Tuesday, 26 March 2013

a little break

Okay, so the quote above may be a tad more depressing/gloomy than my actual attitude toward university as I've really enjoyed my time on my course but boy am I ready to graduate! I hate the idea of wishing my life away and know full well I'll miss my uni' days but there's so many things that I am desperate to do in my life!
With it being almost two weeks since I last posted; I've come to the very sorry decision that it may be time to take a little break from my little blog! Blogging is my favourite hobby (as it combines my other favourites; shopping, blabbering and photography) but with being so, so very close to the end of my university course (only eight weeks to go eeep!) and being a total perfectionist, I really am struggling to find the time to fully commit myself to both my work and blog. As well as failing to squeeze some me-time into my schedule, I'm also having to deal with being financially drained with having to fund my collection; meaning no hauls or unnecessary beauty purchases for the next few weeks, boo!): I just need to take a couple of weeks to fully concentrate on my work without feeling guilty about neglecting my blog + lovely readers. I guess you need to put the things you enjoy aside sometimes to get what you want out of life and right now really I want three years of hard, stressful work to pay off!ha. I will of course post if anything extraordinary or exciting happens but until then I guess it's bye for now, wish me luckkk!


  1. Well said Molyneuxoxo.
    ... I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the great posts. Looking forward to the ones to come in the future!
    In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck with your studies and university work. You'll do great!


  2. Great post, very nice thank for sharing!

  3. This is how I feel about uni and I'm only in year 2!
    Obviously I do love it, and having my own house living with friends, and I love my course, but I can't wait to finish and get on with living too! :)


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