Thursday, 8 December 2011


 All shoe's by Kandee - £199.99

It's been such a miserable day here is something that's gotta put a smile on your face! These images do these beauties no justice! I mentioned in my last post about the models amazing shoe's at the Clothes Show Live; I was rather excited when I managed hunt them down but then even more gutted when I saw the price tag, boo! When the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk wearing these shoes the lights caught them + they glistened in the most gorgeous way! 

At £200 a pop they are most definitely out of my budget range but I can't help but marvel at them, they're so pretty! They have the cutest names too; the green After 8, the blue Blueberryade, the lilac Parmafizz + the gold Lemonade. The unlikely pair that caught my eye was the emerald green pair, they're to die for IRL! 

Of course once I realised that buying a pair wasn't really an option, creativity starting taking over + I am debating on making a pair for myself! All you'd need a lot of patience, a pair of inexpensive platforms + some rhinestones. What do you guys think, a little optimistic or doable?

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  1. You should definitley give it a go! These are also very similar to a pair of christian louboutins which are a four figure sum to buy. I looked for a cheap alternative on ebay and theres a woman offering to rhinestone any pair of heels you send for £300-600 so if you can learn to do it you'll definitley be quids in!


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