Tuesday, 3 September 2013

this summer i have been...

ONE; welcoming millie to the family

 TWO; looking at things from a different perspective

THREE; celebrating

FOUR; looking for the perfect graduation dress (only three days to go eep!)

FIVE;  obsessing over strawberry daiquiri's, anything coconut & robin thicke

SIX; doing more things that make me happy

SEVEN; getting toned & healthy (... and now back to being not so healthy!) 

EIGHT; trying to be more spontaneous

NINE; working on something exciting

TEN; re-vamping last summers wardrobe

ELEVEN; enjoying the beautiful weather

TWELVE; slightly addicted to expanding my shoe collection

THIRTEEN; loving my girls (... & of course the famalam)

FOURTEEN; loving cami tops & jewelled necklaces

 FIFTEEN; my beautician sister's number one customer

 SIXTEEN; addicted to made in chelsea
SEVENTEEN; to the wedding of the year

EIGHTEEN; lusting after an exotic holiday

 NINETEEN; enjoying the simple things

TWENTY; happy!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

sunday post #029

cider & curls; celebratory drinks; got a fringe cut; shopaholic; new kitty; spring purchases; may ball; nights out; tgi cocktails; strawberry cider; lush treats; dyed my hair gingette; changing room selfie; bath bomb selection; co-ordinating collection + manicure.

Well iya strangers! I can't believe it's been a whole two months since I last posted; I have been so busy with university work I literally don't know where this year has gone! Summer's-a-coming & I didn't even notice being wrapped up in my little bubble! My wardrobe is still full of chunky knits, black skinny jeans and chelsea boots meaning I have zero to wear on beautiful days like today. I wasn't really overwhelmed with the summer trends this year but maybe now we're having the weather some items will catch my picky eye!

I finished university Friday which means I can finally ditch the student title! It's been three long, hard years as anyone who's studied a degree will agree but no one will know the true extent like my fellow fashion peers! I put my heart, soul & bank account into my course & in four weeks time I'll know whether it was all worth it, scary! It doesn't feel like the end quite yet as I still have my graduate showcase & Graduate Fashion Week to attend at the beginning of June. The outfit panics have already begun! We're hoping to make the most of the days at the exhibition & the nights in the big city if anyone has any recommendations of places to eat, bars, etc? We've already been eyeing up the ICEBAR for one nights activities but suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This has probably been one of the toughest weeks of my life in more ways than one. I have a severe on going case of bad luck that seems to pop up whenever things are going too well. But being a positive person it only makes me stronger & I am so fuelled to make something of myself now I have a perfect chance of a fresh start. I am an ambitious twenty-one year old with a degree, the world at her feet & exciting times ahead!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

a little break

Okay, so the quote above may be a tad more depressing/gloomy than my actual attitude toward university as I've really enjoyed my time on my course but boy am I ready to graduate! I hate the idea of wishing my life away and know full well I'll miss my uni' days but there's so many things that I am desperate to do in my life!
With it being almost two weeks since I last posted; I've come to the very sorry decision that it may be time to take a little break from my little blog! Blogging is my favourite hobby (as it combines my other favourites; shopping, blabbering and photography) but with being so, so very close to the end of my university course (only eight weeks to go eeep!) and being a total perfectionist, I really am struggling to find the time to fully commit myself to both my work and blog. As well as failing to squeeze some me-time into my schedule, I'm also having to deal with being financially drained with having to fund my collection; meaning no hauls or unnecessary beauty purchases for the next few weeks, boo!): I just need to take a couple of weeks to fully concentrate on my work without feeling guilty about neglecting my blog + lovely readers. I guess you need to put the things you enjoy aside sometimes to get what you want out of life and right now really I want three years of hard, stressful work to pay off!ha. I will of course post if anything extraordinary or exciting happens but until then I guess it's bye for now, wish me luckkk!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

look what i bought #003

RIVER ISLAND powder blue contrast bow long sleeve dolly blouse £22*; acid wash amelie superskinny jeans £35* + green birdcage tropical print t-shirt £15; PRIMARK grey toned shirt £9; rose gold pointed toe heels £6 + faking it fake tan applicator mitt £2; BOOTS l'oreal elnett heat protect spray volume £5.99; l'oreal elnett satin so sleek extra strength hairspray £6.60 (2 for £9); barry m gelly hi shine effect nail paint in lychee £3.99; barry m gelly hi shine effect nail paint in prickly pear £3.99; LUSH rose jam bubbleroon £3.50; twilight bath bomb £3.20; sexy peel soap (free sample); ASDA neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit moisturiser £3; carmex spf15 cherry lip balm £2.

I've had to really watch what I've been buying lately with spending a small fortune on fabrics for my final collection, hmph! Not fun when all the bright colours are coming in for Spring + I have a wardrobe full of chunky knits + black! I have however picked up these few things over the past couple of weeks + thought it was about time I shared another 'look what I bought post'!

The River Island blouse + acid wash jeans are this seasons works uniform! I really love the blouse but wish it wasn't so sheer; it is really versatile though + love the cute bow detail! The jeans have had a fair amount of outings already; I'm usually a strict black jeans kinda girl but I've enjoyed wearing these for a change. I didn't quite realise how similar in colour the Primark + River Island shirts are oopsie, clearing obsessing with this powder-blue-washed-out-lilac colour at the moment! The River tee isn't something I'd normally pick up but I think it sits well with the jeans, quite a colourful outfit for me!

These heels were reduced in Primark from £10 to £6! I went in with the intention of buying these in nude for myself but they only had gigantic sizes + ended up walking out with these which I'm going to hopefully be using in my collection photoshoot, after a little modification of course!

Boots is by far my downfall! After every shift I get sucked in by their offers + end up leaving around £20 lighter! The L'Oreal products were on 2 for £9 offer + just couldn't resist! I'm still getting used to the super strop Elnett smell but so far so good. I've already reviewed the Barry M Gelly in Lychee + am yet to try out the lilac but am seriously loving these polishes. 

I also treated myself to some of my favourite bath bombs; quite proud of how reined in I was seeing as I haven't bought anything from Lush since the Boxing Day sale! I picked this moisturiser up when in Asda on a whim but it has actually improved my skin, will keep you posted! Ah Carmex, my favourite lip product ever! I'm so addicted to applying this, can't see this little tube lasting me very long! And finally another miracle bargain item, the Primark applicator mitt, essential!