Sunday, 4 December 2011


Photo's are a little random! 001. Can't go wrong with three for £10! 002. My friend Sarah + I(: 003. Home made festive mince meat ready to be made into pies!

I've had one of the best weekend's that I've had in a while. It kicked off with an Ann Summers party with my girlies Friday night at my house. I personally love AS parties; I've been to a few over the past year or two and totally rate them! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much! Was actually exhausted once everyone had left due to laughing for 3 hours straight! Worth booking one just as an excuse to get all your friends together + have a giggle!

After getting my 5 hour shift out of the way Saturday morning it was time for another girly gathering this time up our local student union for karaoke night! In typical student style we got absolutely blotto on wine + again was in fits of giggles for the majority of the night! I had vague flashbacks this morning of us all singing S Club 7's legend of a track S Club Party on karaoke to everyone's pure delight! I was in total control of the 'ooh ooh there's a party over here', such a tune!ha..

It's safe to say that I was slightly struggling this morning but still made the effort to take a trip into Cardiff to attempt some Christmas shopping with my sister. I can now admit than I'm definitely an online shopper! Why people put themselves through that to buy presents is unreal! I'd much rather be sat at home listening to some Christmasy music, sipping tea + adding items to my basket in peace than getting shoved, knocked + elbowed by crazy shoppers! We then met up with David for a Nando's before getting stuck in traffic all the way home! 

My house currently smells AMAZING! My dad is making mince pies and the aroma of warm cinnamon + fruit is filling the house. So festive, getting me all excited, three weeks today wahoo! Going to try + get an early night tonight as me and some friends from university are going to the Clothes Show Live tomorrow afternoon! This is the first year I actually booked tickets, instead of saying that I will then totally forgetting, I'm so excited! Will hopefully be able to pick up the last little presents for the ladies in my family there, and of course I'll probably end up treating myself too! Any of you lovely ladies going CSL this week? Going to cuddle up in my onesie now + watch 'A Night with Beyonce', B foreverr

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