a day before but doubt it would be worth it for me as I'd be coming all the way from Manchester, ha! I miss London. There's so much you can do there. xo

  2. thank you! not the best with a camera but I have a go!ha, owch that would be way too long on a bus for a day! my 6 hour round trip was only very nearly bearable!ha, I hadn't been there in a while + realised I missed it, such an amazing place!x

  3. Very nice pictures. I love London but I hate the tube! It's never simple getting from A to B xx


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