Wednesday, 21 December 2011


 001. Cream Faux Fur Collar Coat £90 £50 - 002. Grey Faux Fur Headband £13 £5 - 003. Faux Fur Hat £18 £7 - 004. Angora Jumper £35 £17 - 005. Metallic Scoop Back Dress £35 £20 - 006. Black Layered Shorts £25 £12 - 007. Black Glitter Peep Toe Wedges £70 £35 - 008. Zigzag Metallic Shift Dress £28 £15 - 009. Bottle Green Skinny Jeans £40 £20 - 010. Light Purple Cropped Jumper £35 £15 - 011. Copper Embossed Purse £13 £7 - 012. Animal Print Skirt £22 £10 - 013. Blue Print Playsuit £45 £20 - 014. Red Envelope Clutch £25 £12

Ah the good old Christmas sales, the time of year when my student overdraft fulfils it's purpose! I have buyers remorse already + the items haven't even been dispatched yet, oops. Truth is I'll probably have to return the majority of these items as I went a little crazy a bought some of these things just because I didn't want to miss out on a bargain, oh the shame! Some of these items on the other hand I have been lusting after for a long time so hope they fit/look right when they arrive. I placed this in two orders, one last night + one this morning so didn't actually realise how much I had bought until I wrote it out for this post! There some bargains amongst the impulse buys but in all fairness I am feeling more guilty than proud of my finds at this moment in time, maybe you should check back when I've condensed my order down a bit ha, help me decide which shall I definitely keep?!

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