Sunday, 26 May 2013

sunday post #029

cider & curls; celebratory drinks; got a fringe cut; shopaholic; new kitty; spring purchases; may ball; nights out; tgi cocktails; strawberry cider; lush treats; dyed my hair gingette; changing room selfie; bath bomb selection; co-ordinating collection + manicure.

Well iya strangers! I can't believe it's been a whole two months since I last posted; I have been so busy with university work I literally don't know where this year has gone! Summer's-a-coming & I didn't even notice being wrapped up in my little bubble! My wardrobe is still full of chunky knits, black skinny jeans and chelsea boots meaning I have zero to wear on beautiful days like today. I wasn't really overwhelmed with the summer trends this year but maybe now we're having the weather some items will catch my picky eye!

I finished university Friday which means I can finally ditch the student title! It's been three long, hard years as anyone who's studied a degree will agree but no one will know the true extent like my fellow fashion peers! I put my heart, soul & bank account into my course & in four weeks time I'll know whether it was all worth it, scary! It doesn't feel like the end quite yet as I still have my graduate showcase & Graduate Fashion Week to attend at the beginning of June. The outfit panics have already begun! We're hoping to make the most of the days at the exhibition & the nights in the big city if anyone has any recommendations of places to eat, bars, etc? We've already been eyeing up the ICEBAR for one nights activities but suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This has probably been one of the toughest weeks of my life in more ways than one. I have a severe on going case of bad luck that seems to pop up whenever things are going too well. But being a positive person it only makes me stronger & I am so fuelled to make something of myself now I have a perfect chance of a fresh start. I am an ambitious twenty-one year old with a degree, the world at her feet & exciting times ahead!


  1. I love Disaronno... and River Island... and cocktails... and bath bombs! Great post!

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