Thursday, 11 November 2010


Okay, I'm totally new to this site and blogging in general really. I have a tumblr but that's just posting and re-blogging images really isn't it? 

So I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Charlotte Molyneux and I'm nineteen years old. My screen name originated when I signed up up tumblr a while ago; it was late, Molyneux was taken and I was watching Gossip Girl = BEWSH, Molyneuxoxo. It's not the most thought out name, but it's stuck.

I live in a town called Caerphilly which is just outside of Cardiff. It's your typical Welsh valley town; not alot to do, pensioners and chav's make up most of the population but on the plus side it's near enough for the capital for nights out and close to my University so I can drive in instead of spending my pennies on digs.

I've recently started a Fashion Design degree in the University of Wales, Newport and honestly loving every moment of it! I'm learning so many new things, including that the blogging community is an amazing source for style ideas. I've had a look on sites like lookbook and chictopia before but now I'm completely addicted to them! I am aiming to start posting on these sites myself but I keep finding excuses not to at the moment; so I'm gonna start off slowly with a little fashion/style blog to ease myself into it! 

As I mentioned I'm currently studying Fashion Design. I'm in the first term of my first year in Newport. I went straight from studying Art, Textile, ICT and a little bit of media at A-Level at sixth form. It's a big step up but I suppose you can't beat a challenge? We have already done so much in our first few weeks including staging a fashion show for Oxfam and visiting London for 3 days! I currently have 2 weeks and 1 day to completely finish my project, um it's do-able, I think hope?

My spare time is mainly divided between the boyfriend, friends, uni' work and work (sales assistant - River Island). It's extremely hard to find a balance and I don't think I'm giving my friends enough time at the moment, something I MUST work on! My other big time consumer is shopping. It's quite sad to admit really but whenever I'm not in the shops, I'm online looking for a bargain! Maybe I should use some of this time to see my friends?

I wouldn't say I'm THE most fashionable person in the world but I do like to keep up with the trends and try out new styles. Also being a self confessed serial shopper, I will post all my new buys on this site with maybe a little review? I don't really know where I'm going with this but gonna try and have some fun finding out where! Anyone else new to blogging or pro's that fancy sharing some wisdom feel free to comment! 


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