Tuesday, 30 November 2010

River Island Wish list November...

Evening, just a quick post tonight! When I was in work this morning I realised that we've got quite a few pieces of clothing in at the moment that are quite quirky and quite frankly gorgeous! For some reason some things we have in-store aren't on-line at the moment so can't show you how I would personally style some of the garments but I'll get them up at a later date. So here is my wish list explained...

1 - Black High Waisted Leather Shorts - £59.99 - Aw I want these so bad! I saw a pair exactly like them in a vintage boutique when I went to London (at fraction of the price at £20); I felt kinda gutted on the way home that I didn't buy them but at the time I was thinking "Would I really wear a pair of leather shorts?", the answer is yes, the answer is ALWAYS yes! I've got a second chance now and my just take up the offer.

2 - Green Gem Claw Cocktail Ring - £9.99 - This ring is stunning! I've been wanting a nice vintage-esque cocktail ring for a while and when I saw this it kind of hit the spot. I'm personally a big time ring girl; not really into braclets as I don't like things touching my wrists (weird I know), I'm usually in blouses with collar detailing so don't really wear necklaces and I keep my earrings simple, pearls or studs. The colour of the stone in this ring makes it look more expensive than £10 and is simply a beautiful statement piece of jewellery.

3 - Brown Peep Toe Ankle Boots - £74.99 - Okay, these are definitely a lust item as I can't quite see myself parting with £75 for a pair of peep toes, but how pretty are they?! I have to move on as I'm feeling a guilty impulse buy coming on...

4 - Black Smart Lace Detail Jumpsuit - £39.99 -  This jumpsuit came in a few weeks ago and I liked it. However; I thought the lace cups were a bit of an inconvenience but the more I look at it the more I want it! Like most girls I don't like my hips, so I like the way that it nips in at the waist hiding insecurities! A new piece that I noticed today was this cardigan but in monochrome (it's nicer in black and white, honestly), I think it would look amazing layered over the jumpsuit for a smart/casual look which I will need a lot of over the Christmas period!

5 - Brown Print Peter Pan Collar Baby Doll Top - £26.99 - Who doesn't love a peter pan collar? They're so cute and I think this top screams Fearne Cotton! The attached bow necklace may put some people off but it's easily removed. For £27 it's quite the bargain really isn't it? I loves a bit of leopard print too, so this is just screaming "buy me"!

6 - Brown Snake Textured Satchel Handbag - £24.99 - I bought this bag in October for university and am literally wearing it to death. I saw this satchel and thought it was the perfect compact size to stop me carrying half my bedroom around with me! You may not be able to see from the image but the snakes skin is textured so has that worn feel and I think it could easily be mistaken for a vintage find!

7 - Brown Fringed Flat Loafer Shoes - £39.99 - At the moment my footwear of choice is my good old wellies with all this snow we've been having! But these shoes are something different to what I would normally buy! They first caught my eye in black but honestly, I have a hate for flat black shoes! I seriously think it was my school uniform that has tainted my opinion. So these loafers took second best, they look comfy which is what I need when I'm on my feet in uni' for most of the day.

Any of you seen anything in RI lately that has caught your eye?



  1. love that river island leopard peter pan collared dress. but i have FAR too many leopard items in my wardrobe at the minute! i love all the knits in RI just now, especially that forest green jumper with the fox over the shoulders.. my mum thinks its gross lol. but i love it!


  2. Hey Hun, cute blog here!

    I heart River Island I just dont spend enough time in there :(

    Pop over and follow me too



  3. Same! I have a leopard print sheer blouse and I wear it to death so think it'll be a good investment for me!(: They have got some gorgeous ones in atm! I know the one, it's cute!♥

    Oh thanks! I spend at least 8 hours a week there with work but never get sick of the clothes!♥


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