Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Will you tell me once again, how we're gonna be just friends...

Here is the film that Gareth Pugh created with Ruth Hogben for his S/S 2011 collection! He released this 11 minute movie instead of staging a catwalk show. This split critics reactions; some people appreciated that the creative video showed the garments in ways that a runways show or stills could not and others debated film made it harder to so see the clothes and detailing. Personally I love this movie! I like the beat in the soundtrack, the creative cuts of the models and the movement of the garments in general! I know this isn't breaking news as it all happened late September but I love it so much I had to have it on my blog; check it out if you haven't already guys!


River Island Wish list November...

Evening, just a quick post tonight! When I was in work this morning I realised that we've got quite a few pieces of clothing in at the moment that are quite quirky and quite frankly gorgeous! For some reason some things we have in-store aren't on-line at the moment so can't show you how I would personally style some of the garments but I'll get them up at a later date. So here is my wish list explained...

1 - Black High Waisted Leather Shorts - £59.99 - Aw I want these so bad! I saw a pair exactly like them in a vintage boutique when I went to London (at fraction of the price at £20); I felt kinda gutted on the way home that I didn't buy them but at the time I was thinking "Would I really wear a pair of leather shorts?", the answer is yes, the answer is ALWAYS yes! I've got a second chance now and my just take up the offer.

2 - Green Gem Claw Cocktail Ring - £9.99 - This ring is stunning! I've been wanting a nice vintage-esque cocktail ring for a while and when I saw this it kind of hit the spot. I'm personally a big time ring girl; not really into braclets as I don't like things touching my wrists (weird I know), I'm usually in blouses with collar detailing so don't really wear necklaces and I keep my earrings simple, pearls or studs. The colour of the stone in this ring makes it look more expensive than £10 and is simply a beautiful statement piece of jewellery.

3 - Brown Peep Toe Ankle Boots - £74.99 - Okay, these are definitely a lust item as I can't quite see myself parting with £75 for a pair of peep toes, but how pretty are they?! I have to move on as I'm feeling a guilty impulse buy coming on...

4 - Black Smart Lace Detail Jumpsuit - £39.99 -  This jumpsuit came in a few weeks ago and I liked it. However; I thought the lace cups were a bit of an inconvenience but the more I look at it the more I want it! Like most girls I don't like my hips, so I like the way that it nips in at the waist hiding insecurities! A new piece that I noticed today was this cardigan but in monochrome (it's nicer in black and white, honestly), I think it would look amazing layered over the jumpsuit for a smart/casual look which I will need a lot of over the Christmas period!

5 - Brown Print Peter Pan Collar Baby Doll Top - £26.99 - Who doesn't love a peter pan collar? They're so cute and I think this top screams Fearne Cotton! The attached bow necklace may put some people off but it's easily removed. For £27 it's quite the bargain really isn't it? I loves a bit of leopard print too, so this is just screaming "buy me"!

6 - Brown Snake Textured Satchel Handbag - £24.99 - I bought this bag in October for university and am literally wearing it to death. I saw this satchel and thought it was the perfect compact size to stop me carrying half my bedroom around with me! You may not be able to see from the image but the snakes skin is textured so has that worn feel and I think it could easily be mistaken for a vintage find!

7 - Brown Fringed Flat Loafer Shoes - £39.99 - At the moment my footwear of choice is my good old wellies with all this snow we've been having! But these shoes are something different to what I would normally buy! They first caught my eye in black but honestly, I have a hate for flat black shoes! I seriously think it was my school uniform that has tainted my opinion. So these loafers took second best, they look comfy which is what I need when I'm on my feet in uni' for most of the day.

Any of you seen anything in RI lately that has caught your eye?


Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside...

Oh my gosh how Christmasy is it at the moment?! It might just be me, seems we are still are in November, but man am I feeling it! It could have something to do with the amount of snow that is still around my neck of the woods or the fact that it's currently -4°C degrees outside but either way 'holidays are coming'! This weather has taught me that I do need to invest in a new winter coat. I naively thought I would get away with my thick knit cardigans and shearling leather jacket this winter but after these past couple of days I'm thinking differently! Might do a post tomorrow on the possible investments; anyone just bought a coat or style they'd like to recommend?
My Christmas present from my folks this year is to have my bedroom redecorated. When you get older gifts really do become more practical than exciting! It's not just wall paper and a lick of paint though, I'm hopefully getting a new bed and TV as they both need updating. My room was last decorated when I was 15 years old and going through my chavvy faze; it's currently a palette of pinks and still has the odd reminder of Playboy lurking, cringe! I want my new room to be the polar opposite; I'm thinking one wall papered with a duck egg blue coloured floral pattern and the others cream. I want my room to feel neutral, fresh and de-cluttered. I already have light wood flooring and wardrobes so think that the colours will fit in nicely. 

Me and the boyfriend went shopping to Ikea today to have a look at some bits and bobs for my new room. Admittedly it wasn't quite '500 Days of Summer' but there's something about it that did feel nice in a weird, grown up way! Not a lot was bought but my candle fetish did come out and stocked up on some vanilla scented tea lights and cute glass holders. I want my room to consist of lit candles, white fairy lights and orchids, mmm! We then went for a carvery and came back to mine where we cwtched up and watched 'Elf'. What a difference in Zooey Deschanel in those two films! Got to love her!

Tomorrow I have work early and then want to get back into the gym seems I didn't have time to see my boyfriend let alone work out last week with my project deadline! Will also fit in time to blog so speak soon...


Saturday, 27 November 2010

She got the power in her hand, to shock you like you won't believe...

This is what I woke up to this morning. My car is still stranded and I couldn't make it into work! Luckily my manager was lovely about it and I've got an extra shift on Monday to make up for my missed hours!

So I've enjoyed my morning by doing a little on-line Christmas present browsing. I'm none the wiser of what I'm going to buy everyone mind! I have also taken advantage of the New Look sale and ordered myself this cute little duffle bag. It's reduced from £9.99 to £4 which is a steal in my eyes. I like how different it is and will add a rustic look to my outfits. My mum ordered a few bits for Christmas too so we're sharing the postage costs so I'm only paying a little bit extra for shopping from the comfort of my nice, warm home!

I also had a few deliveries yesterday. My pattern cutting book and more excitingly my Katy Perry tickets come! So I'm going to be super excited until 1st April, eek! I have to go and wrap myself up now ready to go up the local rugby club to watch the match, COME ON WALES!!


Friday, 26 November 2010

I just can't listen to the words of fools...

I do apologize for being slightly MIA this week; been so stressful trying to finish my project in time for today's deadline but finally it's done!:D After a week of working for 12 hours a day on my project, I was ready to have a nice relaxing night in with the boyfriend, when of course it started snowing!! I was stuck in traffic for a grand total of SIX hours; for anyone who has been on the motorway in standstill traffic will be able to tell you it isn't the most thrilling way to spend your Friday night never mind after a nightmare week! I had to abandon my car five miles from my house because of the ice on the roads. Urgh, I have no idea how I'm going to make it into work tomorrow morning. Want to go in not to miss out on money but I'm not confident driving in this weather and scared to get stuck in snowy traffic again tomorrow! Just have to see if the roads are still bad tomorrow. Anyway's here is a few amateur images of my nearly finished garment that was handed in today; may I add that it's the first garment I've ever made and that the coloured material was pre-chosen for us!


Monday, 22 November 2010

I'm thinkin' about my doorbell, when ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it...

01. I got THREE days before project due date & I'm starting to panic! I have made myself little daily lists to be completed so that it's all finished on time but I'm such a faffer that I'm still worried! Hope I chill out a bit once it has been handed over, hate being this strung out!

02. Tonight I lost my Ann Summers virginity. My friend hosted a party so I went along for the experience and an experience it was. I won't go into too much detail and to save some red faces think I'll leave it at that!

03. My university is having a trip to London next Wednesday to see the Doir Illustrated: Rene Gruau and the Line of Beauty exhibit. I really want to go but Wednesday's are my contracted shift and I won't be able to get it off!): Luckily the exhibition is on until the 9th January so a visit is needed between now and then. I really, really want to go London again; although I suppose money is needed to do that and I lack that necessity at the moment.

04. On the subject of money; my lack of funds at the moment is stopping me doing some of the posts I intended on doing when starting up this blog. I'm used to spending money like I have an unlimited amount in the bank and now that Christmas is approaching it's sadly caught up with me! I will be working extra hours over the next few weeks so things should return to normal soon!

05. Sorry today's post is a boring one! Just wanted to fill you in with the goings on. Going to attempt a trend post tomorrow so until then...


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me...

Evening, sorry things have been a bit slow this week, I could make excuses about not being able to find the time but everybody else who has a blog has a life as well right? Anyways I have a few ideas to post in the week so hopefully I can only get better!

So finally last night was the River Island night out and it didn't disappoint! It was nice to get dolled up (after a quiet weekend in the week before), have a drink and dance with a few new faces! Embarrassingly I'm quite the lightweight when it comes to alcohol; I mean I can drink all night, it just takes a poor amount before I'm on my way! This isn't such a bad thing on a Saturday night when the drinks prices are sky high mind! We stopped at 3 clubs; Lakota, Walkabout and Oceana. Oceana is my favourite place in Cardiff; I know I'm guaranteed a good night when I go there. Although I must say the most fun I had last night was walking from club to club! 

Now down to the important bit; my outfit. I'm sooo glad I decided to wear slashed leggings as it was freeezing out! Overall I think the outfit worked, yay! However I did learn something for next time; wearing two bodies at once might be clever when it comes to staying warm but it's a bit of a 'mare when it comes to using the ladies, just saying. Also it's so hard not to scratch your nose once you have painted it on! Here's a few pic's from the night out; I apologise in advance for the editing, still trying to get the hang of it!

N.B. I can't wait until my hair grows and I won't have to wear extensions out any more!


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dear Mr Lonely, how much do they know me?

I've been really busy today trying to put together the research for my project; I will be so re-leaved when it's finished and handed in. By the time I went to the gym for a hour, got cracking on my work and got ready for work in RI the day had gone! So didn't have time to try out a style post, which I'm major gutted about! Definitely, definitely trying one out soon though. I'm going to have a look a some style posts to see how they're set out and maybe do a post on my favourites? Anyone like to suggest someone?

So other than that today has been pretty uneventful. But seems I'm trying to get into the habit of posting daily, thought I'd write about something else I'm interested in, music! Might make this a weekly post so here's a few songs I can't get out of my head at the moment...


1 - Paramore - Playing God
2 - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Somebody To Love Me
3 - Darwin Deez - Constellations
4 - Pink - Raise Your Glass
5 - Will.I.Am & Nicki Minaj - Check It Out
6 - Kings of Leon - Radioactive

I can say honestly that I like a wiiide range of music and like different songs for a different reasons! 'Playing God' & 'Raise Your Glass' are songs that I sing screech along to in my car on my way home from uni'. Darwin Deez is just so catchy! I love it when 'Radioactive' comes on in work; KOL in RI like! 'Check It Out' is such a weekend tune that it makes me excited for Saturday! And 'Somebody To Love Me' is my #1 of the week. I abso' LOVE it! Each song that Ronson releases off his album with Business Intl it's better than the last! So that's it, I promise that my next post will be more fashion related, I know I'm slacking!


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

It's just my humble opinion, but it's one that I believe in...

Evening bloggers! It's been such a long week already and it's only Tuesday! I think this is due to a mixture of excitement for the weekend ahead and overload of work in university! 

Count down to the project deadline is now only TEN days! This is how I left my toile today. It still needs a few tweaks to be perfect but overall I'm pleased with how it's going seems this is the first ever garment that I've produced from scratch! I'm having a bit of trouble getting the shape of the shoulder right but I've worked out how to correct it now. I will write a full post on my project showing where I got my inspiration from but this is all I got time for now.

I had a quick shopping trip after my lecture yesterday and picked up the leopard print body. I decided against the gloves at the time; I think the body will be enough with whiskers, cat ears and black nails, but there's still time for me to change my mind! I also picked myself up some new sportswear seems I've become addicted to the gym in the space of two days! I've given myself  the night off tonight but will make up for it tomorrow morning seems I got the day off uni'!

Whilst picking up the body, I also bought my first Christmas gift. I'm such a big kid when it comes to Christmas it's unreal, not long to go now EEK! Anyways I bought my mother this silky looking, long blouse. I've had my eye on it for a while and when I saw that it's this week's "Start Buy" (reduced from £34.99 to £15) it was a done deal really! I'm normally pretty good at buying gifts but this year I have to admit I'm struggling a bit; especially seems I now have a boyfriend to buy for. Need to start planning seems I'll spend more time working than shopping nearer to the date!

After having my daily browse on lookbook, I'm thinking of maybe trying out a style post tomorrow, if I have the time that is. It's something that I'd like to do but don't know if I have the knack for it. Only one way to find out I suppose! Anyone got any hints or tips they're willing to share?


Sunday, 14 November 2010

work, work, work...

This photograph basically sums up my weekend and many to come as I've signed myself up for nearly every extra shift going over Christmas! I keep telling myself to think of payday but I'm paying involuntary tax at the moment and it's slowly starting to add up! I'm hoping my rebate comes in time for Christmas but I'm not holding my breath! 

My tan looks horrible in this image. I'm seriously debating a spray tan before our staff night out on Saturday! Made a decision to stick to wild cats so just need to buy the outfit in the week! I'm thinking of investing in these gloves to wear with that body to make it look more fancy dress than an Essex girl on a night out! It works out to be about £28 for the two with my discount which is pretty good seems I can wear both garments again. I'm over the days when I used to pay £40+ for a leg avenue costume which was worn once. 

So today I rejoined the gym, ON A SUNDAY! It was like having my own private gym seems I was the only person there for over an hour in which I attempted to work out. I used to be a serious gym freak and until I hurt my Achilles heels; I was happy today that I enjoyed myself and want to start going about 3 times a week! I don't want to lose weight, I'm just fed up of always feeling tired and the exercise actually helped today! Obviously I don't mind that the side effects of exercise is toning up, that's just a bonus!

I've spent the remainder of my Sunday finalising the written side of my research for my current project in university. The module is entitled 'Form x Colour ='. To sum up we have to make a garment using pre-chosen poly-cotton material in the brightest, harshest looking colours; red, yellow, green and blue. We also have to use two or more of the colours, which is challenging to not end up with something circus like! I've been inspired by glass architecture and designers such as Paco Rabanne, Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane. I've started making my pattern and will hopefully begin toiling tomorrow so I'm going to try and take some photographs to fill you guys in properly with what's going on. So until then...


Friday, 12 November 2010

It's Friday night and I'm at home...

So it's officially the weekend and I'm at home in my pj's with the 'rents. I feel like I need a lazy night after a hectic week and the afternoon in work but man do I feel like a right saddo! Facebook is taunting me with people's status' about heading into town, the boyfriend is in Skegness with the lad's and my mate's are either skint or working! I NEED A NIGHT OUT!!

Might have to do a spot of shopping after work tomorrow to cheer myself up. Got my eye on a few things in work and with my discount work out paycheck friendly! I'm into buying casual clothes at the moment which I can alternate for Uni'. I like this top which I think you can dress up or down and love the burgundy colour. This shirt is also a major want! Been lusting after a checked shirt for a while but this thick cotton material is perfect for winter!

There's some gorgeous heels and party dresses coming in but I think it's too early to look at Christmas party dresses yet! I have got a works fancy dress night out next Saturday and a little stumped with what to wear. I don't really want to spend a fortune on a costume that I'll wear once but want to look like I'm making an effort! The best idea so far is wild cats! A bit of leopard print, sexy cat eyes, wild hair and a few whiskers and sorted! I'm thinking maybe this body? Not 100% yet though, any ideas? 

A photo from when we dressed as geeks a few weeks ago!


Thursday, 11 November 2010


Okay, I'm totally new to this site and blogging in general really. I have a tumblr but that's just posting and re-blogging images really isn't it? 

So I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Charlotte Molyneux and I'm nineteen years old. My screen name originated when I signed up up tumblr a while ago; it was late, Molyneux was taken and I was watching Gossip Girl = BEWSH, Molyneuxoxo. It's not the most thought out name, but it's stuck.

I live in a town called Caerphilly which is just outside of Cardiff. It's your typical Welsh valley town; not alot to do, pensioners and chav's make up most of the population but on the plus side it's near enough for the capital for nights out and close to my University so I can drive in instead of spending my pennies on digs.

I've recently started a Fashion Design degree in the University of Wales, Newport and honestly loving every moment of it! I'm learning so many new things, including that the blogging community is an amazing source for style ideas. I've had a look on sites like lookbook and chictopia before but now I'm completely addicted to them! I am aiming to start posting on these sites myself but I keep finding excuses not to at the moment; so I'm gonna start off slowly with a little fashion/style blog to ease myself into it! 

As I mentioned I'm currently studying Fashion Design. I'm in the first term of my first year in Newport. I went straight from studying Art, Textile, ICT and a little bit of media at A-Level at sixth form. It's a big step up but I suppose you can't beat a challenge? We have already done so much in our first few weeks including staging a fashion show for Oxfam and visiting London for 3 days! I currently have 2 weeks and 1 day to completely finish my project, um it's do-able, I think hope?

My spare time is mainly divided between the boyfriend, friends, uni' work and work (sales assistant - River Island). It's extremely hard to find a balance and I don't think I'm giving my friends enough time at the moment, something I MUST work on! My other big time consumer is shopping. It's quite sad to admit really but whenever I'm not in the shops, I'm online looking for a bargain! Maybe I should use some of this time to see my friends?

I wouldn't say I'm THE most fashionable person in the world but I do like to keep up with the trends and try out new styles. Also being a self confessed serial shopper, I will post all my new buys on this site with maybe a little review? I don't really know where I'm going with this but gonna try and have some fun finding out where! Anyone else new to blogging or pro's that fancy sharing some wisdom feel free to comment!