Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I love reading these monthly favourite posts so thought I'd give it a go for myself! I've been a good saver this month + not really splashed out on anything new and exciting, so the beauty items are ones that I'll always go back to instead of recent finds.

Tangle Teezer Brush
Some people may think that the Tangle Teezer is overexposed or over rated but after buying one this summer I don't think I could manage with out it! My hair gets super tangled with all the hair spray and back combing of everyday girl life + this wonderful little tool brushes out all the knots with minimum damage, perfect! Everyone laughs when they see it (my Tangle Teezer usually gets referred to as a dog brush by the family!) but that doesn't even matter as my hair is in wonderful condition + knot free, yay! 

Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
My skin is so random it's really quite annoying! Some days it's dry, others it's oily, some days it's near perfectly clear, others I break out. Suppose that's the joys of having a combination skin type! I do try different facial moisturisers but always seem to go back to this one. It basically does what it says on the box; it's kind to my sometimes sensitive skin and keeps my skin feeling replenished all day long! I tend to use this mostly in the mornings before applying my make-up as it absorbs super quick! In summary it's an inexpensive, light moisturiser that has become one of my essentials!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black
Love, love, love this mascara! I've been buying it for a countless number of years now and don't think I'd bother trying anything else! It gives you longer, thicker lashes with ease. I have long-ish lashes so usually only need one coat of this and it is enough. Can not praise this product enough!

MeMeMe Blush Me! Box in Coral
I picked this up in the summer and since then has become my favourite blusher of all time! I would go as far as saying it's the best drug store blusher out there at the moment! I've been using this daily for around five months + there is still so much left, it still looks like new! I use my Models Own Angled Blush Brush to apply as I'm not a fan of the little brushes that blushers seem to come with, each to their own though. It's really pigmented + lasts all day, which means you can leave the bulky box at home and not have to worry about reapplication!

Cinnamon Candles
I'm a total girl + unashamedly love candles! I love the smell, the romantic flickering flame, especially now winter is upon us. These are just cheap and cheerful cinnamon candles which I bought on my last trip to Ikea, the smell just gets my in the mood for Christmas! I'm hoping to invest in my first Yankee Candle on my next shopping trip to Cardiff, any recommendations?

Luella's Guide To English Style
So I'm not even English, I'm a Welshie but I decided earlier this month to try + read more books (and watch less trashy TV) to up my book smart level! On paper I come across quite an intelligent person but in actually fact I'm rather dippy + my common sense is seriously lacking! I'm the type of person who reads books by the pool on holidays but when at home would rather read a glossy magazine or two, but not any more! I own the typical teenage girl catalogue of books; Cecelia Ahern, bit of Katie Price, The Twilight Saga and of course the book of the summer One Day by David Nicholls. But for the new intellectual me I thought I opt for something a little different + ended up purchasing this from Amazon a few weeks ago. I'm only on the second chapter but this truly is a good read if you're interested in British style. As all 'self-help-style-books' it doesn't tell you exactly what to wear but explains English style in a witty way that you can relate to. Love it!

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  1. I definitely need to purchase a tangle teezer.


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