Friday, 30 December 2011


After a serious boozing session Christmas day I was in no state to hit the Boxing day sales this year! I didn't really feel like I was missing out on much as most of the high street stores started their online sales before Christmas. I openly admit that I am an online shopper through + through; as I was scrolling through the sales with my cup of tea I was imagining being pushed + shoved by crazy sale shoppers whilst trying to scramble for the decent clothes amongst the jumble! Not for me at all!!ha..

Even though I didn't make it to the shops, I did place a cheeky order on the Lush website! It took forever! The site was taking an age to load + crashing after two minutes, but I finally got my hands on some festive inspired Lush goodies, so worth it!

I was really impressed with the delivery given the time of year. I love Lush's 'green' values + the way that they tell you how all the packagings can be used/recycled after use, it's the little things aye! All the products came in perfect condition thanks to the potato starch packaging!

I know these Christmas items will be discontinued soon, if they haven't already, but I think I'm still going to write little review posts on them. I've only tried two bath bombs as of yet but had two totally different experiences with them so think it'll be worth while! Did you treat yourself to anything from the Lush sale?


I have the amazing sales assistant to thank for recommending this particular bath bomb for my first Lush bath time experience! Utterly amazing, can not praise it enough! So to start, this is what Lush have to say about the Twilight bath bomb:

"If you are struggling to sleep, then this is perfect for using in the evenings. With lavender oil for when you need a bit of extra help to wind down. We’ve added visuals to this bath to help your mind let go and embrace the night time. Twilight dissolves to create a growing sunset that gradually gets darker until you are finally left with the glimmer of stars. To round off the night-embracing effects of this experience, the fragrance is based around the comforting smell of a malty night-time drink. With lavender and tonka oils at the heart, there are also notes of caramel and malt to enhance a sense of comfort and reassurance. She’ll pick you up, will Ovaltina :-)"

So first things first, this bath bomb is huge, when I went to use it I forgot how large it actually 
was + thought it was going to be too big to use for just one bath! The ballistic consists of two layers; pink on the outside + blue in the centre. This creates the best effect when placed into the water! The outer layer fizzes and froths leaving the water a pink colour before the blue is released creating a gorgeous lilac coloured water. I noticed a glimmer to the froth but after it melted the water was filled with flecks of iridescent glitter, amazing!! I didn't realise how tricky it is to photograph the effects of a bath bomb (particularly at night time!) but you can see it perfectly on this Lush video.

I didn't think much of the smell before but once it was dissolved in the water it smelt lovely. It really did what it promised to do which was to calm + relax, perfect. I will definitely be picking one of these up again when I'm in need of a bit of pampering, 5 stars from me(:

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Can you believe that these are just a selection of my presents! I was truly spoilt this year + still trying to figure out where I'm going to fit it all..

Gold Boyfriend Watch from the parents
Like a lot of you, I've been lusting after a Michael Korrs watch. As I don't actually wear a watch I asked Santa for an inexpensive look-a-like + he certainly delivered, I love it!! I haven't had a chance to wear it yet as I have extremely small wrists + need around 4 links taken out, forever awkward!

Lady Million Perfume from the parents
One of my all time favourite perfumes! Always top of my Christmas list.

Breaking Dawn Paperback from the sister
A little obsessed by Twilight at the moment, desperate to find out what happens next after watching Breaking Dawn in the cinemas twice!

Models Own Glitter Collection from the boyfriend
Ah he knows me so well, love this set so much! Will do a separate review post on these in the week, can't decide which colour to try first!

Rare Sequin + Lace Dress from the boyfriend
This gorgeous dress is the main contender for my New Years Eve outfit! It's covered in gorgeous sequins + has a low lace back, perfect party outfit!
Sewing accessories: Scissors, Pin Cushion, Pins + Button tin for the boyfriends parents + my parents 
In dire need of new bits for my sewing box so these little bits are perfect! Love thoughtful presents such as these!

These items were a little tricky to photograph so made a little collage instead..

BaByliss 3035U Thermo Ceramic Hair Rollers from the parents
These are a little more tricky to use than expected but love them all the same, I will master the heated roller!

Andrew Barton Designer Curling Multi Styler Set from the parents
Been dying to buy a curling wand for a long time but glad I waited as my parents bought me this perfect device which comes with two attachments, a wand + a barrel! Had a little go of using it on Boxing Day but need a little practice as I burnt my finger oow!

90210 First Season Box Set, Water For Elephants, Just Dance 3 Special Edition for Nintendo Wii from the parents
I do love a good teen drama series + after basically wearing out my Gossip Girl box sets by watching them on loop, this 90210 set is greatly appreciated! I saw Water For Elephants on the plane on the way back from Greece in the summer + loved it, so happy I can watch it whenever I want now woo! No Christmas is complete with out a Wii dance battle, worth it just for the comedy value!

Drake Take Care Album from the parents
Favourite album still! Bought the boyfriend Drake tickets for Christmas (kind of a gift to myself as I'll have to attend the concert with him!) AHH can't wait!

Lush Snow Fairy Set
I'm officially in love with Lush! Love showering with Snow Fairy so much that I treated myself to two large bottles in the Lush sale, more to come on this little set!

I had lots of other presents including a new iPod docking station, a gorgeous pair of heels, an amazing welsh gold locket, lots of clothes, handbags, jewellery, make up + of course several Terry's White Chocolate Orange, my fave!! Me + my sister also had a photoshoot experience off the parents: a day of pampering + styling plus updated photo's to share with the family so they can finally take down the cringe worthy school photos from their living rooms! My boyfriend also spoilt me + is taking me to see Chicago in London in January!! We're staying over night in the W Hotel (AMAZING!), I literally can not wait! I still can't wrap my head around the amount gifts I got, totally spoilt! Hope you all did too!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


001. Presents from myself to the family waiting under the tree - 002. My sisters + my presents from Santa - 003. Magic PJ's + bedding on Christmas Eve - 004. Myself + my sister sporting some festive headwear on Christmas day - 005. The boyfriend + I showing off our skating skills at Winter Wonderland in Cardiff - 006. Wintery PJ bottoms!

Wow, can't believe it's been a whole week since I last posted! It has completely flown by, but I must say I've had a wonderful Christmas so far! I've been spoilt rotten, got some great bargains in the sale + most importantly had some amazing laughs with my family and friends. It is most definitely my most favourite time of the year. Tomorrow I plan to take some photographs of the goodies I was gifted to show you guys. Hopefully that'll get me back into the swing of posting regularly. Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


 001. Cream Faux Fur Collar Coat £90 £50 - 002. Grey Faux Fur Headband £13 £5 - 003. Faux Fur Hat £18 £7 - 004. Angora Jumper £35 £17 - 005. Metallic Scoop Back Dress £35 £20 - 006. Black Layered Shorts £25 £12 - 007. Black Glitter Peep Toe Wedges £70 £35 - 008. Zigzag Metallic Shift Dress £28 £15 - 009. Bottle Green Skinny Jeans £40 £20 - 010. Light Purple Cropped Jumper £35 £15 - 011. Copper Embossed Purse £13 £7 - 012. Animal Print Skirt £22 £10 - 013. Blue Print Playsuit £45 £20 - 014. Red Envelope Clutch £25 £12

Ah the good old Christmas sales, the time of year when my student overdraft fulfils it's purpose! I have buyers remorse already + the items haven't even been dispatched yet, oops. Truth is I'll probably have to return the majority of these items as I went a little crazy a bought some of these things just because I didn't want to miss out on a bargain, oh the shame! Some of these items on the other hand I have been lusting after for a long time so hope they fit/look right when they arrive. I placed this in two orders, one last night + one this morning so didn't actually realise how much I had bought until I wrote it out for this post! There some bargains amongst the impulse buys but in all fairness I am feeling more guilty than proud of my finds at this moment in time, maybe you should check back when I've condensed my order down a bit ha, help me decide which shall I definitely keep?!

Monday, 19 December 2011


I have a confession to make.. I have never had a Lush bath experience! I know, I know: you're thinking how is this even possible?!? But it's only recently that I've seen the appeal of Lush! I used to walk past + moan about the strong smell wafting from the store but as of late I'm totally converted!

My family has a Christmas Eve tradition that has stuck through the years. Whilst we shower/take a bath "Father Christmas" surprises us with early presents of new bedding + PJs! This tradition will take place this year, even though I'm the grand age of twenty!ha.. Being a little older + working in retail I have the pleasure of setting out the Boxing Day sale this Christmas Eve, so to totally relax when I get home from work I treated myself to some goodies from Lush!

One of the things that I love about Lush is their staff. My mother + I were shopping together when we called into the store + in all honesty we were a little lost when we were looking at the all the colourful bath bombs. But thankfully a lovely sales assistant helped us pick out different items for myself, my mum + sister and even gave us little demonstrations of each of the products! I can't remember which one I ended up choosing (typical!) but my mum + sister left with a 'Yuzu and Cocoa' and a 'Christmas Eve' bomb. If I wasn't looking forward to Christmas already I definitely am now! Only 6 sleeps to go woo!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I really struggled writing a Christmas list this year. I'm so used to picking things up for myself as I'm out + about it was hard to sit + think of things I actually wanted! I'll probably think of millions of things that I want after Christmas has past but this is all I could think of right now but they are all little treats that would put a smile on my face! Most are things I've been lusting after for a while such as the heated rollers, OPI Rainbow Connection + a gold boyfriend watch. I love surprises + genuinely have no idea of what I'm getting this year, excited!

I absolutely love buying presents + think I've got everyone spot on this year! I was contemplating doing a gift idea post but know that members of my family sometimes check my blog (hi dad!!) so really don't want to give anything away. Think I'll do a 'what I bought' post after Christmas like last year just incase. I did vow to spend less this year but I ended up spending more, I have serious shopping issues!

I have officially finished university for the year, yay! I submitted my essay this morning + now in total Christmas mood! I can't believe it's only 9 days away, crazy! I still have a research book to start/finish over Christmas but going to give myself this weekend off to wind down after a seriously hectic term. The down time starts tonight at my cousins engagement party, I have nothing to wear but can't wait to have a little tipple + catch up with my family. Now to raid my wardrobe..
 PS Whilst looking for a link for the Muppets Mini Collection I found this on the QVC website which is quite the bargain for those OPI lovers out there!

Monday, 12 December 2011


I am well + truly in Christmas mode! The tree is up, I've watched the first of many christmassy films and I have just one day left in university before winter break, heaven! We haven't had much snow as of yet (touch wood, I hate the stuff!) but I got caught in a pretty fierce hail storm yesterday on my way to the boyfriends house! I'm not a fan of the cold, please stay away snow! I am feeling really organised this year + only have one present for my dad to buy! (How hard are men to shop for?!) I just want to wrap presents + listen to Christmas songs but I have an essay to polish and I'm kind of faffing about it. I'm admittedly not the best at essay writing but know a lot of you are in the same boat, we can do it!! Roll on Friday when it'll all be done + dusted.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


It's been a long old week! Apart from my trip to Brum for the Clothes Show (which feels like an age ago!), my week has been a very stressful one trying to get all my uni' work up to speed ready to finish for Christmas this coming Friday. I have one essay to finish them the festivities can truly commence! My family + I was meant to put up the decorations today but an hours shopping trip to Cardiff turned into an all dayer due to the insane amount of traffic + shoppers. The main reason for the trip into town was to visit a Genius at the Apple store after dropping my phone + completely shattering the screen! I have never been so devastated! It resembled something like this, not the smallest of cracks! £119 later I now have a new phone + vow to treat this one with utter respect!ha..

The night I broke my phone I was enjoying a night out with my bestests in the capital. My friends Sarah, Carrie + I made our way around the bars sampling cocktails + 'Suck and Blow' jelly shots (great laugh if you haven't tried them before!). Sometimes you just need a night out with your girls!

Got nothing excited planned for this week; just one last big push with uni' work! Hopefully squeeze in some time to post about some of the goodies I've bought lately. Will leave you iPhone users out there two pieces of advice: invest in a case + make sure you have insurance, wish I did *sob*

Thursday, 8 December 2011


 All shoe's by Kandee - £199.99

It's been such a miserable day here is something that's gotta put a smile on your face! These images do these beauties no justice! I mentioned in my last post about the models amazing shoe's at the Clothes Show Live; I was rather excited when I managed hunt them down but then even more gutted when I saw the price tag, boo! When the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk wearing these shoes the lights caught them + they glistened in the most gorgeous way! 

At £200 a pop they are most definitely out of my budget range but I can't help but marvel at them, they're so pretty! They have the cutest names too; the green After 8, the blue Blueberryade, the lilac Parmafizz + the gold Lemonade. The unlikely pair that caught my eye was the emerald green pair, they're to die for IRL! 

Of course once I realised that buying a pair wasn't really an option, creativity starting taking over + I am debating on making a pair for myself! All you'd need a lot of patience, a pair of inexpensive platforms + some rhinestones. What do you guys think, a little optimistic or doable?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


So as I mentioned Sunday I visited the Clothes Show Live for the first time yesterday with my uni' friends Cinzia + Rowan. We had such an amazing day! We booked our tickets on a whim when we saw them on offer on Groupon the other week, so glad we made that impulse purchase! 

I couldn't get over the amount of stalls in the shopping area, I was totally in my element!ha. I was trying to be good with my money with Christmas coming up + all but did buy a few cheeky things for myself. I'll probably mention them in separate posts but I'll quickly list them for now: the popular feather print dress by Love, two Illamasqua pure pigment's, TIGI Party Girl Set + lots of Models Own goodies! I could of spent a lot more but the good me took over for a change, boo!

The catwalk performance was fab'! The theme was 'Night at the Department Store' + basically travelled through each floor and saw the mannequins come to life! If you can't make it this year, the outfits from the catwalk can be found here. The clothes were gorgeous but the majority of the time was spent in awe of the models' glittered platform heels + of course the gorgeous topless male models, hello! Thinking of even dedicating a post to the shoes from the show, they were amazing! Back to reality for the mean time now; I have two weeks of university left before breaking for Christmas, bring on the deadlines!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Photo's are a little random! 001. Can't go wrong with three for £10! 002. My friend Sarah + I(: 003. Home made festive mince meat ready to be made into pies!

I've had one of the best weekend's that I've had in a while. It kicked off with an Ann Summers party with my girlies Friday night at my house. I personally love AS parties; I've been to a few over the past year or two and totally rate them! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much! Was actually exhausted once everyone had left due to laughing for 3 hours straight! Worth booking one just as an excuse to get all your friends together + have a giggle!

After getting my 5 hour shift out of the way Saturday morning it was time for another girly gathering this time up our local student union for karaoke night! In typical student style we got absolutely blotto on wine + again was in fits of giggles for the majority of the night! I had vague flashbacks this morning of us all singing S Club 7's legend of a track S Club Party on karaoke to everyone's pure delight! I was in total control of the 'ooh ooh there's a party over here', such a tune!ha..

It's safe to say that I was slightly struggling this morning but still made the effort to take a trip into Cardiff to attempt some Christmas shopping with my sister. I can now admit than I'm definitely an online shopper! Why people put themselves through that to buy presents is unreal! I'd much rather be sat at home listening to some Christmasy music, sipping tea + adding items to my basket in peace than getting shoved, knocked + elbowed by crazy shoppers! We then met up with David for a Nando's before getting stuck in traffic all the way home! 

My house currently smells AMAZING! My dad is making mince pies and the aroma of warm cinnamon + fruit is filling the house. So festive, getting me all excited, three weeks today wahoo! Going to try + get an early night tonight as me and some friends from university are going to the Clothes Show Live tomorrow afternoon! This is the first year I actually booked tickets, instead of saying that I will then totally forgetting, I'm so excited! Will hopefully be able to pick up the last little presents for the ladies in my family there, and of course I'll probably end up treating myself too! Any of you lovely ladies going CSL this week? Going to cuddle up in my onesie now + watch 'A Night with Beyonce', B foreverr