Friday, 12 November 2010

It's Friday night and I'm at home...

So it's officially the weekend and I'm at home in my pj's with the 'rents. I feel like I need a lazy night after a hectic week and the afternoon in work but man do I feel like a right saddo! Facebook is taunting me with people's status' about heading into town, the boyfriend is in Skegness with the lad's and my mate's are either skint or working! I NEED A NIGHT OUT!!

Might have to do a spot of shopping after work tomorrow to cheer myself up. Got my eye on a few things in work and with my discount work out paycheck friendly! I'm into buying casual clothes at the moment which I can alternate for Uni'. I like this top which I think you can dress up or down and love the burgundy colour. This shirt is also a major want! Been lusting after a checked shirt for a while but this thick cotton material is perfect for winter!

There's some gorgeous heels and party dresses coming in but I think it's too early to look at Christmas party dresses yet! I have got a works fancy dress night out next Saturday and a little stumped with what to wear. I don't really want to spend a fortune on a costume that I'll wear once but want to look like I'm making an effort! The best idea so far is wild cats! A bit of leopard print, sexy cat eyes, wild hair and a few whiskers and sorted! I'm thinking maybe this body? Not 100% yet though, any ideas? 

A photo from when we dressed as geeks a few weeks ago!


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