Friday, 28 December 2012

have yourself a merry little christmas

Merry Christmas all! Hope you've had a lovely couple of days, whatever you have been doing! Mine have mostly consisted of copious amounts of food and alcohol, lots of time spent with the loved ones, working in the awful Boxing Day sale, a trip into town to hunt down some bargains, several Just Dance battles and a night in with munch + films on TV. I absolutely love Christmas and can't quite believe how fast it's gone this year

I also can't get over how utterly spoilt I've been this year; I'm planning to post on some of my favourite gifts as soon as we have a day with an ounce of sunlight so I can photograph my goodies, it's so miserable here today! I've picked up a few things in the sales which I'll also share once everything has been delivered, etc! It's crazy to think there's only three days left of 2012, where has this year gone?! I've had a wonderful time this past week but now reality is settling back in fast with my looming early January deadlines, boo! So whilst I get stuck into my uni work/procrastinate, those of you with time off work enjoy the rest of your Christmas holidays, you lucky buggers you!

Monday, 17 December 2012


night in with tumblr; costa coolers in the cold; v&a; cheeky sauna after the gym; cute owl slippers in next; next homeware; being cheered up by my mate channing; gone blonder; twilight time; butlins booze; all packed and ready to go; train beverages; skool reunion; drunk times; nerd outfit; girlies; i moustache you a question; gals; drunken guitar hero; won £5 on donkey derby; i don't even..; the steroironics; train essentials; uni christmas meal; all trimmed up; lost my chimichanga virginity; ate so much i nearly died.

Hellooo, I can't believe it's been a whole month since the last time I blogged, naughty Charlotte! I'm really disappointed as I thought I was getting on a bit of a roll with regular posting and what not but sometimes life just catches up with you, sigh! No need to worry though; everything is back on track and I'm back to being a real happy bunny just in time for the festive season(:

I know the last post I did was an Instagram style post but they are the best way to have a bit of a catch up even though they look a little silly next to each other! I haven't had the most exciting of months; one visit to London for some uni' research, one trip to the cinema to see Twilight, two nips into town for some Christmas shopping, three wild nights in Butlins and an uncountable number of nights in trying to chip away at my mountain of university work! Okay so maybe not the most boring of months!ha.

I've really missed blogging and have had a wave of ideas for posts but the amount of uni' work that's due in after Christmas is putting a stop to my plans. I'm going to try and post a couple of times over the next couple of weeks but if I don't you know it's because I'm buried under a pile of dissertation and collection work):