Sunday, 11 December 2011


It's been a long old week! Apart from my trip to Brum for the Clothes Show (which feels like an age ago!), my week has been a very stressful one trying to get all my uni' work up to speed ready to finish for Christmas this coming Friday. I have one essay to finish them the festivities can truly commence! My family + I was meant to put up the decorations today but an hours shopping trip to Cardiff turned into an all dayer due to the insane amount of traffic + shoppers. The main reason for the trip into town was to visit a Genius at the Apple store after dropping my phone + completely shattering the screen! I have never been so devastated! It resembled something like this, not the smallest of cracks! £119 later I now have a new phone + vow to treat this one with utter respect!ha..

The night I broke my phone I was enjoying a night out with my bestests in the capital. My friends Sarah, Carrie + I made our way around the bars sampling cocktails + 'Suck and Blow' jelly shots (great laugh if you haven't tried them before!). Sometimes you just need a night out with your girls!

Got nothing excited planned for this week; just one last big push with uni' work! Hopefully squeeze in some time to post about some of the goodies I've bought lately. Will leave you iPhone users out there two pieces of advice: invest in a case + make sure you have insurance, wish I did *sob*

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