Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside...

Oh my gosh how Christmasy is it at the moment?! It might just be me, seems we are still are in November, but man am I feeling it! It could have something to do with the amount of snow that is still around my neck of the woods or the fact that it's currently -4°C degrees outside but either way 'holidays are coming'! This weather has taught me that I do need to invest in a new winter coat. I naively thought I would get away with my thick knit cardigans and shearling leather jacket this winter but after these past couple of days I'm thinking differently! Might do a post tomorrow on the possible investments; anyone just bought a coat or style they'd like to recommend?
My Christmas present from my folks this year is to have my bedroom redecorated. When you get older gifts really do become more practical than exciting! It's not just wall paper and a lick of paint though, I'm hopefully getting a new bed and TV as they both need updating. My room was last decorated when I was 15 years old and going through my chavvy faze; it's currently a palette of pinks and still has the odd reminder of Playboy lurking, cringe! I want my new room to be the polar opposite; I'm thinking one wall papered with a duck egg blue coloured floral pattern and the others cream. I want my room to feel neutral, fresh and de-cluttered. I already have light wood flooring and wardrobes so think that the colours will fit in nicely. 

Me and the boyfriend went shopping to Ikea today to have a look at some bits and bobs for my new room. Admittedly it wasn't quite '500 Days of Summer' but there's something about it that did feel nice in a weird, grown up way! Not a lot was bought but my candle fetish did come out and stocked up on some vanilla scented tea lights and cute glass holders. I want my room to consist of lit candles, white fairy lights and orchids, mmm! We then went for a carvery and came back to mine where we cwtched up and watched 'Elf'. What a difference in Zooey Deschanel in those two films! Got to love her!

Tomorrow I have work early and then want to get back into the gym seems I didn't have time to see my boyfriend let alone work out last week with my project deadline! Will also fit in time to blog so speak soon...



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  2. I'd go for the second one, it seems a bit warmer. Lovely choices though, they're the kind of thing I'd go for when I finally leave uni!

  3. I totally agree! With my other walls cream I think there would be too much of it with the first pattern!♥


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